Chapter 670 - Grey’s First Battle

Chapter 670 – Grey’s First Battle

“I’m up next, wish me luck.” Grey said as he stood up.

He didn’t have his mask on since he didn’t feel the need to anymore.

Klaus was handsome, so he naturally attracted the gazes of some of the young ladies in the stands. When they saw the stunningly handsome Grey sitting next to him, they almost wanted to rush towards them.

Seeing Grey stand up, they felt excited for some reason, as if they could already see him win against whoever he was fighting against.

Grey had a blank expression, walking towards the platform with steady steps. He didn’t jump onto the platform as others did. While he was walking, there was a strange rhythm with the way he walked that made it seem as if he wasn’t moving, whereas, he covered a couple of meters with a single step. It was strange yet appalling.

He got to the platform he picked, and unlike Klaus, he didn’t have any opponent vying for the same platform.

Standing on the platform, he looked at the man in charge of the platform.

“The person ranked thirtieth.” Grey stated calmly.

The man nodded before calling out for the person ranked thirtieth. The person was a young lady who was in the Seventh stage of the Overlord Plane. Although she was in the Seventh stage doesn’t mean she was weak. One has to remember that the person Klaus fought was in the Eighth stage and he ranked fortieth, this meant this young lady was stronger than he was while being a stage lower.

Grey nodded at his opponent before preparing himself for battle. The young lady nodded back as well.

The man asked if both participants were ready and after getting confirmation, he announced the start of the battle.

Grey didn’t immediately attack, waiting for his opponent to make the first move. The young lady didn’t stand on ceremony, since Grey wanted her to attack first, she didn’t hold back.


Raging flames exploded out, shooting in Grey’s direction.

Grey blocked the attack in a cool and collected manner. With a wave of his hand, an earth wall rose in front of him, easily blocking the attack.

The earth wall stood firm after the attack, but more attacks followed suit and the wall soon broke down.

Grey still had the same expression as before, blocking all the attacks coming his way. Just when people were about to complain that all he did was defend, he suddenly attacked.

With a stamp of his feet, he bolted straight at his opponent. Covered entirely in red lightning, he was like a fast red light.

His sudden change took his opponent by surprise, but the young lady quickly adjusted herself before creating a sea of flames around her to block the incoming Grey.

Grey’s figure shot past the flames but was met by a powerful fire attack.


His figure shook twice after blocking the attack before he continued his charge.

Swoosh! Buzz! Bang!

He attacked ruthlessly and ferociously.

The young lady blocked his first attack, but small bits of lightning touched her hands, making them go numb.

Grey brought out a sword from his storage ring, with its help, he continued his assault, sending out lightning strikes.

The young lady blocked the attacks before attacking as well. Since Grey’s lightning was red, it made red light dots dance around the entire platform.

The young lady didn’t stand back and let Grey assault her without moving. She also fought back valiantly.

However, only Grey and his friends knew he wasn’t even putting much of an effort. If he were to use his fire element which had the highest mastery, his attack power would go up by a notch, added to his space element, he could defeat this young lady in a minute or two.

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The battle continued for almost five minutes and Grey’s momentum continued to rise the second he started attacking.

The young lady found it hard to keep up with his relentless attacks, blocking what she could. She tried to attack as well, but Grey effortlessly dodged most of her attacks that she almost gave up hope.

Losing this easily wasn’t something she wanted hence she fought on, but after five minutes, she was starting to feel numb all over her body. The bits of lightning that had touched her were by no means small, and those who were observant could tell that Grey was purposely leaving behind tiny lightning across the stage so they could affect his opponent.

She managed to hang on for two more minutes before she gave up. At this moment, she could barely stand, and people could see her visibly shaking from the electrocution of the lightning.

There were slight burn marks on her body from some attacks she, unfortunately, took after being unable to dodge or block them. Grey was very lenient with his attacks even though he was attacking aggressively.

The young lady left the platform after admitting defeat. Grey did the same, his expression still the same, devoid of any emotions.

Initially, some people felt he was proud, but seeing that even when he sat down with his friends he still had the same expression, they knew that was how he was.

His blank expression didn’t take away the beauty of his face though.

“Why did you take so long?” Alice asked.

“It’s not nice to show all your cards this early, don’t you think?” Grey replied with a question of his own.

“You’re right.” Alice nodded before staring at the other platforms where battles were still taking place.

Just like Klaus’ case, the stone in the sky appeared again and Grey’s name was placed in the thirtieth position. Klaus’ name was pushed down to the forty-first place which irked him.

“What the hell?” He complained when he noticed it.

“Oh, once a new name is on the rankings, it pushes those below it down by one.” Grey explained to Klaus.

“So after all my hard work, someone can just push me down by getting a better ranking and not being on the rankings before?” Klaus didn’t like how the rankings worked.

“Well, yeah. You don’t expect them to be lower than you, right? Besides, you pushed the person ranked fiftieth out of the top fifty when you entered as well.” Grey said.

Klaus scratched his head before focusing on the battles again.

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