Chapter 671 - You Beat People Up Like A Barbarian

Chapter 671 – You Beat People Up Like A Barbarian

The ongoing battles on the platform continued for a while before a new set of fighters stepped onto the platform. Someone challenged the person ranked first on the rankings, and surprisingly, the challenger was only in the Seventh stage of the Overlord Plane.

This made people quite excited as they wanted to see the first person’s strength. A figure stood up from the crowd and calmly walked towards the platform. The figure was a young man with white hair.

Everyone turned to look at the youth as he gently stepped onto the stage. He looked to be around twenty-two years or so but was already at the Peak of the Overlord Plane. Grey wasn’t surprised that the person at the top was at the Peak of the Overlord Plane. It was naturally even.

If he wasn’t challenged by someone from one of those high leveled Regions, then he should have very few opponents in this Region, and all of them must be in the same stage as he was.

Alice shook her head when he recalled the strength of those in the Azure Continent. Her family which was regarded as a big family in the entire Qilin Empire at that time only had about three Peak Overlord Plane Elementalists or so, yet they were treated so highly. Here, any youth below twenty-five could trounce her family’s strongest individuals by themself. It was depressing just thinking of it.

The battle started quickly and ended quickly as well. The young man ranked first was a Light Elementalist, fast and dangerous. It didn’t take him long for him to dispatch his opponent.

What was worth taking note of was that even though he knew his opponent was weaker, he didn’t go easy on him, attacking with his full strength from the get-go.

“What are your chances of defeating him?” Reynolds asked Grey curiously.

“In my current state? Zero. But all-out, I think one thousand.” Grey replied.

He wasn’t bragging or anything, but if he enters the Fusion State and boosts his strength to the Peak of the Overlord Plane, he was a hundred percent confident in defeating anyone, even those from high leveled Regions.

“Will you challenge him?” Alice asked.

“Nope. I can’t carelessly show my hand here.” Grey said.

They weren’t trying to join any Faction here, so there was no use in showing his full strength. All he could do was show part of it. When they’ve gone to a better Region, he would think of going all out then.

The appeal of joining a Faction that could protect him was something that he found extremely attractive.

The battles continued and others challenged people in the top twenty. While the group was watching, the young lady who Klaus and the others encountered when coming here stepped forward, her target was none other than the young man ranked first.

She was in the Ninth stage of the Overlord Plane, so she definitely had a change against him.

The young man walked into the stage as calmly as ever, and after getting the go-ahead from both participants, the man in charge of that platform called for the start of the battle.

When the fight started, it was explosive. First of all, the young man was a Light Elementalist, while the first element the young lady showed was the space element, however, she used the fire element soon after.

The battle didn’t go on for long before she displayed a third and fourth element. This came as a surprise to many.

Klaus and the others had never met anyone with more than three elements before other than Grey, so seeing this young lady’s display, they were amazed.

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While the others were focused on the young lady, Grey’s attention however has never left the body of the young man. This was the only element he knew he was missing, he had already started trying to comprehend it, so seeing it physically would mean a whole lot.

‘I should’ve challenged him, that would’ve given me a better chance in experiencing the light element.’ He thought while putting his full attention on him.

Luckily, the battle didn’t end quickly like the first one the young man had. Since the young lady was strong, not in any way weaker than the young man, the battle lasted for a while.

Swoosh! Boom! Bang!

The battle had lasted for over fifteen minutes with no clear winner yet. If not for the young man being a Light Elementalist, he would’ve lost a long time ago to the young lady’s endless assault. But his speed gave him an edge when it came to dodging those attacks.

“Wow, she’s aggressive, almost on Alice’s level of aggressiveness.” Klaus commented.

“What do you mean?” Alice raised a brow.

“No offense, but you beat people up like a barbarian.” Klaus moved from his seat before he made this remark.

He knew Alice might attack him once he was done speaking.

Reynolds and Grey stifled a laugh when they heard this, but they couldn’t refute it since it was true. Alice did beat people up like a savage, and this was them not being able to find a word stronger than this. Even when sparring, she didn’t go easy on them.

Grey was the one who had it better generally because he was not only stronger but had the space element to help him out of difficult positions.

Klaus and Reynolds were the two who suffered the most, especially Klaus, because of his mouth.

Alice smiled sweetly at him, and Klaus couldn’t help but shiver. He concluded for the next month or two, he would refrain from sparring with her. If she managed to get her hands on him, he was toast, literally!

Grey and Reynolds ceased their laughter when they saw this and focused on the battle once again. No one wanted to be on her bad side. The most frustrating thing was that they couldn’t really beat her up.

They had no qualms with beating up ladies that were enemies, but once the lady was a friend of theirs, then it was out of the picture.

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