Chapter 666 - Dixon Region

Chapter 666 – Dixon Region

“I’ll join a separate Faction then. If you’re in the same Faction as me, you’ll steal all the glory.” Klaus said calmly.

He’s not being envious or greedy, but there’s almost no way people will take note of him if there’s a freak like Grey around.

Alice and Reynolds looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

“We’ll all join separate Factions. This will be better for our growth.” Alice said. Seeing Grey’s reaction, she added, “If we’re together, we’ll rely too much on each other, well, mostly on you which isn’t good for us.”

Grey thought about what they said and nodded. They were right about that, although they didn’t really show it, but when they were together, since he was the strongest, they naturally relied on his and Void’s strength. This is one of the reasons they could get into a fight without any fears.

“Alright. We’ll join different Factions. But we should at least try out the geniuses’ rankings before joining. This will not only make a name for us, but we’ll get the needed status before joining any Faction since we wouldn’t be nobodies.” Grey suggested.

The others nodded.

They soon got to the city while speaking. It was a relatively small town, so there wasn’t really anything that caught their attention. They strolled around the market, but there was nothing of interest.

After getting a map, they decided to head to the main city of the current Region they were in. There are over twenty Regions in the Western Continent, and only five of them were of a high level. The regions could basically be divided into three; low, mid, and high.

Grey visited Mid and High leveled Regions when he was in the Eastern Continent, so he didn’t even take a glance at the low leveled Regions on the map of the Western Region he got. According to the map, they were in a low leveled Region. The others felt it wouldn’t be bad to test out the strength of the geniuses on the same Plane and stage.

They traveled for almost a week before getting to where the first person in the Early stages of the Overlord Plane geniuses rankings was located. Reynolds was the only one still in the Early stages of the Overlord Plane, so he was the one who challenged the person.

He won with so much ease that the others gave up on the thought of even trying to fight those in their stages. First of all, the person in the Early stages of the Overlord Plane was well over twenty-five.

This discovery stunned Grey when he thought of those in other regions. Especially when he recalled the youth who attacked him with a single attack he couldn’t help but shake his head. He guessed the youth should be at the Peak of the Overlord Plane at that time. If his guess was true, then the youth must’ve broken through to the Sage Plane a long time ago.

He couldn’t help but grit his teeth. He hated being stepped on by others, there was no way he would let it go. People might call him vengeful, but he didn’t care about it. As long as he got back at the person who embarrassed him.

The group decided to head over to at least a mid-level Region before they would start challenging those on the geniuses rankings.

One month went by in the flash of an eye, the group was still traveling, but they’ve all made significant progress. Although none of them had broken through to the next stage yet, they had honed their skills from multiple battles and sparring against each other.

The heavy water Klaus could create now was superior when compared to what he made the first time. It would take a while before he could become an expert on it, but for now, he could use it to surprise others. In a battle, a single change can alter the previous flow of the battle.

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If Klaus’ heavy water was to be splashed on someone, the result might be terrifying. The person will not die, but the shift in weight will put them off balance.

Grey had been practicing that, as well as the gravitational force the old man from the Azure Empire used to attack the Principal when they were fighting.

At the time he saw it, it piqued his interest and he naturally wanted to learn it. There’s also the light element he was trying to comprehend from the talisman. He got so much on right now that, unlike the others, he couldn’t afford to give himself any spare time.

His chance of revenge was only less than two years away. There’s no way he could allow himself to be disgraced again.

On seeing Grey pushing himself so much, the others were sort of motivated by him and followed suit.

It didn’t take long and they got to the first mid-level Region, Dixon Region.

“Finally, we’ll get a true challenge.” Alice was itching for a fight.

Since she came to the Aurora Continent, she hadn’t fought against a genius yet. They encountered some unfortunate bandits, but they couldn’t be compared to young geniuses.

“Don’t get your hopes up, you might be disappointed.” Grey said calmly as they headed into the first city on their list.

This city was called Skyland City.

“To be honest, I’ll be disappointed if this City isn’t flying.” Klaus said when he heard the name of the city.

“Me too.” Reynolds said.

The duo almost always agree on the same thing, so the others weren’t surprised when they heard this.

Klaus and Reynolds started bantering each other as the group walked around. Grey would be dragged in sometimes and he usually suffers from the duo’s hand. He wasn’t as sharp-tongued as them, so he always lost.

Alice and Void watched from the side, laughing at Grey’s plight. On the way, the plaque Chris made an array on blinked twice.

Grey always keeps it close to him so he will be notified as soon as his Teacher wants something. This wasn’t the first time since they left the Azure Continent. His Teacher requests for food at least once a week.

Grey had been doing a lot of cooking lately because of the group. He would keep some so whenever his Teacher wanted something, he could send him one.

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