Chapter 665 - Lend Me One!

Chapter 665 – Lend Me One!

“This is nice. We should open an Inn.” Klaus said while gulping down the rest of his soup.

“Oh really, who’s going to be there?” Grey scoffed.

“You of course. Who else can cook among us?” Klaus asked.

“Well, I can.” Alice raised her hand.

“Yes, but we’re talking about being on Grey’s level, or at least close to it.” Klaus’ reply was like cold water, Alice wanted to refute, but she couldn’t.

Yes, she could cook, better than the boys. But being on Grey’s level was something else, even being close to it meant that you must be a great cook. Grey was just that good of a cook.

Alice pouted but looked away.

“Bud, come on, what do you say?” Klaus asked.

“I’ll be too busy training. After I have no one who can defeat me, maybe then I’ll open an Inn.” Grey replied.

“Alright, remember to tell me, I’ll be your manager.” Klaus didn’t doubt Grey’s words, he was that confident in his friend’s ability.

But the truth was, who wouldn’t? For someone who can not only comprehend new elements but also improve their grade, there was no way he wouldn’t get to the top someday.

“And I’ll be your accountant. I’ll be in charge of anything concerning money.” Reynolds raised his hand to join in on the plan.

“I’ll be the one to test all the foods to ensure they’re safe.” Void said.

Alice laughed when she heard their replies before she said, “I’ll be the owner of the Inn.”

The others froze, before bursting out laughing. Of course they knew they were only joking. If Grey truly did open an Inn later in the future, then he would be the one to employ people. They would be too busy to cater for an Inn.

“We should get going.” Grey suggested after they finished laughing.

The others nodded.

They’ve been here for ten days now and it was time for them to leave. Since coming to the Aurora Continent, surprisingly, they haven’t been able to go anywhere because of this.

‘I still have a lot to do before getting to the Seventh stage. The higher my cultivation, the harder it is to improve. I think I’ll need to focus on the light element for now. Luckily, I saw Teacher using it during the battle. But that wouldn’t be enough.’ Grey was deep in thoughts as they followed the Marsh Rat out of the forest.

On the way, he suddenly recalled something.

“Klaus, can you lend me one of the talismans Teacher gave you?” Grey turned to Klaus.

“Uncle’s talismans, sure.” Klaus took out one of the talismans and gave it to Grey.

Grey took it and sent his spiritual senses into it, sensing the raging fire inside, he retracted his senses and gave it back to Klaus, “One that boosts your speed.”

“Oh, okay.” Klaus said before taking out another talisman.

Grey took it and sent his spiritual senses inside. The second his spiritual senses entered, he was blinded by a white light.

‘Yes, this should help.’ He said to himself.

Watching his Teacher using the light element alone wouldn’t be able to help him out with his comprehension of the light element, coming in close contact frequently with it will help. This talisman was all he needed.

It was just like in the case of the darkness and space elements, he came in frequent contact with them thanks to Void, which accelerated the comprehension process.

While they were going out of the forest, he focused mainly on the light element. If he could comprehend it, added with the small gains he made from getting enlightenment from the river, even if he doesn’t break through to the Seventh stage like Klaus, he wouldn’t be far from it.

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However, unlike the water element, he was starting from scratch. The chances of him breaking through from normal cultivation was way higher than breaking through after comprehending the light element.

Even with the talisman, it would be difficult. The light element was a tad rarer than the darkness element, so comprehending it was naturally harder than the other.

They walked for almost two hours before they finally left the forest.

When Reynolds saw that they were out of the forest, he couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief, “We’re finally out of that hellish place. The city should be straight ahead right?”

Grey nodded before staring at the Marsh Rat. Honestly, he almost didn’t want to let it go, but in the end, he had a deal with the boar so he naturally let it go. Besides, he already placed an array on the other side, so he could go whenever he wanted to.

Before the group left, he also created a teleportation array on this side of the forest as well.

“If only we can stay here, then we’ll make a fortune.” Klaus said when Grey was making the teleportation array.

This was no joke, all they needed to do was charge lesser than the boar, and since theirs was quicker, they would attract all the customers, sending the boar out of business.

“We can’t, this place is too local for us. I plan to either join the biggest Faction here, or we head to the Middle Continent, that place has the strongest powers.” Grey said.

“I know, I just thought we’d make quick money here. It wouldn’t be bad sending an underling here later in the future though.” Klaus replied.

Grey nodded before they continued their journey. He recalled something before saying to the others, “Oh, I forgot to tell you guys. There are Factions that focus only on one element. Most of the ones I’ve seen do that, but I don’t know if that’s how all the Factions are.”

When he saw their reactions, he added, “There are Dual Elementalists in the Factions, so we shouldn’t really have a problem.”

By the time he got to this point, he froze before looking at Klaus. Of the four, only Klaus didn’t have the lightning element which meant there was no certainty that he would be able to join the same Faction as the others.

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