Chapter 664 - Celebratory Owl Soup

Chapter 664 – Celebratory Owl Soup

In the blink of an eye, five days went by in a flash. Grey and Klaus were still seated at the side of the small river.

Initially, Klaus was the first one to have a reaction while they were both trying to comprehend the mystery behind the heavy water, but due to Grey not being a noob to things like this, he quickly caught up.

Nevertheless, Klaus was still the one with the most elemental particles around him. Within a one-meter radius, everything around him felt extremely heavy.

Klaus’ comprehensive ability was no joke, in a matter of five days, he had gotten a good chunk of what was needed. He could even exit cultivation now, but he wanted to ensure he got the best out of it.

Grey had never been one with the best comprehensive ability, but his persistence and determination have always been his helping hand. In these five days, he’s gotten a lot from it. If things continued in this fashion, he was sure that he would be able to create water that even a drop would be heavier than an elephant.

Five more days went by, and finally, there was a large commotion on Klaus’ end.

Water moved around him, and one could feel like elephants were stampeding on the ground from the small particles that were touching the ground.

Grey was forced to exit his cultivation when he felt this. Looking at Klaus, he smiled before retreating from the area.

Alice and Reynolds walked up to him but didn’t ask any questions.

A few minutes went by before the commotion died down, Klaus whose eyes had been shut all this while finally opened it. A glint flashed through, and he sucked in a deep breath.

“How long have I been cultivating?” He asked the others, unsure of the time he used.

Actually, he felt he hadn’t been there for more than three days.

“Ten days.” Alice and Reynolds replied simultaneously.

“Ten?” Grey and Klaus were a little taken aback.

Grey felt they must’ve been cultivating for at most five days, he didn’t think it was double that figure.

He looked at Klaus and couldn’t help but shake his head. Klaus’ luck could be said to be the best in the group. He almost always finds a treasure which makes his cultivation advance faster than the others.

After he gained enlightenment on this water, Klaus broke through to the Seventh stage of the Overlord Plane. Of the group, he was the only one who had gotten to the Late stages of the Overlord Plane, with Grey not too far behind.

Alice just broke through to the Fourth stage, so she still had a lot of catching up to do. Reynolds was the only one in the Early stages of the Overlord Plane, however, if his Elemental Warrior is brought into the picture, then it was a completely different story.

“You’ve broken through again.” Grey said with a smile.

“Yeah, just a small reward compared to the real gain.” Klaus said with a smile before a ball of water formed above his hand.

The bluish ball of water above Klaus’ hand was the same as the small river flowing on the ground, however, his own was weaker in comparison to that one. At this stage, it couldn’t even be said to be twenty percent as powerful as the river, but it was a powerful ability to have, and over time, the strength will naturally improve.

Just as Klaus was about to show off, he saw Grey opening his palm with a smile on his face, his expression was one of incredulity when he realized Grey made the same waterball as him. Only, slightly weaker.

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It was only now he recalled Grey had the water element as well, and just like him, he tried seeking enlightenment from the river. Although in the end he was the biggest winner, the fact that Grey managed to do this as well showed how powerful his comprehension ability was.

There are Water Elementalists that might be Elemental Sovereigns, yet it does not guarantee that they will be able to understand the secret of this river. Luck and fate played a key role in this.

Grey’s situation was his monstrous abilities. The orb in his body might play a part in him getting the water element, but comprehending this was his personal achievement.

“When I thought I could finally show off.” Klaus sighed in dejection.

“Don’t feel too sad.” Reynolds consoled him.

“I’m not, he’s just too monstrous.” Klaus shook his head.

Grey smiled, flashing his shiny teeth before playfully hitting Klaus’ on his shoulder.

“Oh Grey, I caught us a celebratory food.” Reynolds suddenly remembered the Death Owl and brought it out.

The poor thing had been frightened almost to death. Reynolds’ words had been taunting it since it was caught. The second it appeared, it saw two people staring at it savagely and it panicked.

“Haha, let it go, I still have some meat left in my…” Grey paused when he was unable to see any of the leftover meat he kept.

“About that, Void brought it out and we ate it.” Reynolds said, a bit embarrassed by the situation.

“If that’s the case, owl it is.” Grey couldn’t nag them for meat, especially when there’s free meat staring at him.

The Death Owl’s emotions went from sadness to delight, and then to despair.

When it first heard Grey say they should let it go, it almost couldn’t contain its joy, but that joy soon came crashing down when he heard what Grey said. It couldn’t help but look at Void spitefully.

This cat was the one who caught it, and now, because of this very cat once again, it was about to meet a cruel end. The worst thing was knowing after its death, it would become food for these humans and one cat. Unfortunately, it couldn’t speak out, or else it would protest against the decision.

Before long, a fire was set up and a large pot was well-positioned in it. The owl was already killed and cut into small pieces, Grey could be seen adding the final ingredients to complete the soup he was making.

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