Chapter 667 - Dixon Region’s Annual Geniuses’ Rankings

Chapter 667 – Dixon Region’s Annual Geniuses’ Rankings

“A shame.” Klaus stood in front of a large city gate as he stared at the city.


Grey and Alice were taken aback by his comment. They hadn’t even gotten into the city yet, but they could feel its vibrant aura already. Why would Klaus suddenly say ‘A shame’?

“It’s on the ground, like every other city.” Klaus pointed at the name of the city boldly written above the city gate.

“Honestly? You really thought it would’ve been floating in the air?” Grey looked at Klaus oddly.

“Not exactly, but I was a little hopeful. This is a new place with powerful people, so why can’t they just make a floating city?” Klaus replied calmly.

The group walked into the city, and they were stunned by the number of people moving around. It was already past noon.

“Is this place usually this active?” Reynolds asked.

“This is my first time here, but I don’t think it should. The other cities I’ve been to are not like this. Maybe something important is taking place.” Grey surmised.

Klaus stopped a youth walking by and asked if anything was going on. They were surprised when they found out that the annual geniuses’ rankings was taking place today.

“Is it over?” Grey asked hurriedly.

“Not yet, but it will be soon. They’ve already finished the battles for those in the Origin Plane and the Early stages Overlord Plane rankings have been decided already, likewise the Mid stages. All that’s left is the Late stages rankings.” The youth replied.

Grey thanked the youth and prepared to leave, however, Alice held onto them before asking the youth nicely, “Where’s it taking place?”

The youth told them the direction of the place and they left. Grey and the others felt it was held in the arena, which was normal, but surprisingly, it wasn’t. Other than that arena, there was a special place for fighting competitions in Skyland City.

When the group got there, their mouths opened wide in awe. Even Grey who rarely had reactions to things was blown away by what he was seeing.

“It surely deserves the name, Skyland City.” He remarked while looking at the floating land in front of them.

Below the land was nothing but water. They couldn’t help but wonder how this place was formed.

“I’m impressed.” Klaus said with a nod.

Reynolds and Alice nodded.

While they were marveling at the view, three figures were rushing behind them.

“Get out of the way, I’m late.” The voice said hurriedly.

Klaus turned around to get a view of the person who just spoke and his eyes trailed longer on the figure in the middle. It was a young lady who looked to be around eighteen years old. With an almost porcelain-like skin, the sun could almost be said to be radiating off her skin. Her face was a sight to behold, with an hourglass figure and long black hair, she looked like an angel who fell from the sky.

Grey looked at the young lady as well, but his gaze didn’t last long on her body, his focus was on the old man standing by her side. He couldn’t sense anything from him, and judging from how he was standing beside the young lady, he knew he was protecting her.

‘The daughter of a powerful family.’ He thought to himself before moving to the side.

Reynolds and Alice also moved to the side, leaving Klaus alone who seemed to be frozen.

“Move.” The young lady said, slightly irritated by Klaus blocking her path.

Klaus came back to his senses soon enough, and replied slightly embarrassed, “Oh, sorry. I blanked out for a moment.”

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He moved to the side and allowed the group to pass. When the group got to the edge of the water, what looked like a stairway appeared and they ascended it to the floating land.

“That’s the way to go up, huh? How innovative.” Grey said before tapping Klaus on the shoulder. He was still too busy looking at the back view of the young lady that he almost forgot about his friends.

“We should go too. We’re already late.” Grey smiled before ascending the stairs as well.

Each stair felt like they were made of thin ice. They could see through it.

Klaus was lost in thoughts as they ascended the stairs. They soon got to the peak and the view before them was massive.

A large crowd was gathered, and people could be seen fighting on different platforms. The place was like an open field, but there were buildings around, indicating someone was staying there.

“I want something like this.” Klaus said.

The group approached the platforms, staring at the ongoing battles. Those on each platform were in the Late stages of the Overlord Plane, and all of them were between twenty to twenty-five.

Klaus was the only one among the group that was in the Late stage of the Overlord Plane, but it didn’t mean that he was the only one with the strength of someone in the Late stages of the Overlord Plane.

About three platforms were empty, but Grey told them to wait and see how things were going. Klaus took them to sit in one of the places, surprisingly, the young lady who passed them not too long ago was sitting in this same area, not too far away from them.

“Don’t do anything, please.” Grey pleaded with Klaus when he saw his gaze.

This wasn’t the Azure Continent, they had to be extra careful here. Naturally, he could speak with the young lady if he wanted to, but he had to make sure he didn’t offend her and cause trouble for the group.

If they were in the Southern Continent, Grey could use the influence of the O’Brien family to save them, but here, he had nothing.

“Relax, I’m not that stupid.” Klaus said coolly.

“I trust you.” Grey focused on the battles once again.

Ten people were currently battling, and all of them were around the Seventh and Ninth stage of the Overlord Plane. Any of them in the Seventh stage could beat any of the Peak Overlord Plane Elementalists from the Azure Continent. The difference in attack power was massive.

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