Chapter 678 - Reynolds Battling For First Rank In The Early Stages Rankings

Chapter 678 – Reynolds Battling For First Rank In The Early Stages Rankings

Reynolds waited patiently on the platform as the person ranked first stepped onto the platform. The person was a young lady who, according to rumors, just took the first position a few days ago.

She had been ranked second for a while now, and after a brutal battle, she managed to secure first place for the first time. Now, she hasn’t even gotten to relish her new rank for long and it’s already been threatened.

Everyone here could feel the tense atmosphere, for some reason, they all felt Reynolds would be victorious. They’ve seen the battle of his friends, Grey and Klaus to be precise, and given how they could easily fight across stages, they felt he was also the same. So fighting against someone who is in the same stage as he is could already be counted as a victory for him.

Some people also stepped forward to challenge those of lower rankings on the other platforms, but all the attention was placed on this platform. Grey and Klaus had already brought all the popularity the group needed.

“Hello.” Reynolds waved to the young lady.

The young lady waved back with a calm expression. She was clearly focused on the upcoming battle. Reynolds on the other hand seemed very relaxed.

The man in charge stepped forward to ask if they were prepared, after getting confirmation from the duo, he called for the battle to start.

The young lady didn’t hold back and attacked instantly.


A large flaming sword rose into the sky and slashed at Reynolds. She was a Fire Elementalist.


Lightning danced around Reynolds’ body as a lightning shield appeared in front of him to block the attack of the young lady.

After blocking the attack, he unleashed a series of lightning arrows that shot at the young lady with breakneck speed.

The young lady didn’t panic as she swung her large flaming sword at the arrows. Destroying them as they came in contact with the sword.

Reynolds saw this and also created a large lightning sword like his opponent. Since she wanted to use the size advantage, then two could play that game.

Buzz! Bam! Bang! Boom!

Their battle quickly picked up pace as attacks flew everywhere. The young lady attacked ferociously, Reynolds wasn’t reserved in his attacks as well.

The duo were each fighting for something. The young lady didn’t want to lose her newly acquired rank, while Reynolds didn’t want to be the one looked down on among their group. However, he wasn’t too pressured in winning, but he wanted to make sure that even if he lost, he gave the crowd a great show.

Besides, he still had the Mid stages rankings to also fight for.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

Lightning and fire flew all over the platform. A beautiful yet dangerous sight to behold. Those who had a lower cultivation stage than the duo could feel their spines tingle at the sight of this.

The crowd watched in exasperation. They never thought the battle between these two would be to this extent. Of course it was not on the level of Grey and the person ranked Seventh, but it was something special.

Those who watched the battle between the young lady and the person previously ranked first knew this battle was miles ahead of that one. They could feel the nervousness in the air.

A small mistake and either participant could lose.

“Rey’s amazing. If only he agreed to spar with me more, he would’ve won already.” Alice commented.

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“Heh, other than Grey and Void, who else spars with you?” Klaus scoffed when he heard Alice’s words.

Whenever Alice brought the idea of sparring, he had always rejected it. Of course there are times he spars with her, but he avoids it whenever he can. She was a relentless attacker, so defending against her was tiring.

Grey and Void could keep up with her because of their speed and space element, they on the other hand were not that fast. Luckily for him, he had the advantage in cultivation stage, so he could overpower her. Reynolds was the one who got the brunt of it most of the time.

Grey and Void chuckled when they heard this, looking at Alice. Grey couldn’t help but recall when he was weaker than Alice and had to spar with her frequently back at the Lunar Academy. Although he wasn’t really that bad, he was still beaten up by her most of the time.

Alice’s way of fighting was direct and fierce, one slip up and she’ll attack continuously. She isn’t the type to give an inch when battling, else you would regret your decision. This however doesn’t mean she isn’t calculative, she just preferred doing things this way.

Reynolds’ battle with the young lady soon got to its peak. Reynolds had the advantage in speed, so dodging the attacks of the young lady was something he could do quite easily.

The young lady was forced to block almost all his attacks since they were fast.

Buzz! Crash!

A large bolt of lightning drew a beautiful arc in the sky before striking the young lady.

She was forced to block the attack with a firewall. But the wall exploded and the impact pushed her back.

The chance Reynolds had been waiting for all this while finally presented itself to him. Without even thinking, he unleashed a series of lightning arrows that shot at his target.

He also created a lightning ball that he sent out. While doing all this, he leaped into the air, spreading both hands apart, he called out slowly, ‘Lightning Rain’.

This was a move Grey frequently used when he was still in the Arcane Plane.

When the crowd saw his attacks, their hearts sank for the young lady. Even if she somehow manages to block them miraculously, the advantage was already in Reynolds’ hands and he could choose to attack whenever he wanted.

The young lady seeing all these covered herself with a ball of fire that exploded in all directions. Unfortunately, Reynolds’ delayed the attack of the lightning rain a little bit, so her attack which was supposed to block all the attacks faded just before the lightning rain fell down.


The sound of a figure slamming into the ground resounded out, accompanied by a scream of pain from the young lady.

When Reynolds heard it, he immediately stopped his attack.

The dust died down on the spot where the young lady landed and her shaking figure came in full view to all. This was a result of the electrocution from the lightning element.

“I’m sorry.” Reynolds rushed over to help her.

However, a sly grin appeared on the face of the young lady, and just as Reynolds came within ten meters of her, a large fireball was sent in his direction, meeting him at a point-blank range.

The attack came unexpectedly, even the crowd didn’t expect the young lady would use such a method. Most people found it evil, but in truth, it was all part of a strategy. She realized she wasn’t on the same level as Reynolds, so she used the natural sympathy men had towards women to make him drop his guard, and then she attacked.

It was a smart plan that was worth praising, after all, it might save her in times of danger, and might just help her retain her first position.

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