Chapter 673 - Getting A Higher Rank II

Chapter 673 – Getting A Higher Rank II


A large raging flame exploded out from the ladies direction, heading towards Klaus.

Klaus had a casual expression on his face as he defended against the young lady’s attack once again. He didn’t feel embarrassed that he was defending all through.

He defended patiently, waiting for the best time to counterattack. Even though he was on the defensive, it didn’t mean he wasn’t attacking. Unfortunately, the young lady was more powerful than he was, so he had to fight with his head.

With his current strength, his chances of becoming one of the top twenty was not that large, but he could enter if he used his head.

All that needed to happen was for Grey to move higher in rank, then he could fight freely without fear against the person ranked twentieth.

The young lady soon lost patience with Klaus’ way of battle and started attacking aggressively.

Seeing her way of attacking, Klaus smiled with a shake of his head. He could already see that she had lost. Even some of the old people in the place shook their heads. In this battle, Klaus won just by his wits. He might be slightly weaker than his opponent, but overall, he was the one who had the advantage because of his brain.

When the opportunity presented itself before Klaus, he didn’t let it go, with a wave of his hand, he used the water element to send out what looked like a vine, holding onto the leg of the young lady and sending her airborne.

When she was airborne, he started attacking with ice shards, almost ending the young lady mid-air, if not for the fact that it was only a competition, he wouldn’t have a problem with killing her since she was almost defenseless after letting down her guard.

The man in charge of their battle stepped forward before declaring Klaus as the winner.

The young lady looked at Klaus in annoyance, angered by the way she lost. Klaus didn’t say a word, smiling as he left the platform. When walked past the young lady who was presently ranked first and glanced at her a little longer before walking over to where the others were seated.

Grey and the others congratulated him while he sat down next to them.

“Bud, all you have to do now is go higher then I’ll have a chance of entering the top twenty. I still haven’t used my full strength.” Klaus said to Grey the second he sat down.

Grey smiled before nodding. Getting into the top ten was easy for him, even becoming number one wasn’t a problem for him. But this wasn’t the place to go all-out.

After waiting for this round of battles to end, Grey stepped out once again.

This time, his target was the person ranked seventh. His reason for this was so that anyone higher was challenged later on, it wouldn’t really affect him.

His opponent was a young man in the Ninth stage of the Overlord Plane.

Looking at the Sixth stage Overlord Plane Elementalist standing in front of him, he couldn’t help but scoff. He saw Grey’s previous battles, but he wasn’t really too impressed by him. To him, those were people he could also beat.

Grey didn’t feel angry being looked down on by this young man, he was bigger than that.

The young man was a Wind Elementalist, and he displayed his speed the moment the battle started.

Grey didn’t feel pressured by him, using the space element to dodge most of the attacks that he used.

With the help of the lightning and the space element, the young man found it extremely difficult to attack him because he was almost untouchable.

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Boom! Bang!

The young man attacked with a large tornado, but Grey blocked with the fire element, causing a large stream of blue flames to spread in the sky. The crowd looked at the blue flames in awe.

They’ve already seen him use red lightning which was a special type of the lightning element, using a special element in the space element as well made the others stunned. For one person to have one was already regarded as rare, but having two was something almost unheard of. If there were people who had two special types of elements present in the Aurora Continent, they could be counted on one hand.

Bang! Buzz! Boom!

Grey attacked after dodging the Wind Elementalist’s attack.

The Wind Elementalist dodged the attack and countered.

The battle was thrilling and the crowd couldn’t get their eyes away from it. Other than the battle to decide the first position, this was the most captivating battle yet.

Grey and the young man were putting on a show for everyone to see. Grey’s colorful elements, as well as the young man’s nimbleness because of the wind element made them almost on equal footing.

In terms of cultivation stage, the young man had the advantage, and when attacks were measured, his were stronger than that of Grey’s, but since Grey didn’t have a single element, it meant he could cover for it.

He displayed four elements when fighting against the young man.

The crowd thought they had seen something special when the young lady appeared since a Multi Elementalist with four elements was rare to see, but in a single day, they saw two.

It was mind-blowing!

Grey and the young man’s battle went on for over fifteen minutes with Grey slightly getting the advantage over his opponent.

The crowd were kept on the edge as they saw the battle getting more intense.

Grey wasn’t holding back as he attacked furiously. Although he wasn’t using all his elements, he made sure to use his elements to the best of their abilities.

Boom! Bang!

The battle’s intensity was getting higher and the young man was slowly starting to show frustration. Being overpowered by someone in a lower stage was infuriating. Especially given how Grey hadn’t even gotten to the Late stages of the Overlord Plane yet.

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