Chapter 672 - Getting A Higher Rank

Chapter 672 – Getting A Higher Rank

The battle between the young lady and the young man continued for another ten minutes before a winner was finally decided. It was unsurprisingly the young lady. Most people expected after she showed her four elements.

Defeating a Space Elementalist on the same level was something that was almost impossible to do, much less when said Space Elementalist has three more elements in their arsenal.

With the young lady’s victory, she cemented herself as the number one figure in the Dixon Region’s Overlord Plane Elementalists.

The young lady was already in the Ninth stage of the Overlord Plane, so it was only a matter of time before she broke through to the Sage Plane. For someone like her, it wasn’t a matter of if she could, but when.

She walked off the platform calmly before going back to her seat.

“Can we leave now?” She asked the middle-aged man accompanying her.

“You’ll have to wait to see if there are any people who want to challenge you.” The middle-aged man explained gently.

“Alright.” The young lady nodded before sitting peacefully.

Grey and his friends observed everything that happened.

‘Looks like she’s not from this place.’ Grey thought to himself.

He had heard of geniuses from high-level Regions coming to lower leveled Regions to test their strength. When he first came to the Aurora Continent and challenged the geniuses, they thought he was from one of those high leveled Regions due to how powerful he was even with his low Plane.

After the young lady and the young man’s battle ended, the other battles in the platforms soon ended as well and it was time for others to challenge who they wanted.

Grey stepped forward again, challenging the person ranked twentieth. He wanted a better rank so he could at least get a reward. Even though the reward wasn’t really something he was too interested in, it was still better than nothing.

His opponent was a young lady who looked to be younger than he was, he however didn’t have too many problems with defeating her. She was a Dual Elementalist, wielding the earth and lightning element.

Grey finally used his space element in the battle, not taking any chances with his opponent.

The battle lasted around five minutes or so before he defeated her. When the others saw him using the space element, they knew he was someone they should take seriously.

From how he fought, they knew this wasn’t his full strength. One has to know that the young lady was in the Ninth stage of the Overlord Plane while Grey was only in the Sixth stage. Crossing three stages and trouncing his opponent was even more amazing than what the young lady did.

Grey walked back to his seat with his usual nonchalant expression, however, the only thing in his head was how to leave this place and start trying to see what he had gotten in the light element. Watching the fight between the young lady and young man had been beneficial to him. It was just like when he watched his Teacher fight, but unfortunately, he didn’t get to watch the battle properly.

With Grey defeating his opponent, it was Klaus’ turn. He didn’t want to be the one left out, after all, Grey had already brought too much attention to them.

‘He couldn’t challenge someone ranked twenty-fifth.’ He complained as he walked up the stage.

The higher the rank, the stronger they are. Even though he had fought against someone in the Eighth stage, if his present opponent were to be in the Eighth stage as well, they would be stronger than his previous opponent since their rank was higher.

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Klaus challenged the person ranked twenty-fifth. He knew he wasn’t as powerful as Grey, but he couldn’t really be that weak when compared to these geniuses.

His opponent was also a young lady, and just like Grey’s opponent, she was a Dual Elementalist wielding both the fire and water elements.

When the battle started, she unleashed the fire element immediately. It was known for its explosive power, so she naturally used it instead of the water element.

Klaus didn’t panic, using the water element to block the attacks coming his way. Any attack that came close to him was swallowed by the water he conjured. However, he was on the back foot almost all through the battle.

His opponent was in the Eighth stage, but she was clearly stronger than the young man he fought against.

Klaus was forced to stay on the defensive from when the battle started, but with his patience, he didn’t feel overwhelmed by her. After facing Grey and Alice multiple times, it was almost impossible for him to be pressured by others.

Alice was aggressive while Grey was unpredictable because of the space element. Thanks to Grey, the group could fight against a Space Elementalist without too much pressure because he had somewhat assaulted them too much.

Void was even worse, the first day Klaus tried sparring with Void, he almost wanted to give up on life in general. But as time went on, things became a little easier, of course they were still beaten black and blue, but it wasn’t that bad. Even Grey wasn’t an exception from Void’s hand if they sparred, so that was a consolation to the others.

Unexpectedly, Alice sparred with Void frequently compared to the others. So she stood a better chance when fighting against Space Elementalists. The boys preferred fighting against Grey since he was at least a bit lenient with them.

Swoosh! Bang!

The young lady attacked Klaus once again, but he was unfazed by it, with a wave of his hand, he blocked it easily.

“Are you only going to hide like a tortoise?” The young lady asked, a little annoyed since she was unable to break his defense.

“Not necessarily, I’m testing out a new defensive skill.” Klaus replied with a smile.

The young lady’s expression was a little irritated by his reply.

“Hmph! Fine, I’ll destroy you and your defense.” The young lady said with a snort.

Klaus of course didn’t care about how she felt.

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