Chapter 676 - Cheated?

Chapter 676 – Cheated?

“Klaus, you’re up next.” Reynolds tapped Klaus on the shoulder as the next round of battles was about to start.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be in the top twenty.” Klaus said confidently as he stood up.

Grey and the others nodded.

Reynolds called out while he was on the way there, “Oh, and ask if we can challenge those in the lower stages here.”

“Got it.” Klaus before walking to the stage.

This was the last battle, so he planned to challenge the person currently ranked twentieth. If he could win, then he would be part of the top twenty, for now. Of course he knew he would lose the rank soon if someone came to challenge anyone higher than him, but he didn’t really care. All that mattered now was that he was in it and got the reward.

Grey had brought too much attention to their group, so when the crowd saw Klaus standing up, they all spoke animatedly, waiting for who he would challenge. From their previous battles, they knew he was not as powerful as Grey, and unlike Grey, he relied heavily on his head to win his battles.

From his last battle, they could tell that even if his opponent was stronger than he was, it didn’t necessarily mean they would win because Klaus was a calculative individual.

He soon stepped onto the platform, and different from when he first fought, people weren’t rushing to the platforms anymore.

The man in charge walked up to him to ask who he would like to challenge. His reply was well within the expectations of most of the people here.

“He only wants to step into the top twenty.”

This was the only thing going through the heads of everyone around.

The current person ranked twentieth had a higher rank before the challenges started. He was ranked fifteenth at that time, but due to people challenging those higher than him and defeating them, he was slowly pushed down.

He was already at the Peak of the Overlord Plane and looked to be around twenty-two years old with brown hair and eyes. He was taller than Klaus, standing at six feet three inches tall.

Looking at the opponent in front of him, he didn’t feel pressured. He saw Klaus’ last battle and knew that he wasn’t that powerful.

“This will be over soon enough.” He said coldly.

Klaus smiled without replying. He had been waiting patiently for his last battle. Here, he would use his ultimate move to defeat his opponent swiftly.

The man asked if both participants were prepared, after getting confirmation from them, he called for the start of the battle.

The young man was an Earth Elementalist, with a quick movement, he sent multiple large boulders toward Klaus.

Klaus created an ice wall to block the attack before countering with an attack of his own. Sending out a jet stream of water toward his opponent. The water moved rapidly.

The young man didn’t panic, raising an earth wall in front of him, he prepared to counterattack once he had stopped the attack.

However, his expression changed drastically when the water made contact with the earth wall. There was not even a bit of resistance as the water crashed through it, slamming into the young man. Before he could react, he had been sent flying, out of the platform.

The entire crowd stood up, stunned by how fast the battle ended.

Overall, the battle only took around one minute or so, yet the victor had been decided, so quickly. It was shocking.

Klaus stood on the platform with a grin on his face.

Most people still didn’t understand what happened a few seconds ago. How the hell did Klaus’ water pass through the water so easily?

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Some people even felt it was all staged, but when they saw the condition of the young man, they had second thoughts. Someone in his current condition will not agree to stage something like this, especially since he too was a genius in his own right.

His clothes were destroyed, and his hair was messy with blood coming from the side of his mouth. He still had a look of disbelief as he stared at the platform that was almost twenty meters away from him.

The only question in his head right now was, ‘What happened?’.

“You… impossible!” He exclaimed from the side, unable to believe that he lost so easily.

“What are you pointing at? You’ve already lost, now step aside.” Klaus replied with a mocking smile.

If the young man accepted his defeat, he wouldn’t want to rub it in on him, but seeing his present reaction, he felt annoyed by him.

‘You’ve lost already, what’s all the fuss?’ He thought inside.

“You cheated. Sir, I can assure you that he cheated, let’s have the battle again.” The young man turned to the man in charge of the platform.

“You’ve lost this battle. He didn’t cheat, he only used a skill you’re unaware of. Even most of the seniors here don’t know of it, but he was the one who used it.” The man explained, before turning to Klaus, “However, to confirm if you didn’t cheat, I’d like you to do exactly this same attack while he set up the same defensive wall.”

The man couldn’t really say he was doubting Klaus since he could feel the intricacy in Klaus’ previous attack. This was something he had not seen before, but he had heard of something like this, hence he wanted to confirm if it was what he read about.

Klaus stared at the man before nodding.

“I’ll show everyone that you’re a cheater.” The young man snorted coldly.

“Stop barking, you’re even more annoying than a hungry dog.” Klaus mocked before unleashing the same attack once again.

The young man was incensed by Klaus’ words before setting up his defensive wall. This time, he put his all into it, making sure it was sturdier than the previous one. To be honest, he didn’t put much into the last defensive wall thinking it would be able to block the attack easily. It was only after it was breached did he know that he made a mistake.

Now that he knew the strength of Klaus’ attack, he increased the defensive power of the wall.

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