Chapter 674 - He’s Different

Chapter 674 – He’s Different

Swoosh! Boom!

An explosive attack spread out from Grey’s fire element.

The young man blocked it with a wind that was circulating around him.

Grey’s attack didn’t stop there, after his first attack, he sent out a bolt of lightning that crashed from above, hitting the rotating wind around the young man.

The lightning was added to the wind, just like the fire before it was dissipated.

The young man sent out wind blades that shot at Grey. While raising a tornado from below him to throw him off balance.

The tornado took Grey by surprise, so he was lifted into the air, directly in the path of the wind blades.

He didn’t panic, with a wave of his hand, he created a large fire bird that flew towards the wind blades, blocking them and moving in the direction of the young man as well.

While he was still mid-air, he used the skill ‘meteor descent’. Since he had used the earth element, he was able to use the skill to its fullest, combining the earth and fire element to their fullest.

The young man who was busy defending against the fire bird was taken aback when he saw the meteors falling in his direction. The range of the attack was too wide, so there was no way to dodge it, either he took it head-on, or he stood there and awaited his fate.

There was no way he was going with the latter, the former was his only option.

He looked at the shy defiantly before charging into the sky with the aid of the wind element. A large wind blade was sent out and it cleanly cut one of the meteors into two. With that, he started blasting all the meteors, moving from one place to another.

Grey looked at him with squinted eyes and his lips curved into a smile. He spread out both hands and inscriptions lit up in the sky, five inscriptions to be precise.

The young man was already in a difficult spot blocking the attack from Grey’s previous attacks, when he saw the inscriptions in the sky as well, he almost gave up instantly.

Fighting against a Multi Elementalist was already difficult to begin with, being an Inscriber made Grey all the more dangerous. In fact, if Grey were to be in the same stage as the young man, he would’ve admitted defeat already, but because of his pride as a genius, he couldn’t give up this easily, especially to someone at a lower stage.

With a loud roar, a powerful wind storm started across the entire platform with powerful gales spreading out in all directions. The meteors were soon blasted apart while the attacks from Grey’s inscriptions were not only stopped, but three out of the five inscriptions broke apart.

‘It’s not going to be that easy, huh?’ Grey thought to himself as he stared at the wind storm.

His body merged into the wind, he had a certain level of understanding of the wind element since it was also one of his elements, so he wasn’t really too bothered by it. He just didn’t want to show his wind element hence he kept it hidden.

Moving nimbly with the aid of the space and lightning element, he closed the gap between himself and his opponent. The closer he got to him, the stronger the gale. If not for Grey’s powerful physique, he would’ve been sent flying by now.

Boom! Bang!

Grey managed to get close and attacked with the fire element. He couldn’t get too close to the young man since he might harm himself in the process, so he stayed at the place where he felt he couldn’t go any further.

His attack rattled the young man, shaking him to his core. A large lightning bolt fell from the sky as well, striking the point where the gale was at its strongest.

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Buzz! Crash!

The powerful gale was spread apart and the young man’s figure came into view once again.

Grey and his opponent stood opposite each other, both breathing heavily from the intense battle.

After only a few seconds of silence, the young man brought out an elemental weapon, a long spear, and attacked. With the aid of the spear, his elemental attack power improved significantly.

Grey couldn’t be left behind, he also took out dual blades. The blades were shorter than a sword but longer than a knife. Holding both, he reminisced about the time he started fighting after breaking through to the Arcane Plane. His choice of weapon then was a dual blade, but since he got to the Origin Plane, he barely used weapons. Even when he was in the Arcane Plane, he rarely used them as well.

Each blade was crafted to wield one element. Since his lightning and fire element were his major attack elements, he picked these specific blades out from the rest.

Boom! Bang! Buzz!

The crowd was watching excitedly. All discussing animatedly who would win. Some people wanted the young man to win, while a few new fangirls Grey had unknowingly gained wanted him to win. However, one thing was certain for all to see, and that was if Grey were to be in the same stage as the young man, then they wouldn’t even be opponents, Grey would beat him up within two minutes max.

“What do you think of him?” The middle-aged man who was sitting next to the young lady who was currently ranked first asked her.

“Him? He’s different.” The young lady replied.

“If I were to fight against him, who do you think would win?” She asked after making the first remark.

“Currently, you would. But if you were in the same stage as he is, then the outcome is unpredictable. I wonder which Faction or family was able to create such a genius.” The middle-aged man sighed in amazement.

A genius of Grey’s caliber was something they rarely saw. The young lady was by no means any weaker than Grey in the same stage, in his opinion. However, when he added the fact that Grey was an Inscriber, he knew in the same stage, Grey would have the upper hand over her.

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