Chapter 679 - Glimpse Of The Light Element

Chapter 679 – Glimpse Of The Light Element

Klaus stood on his feet when he saw this, he could tell that the young lady was only tricking Reynolds when he saw her reaction.

There was no way she would’ve been that hurt from the attack. Yes, she would be injured, but not to the level she was playing it out to be. Even if the attack came unexpectedly, she was still an Overlord Plane Elementalist who was on the same stage as Reynolds, so she would at least be able to set up a few defensive measures to help limit the danger.

“B*tch.” He cursed when he saw her attacking Reynolds at such a close distance, however, what happened next made him laugh in delight.

Reynolds had sparred with him too often, and he had done countless tricks like this. All of them naturally made Reynolds lose his guard, but they’ve naturally molded him for battles with others.

Reynolds, who everyone thought had lost due to the sneak attack, had a wide grin on his face, his legs were coated with lightning as he dodged to the left.

At the same time he was dodging, a large lightning bolt fell from the sky, crashing into the body of the young lady. This time, she didn’t even have a chance to create any defensive measures as she took the full effect of the attack.

She shrieked in pain, convulsing a few seconds after the lightning fell on her. What was worth noting was that the lightning attack didn’t stop immediately, rather, it stayed for almost five seconds, penetrating her body fully.

“Ruthless! Cunning!”

This was the view most of the people here had of Reynolds. That attack of his was something that he had been preparing for a while since it needed time to garner that much power.

The lightning rain was a cover, this attack was his main final assault. He knew that the lightning rain wouldn’t be able to defeat his opponent, so he made this attack as well.

All those above the Overlord Plane saw this perfectly, even some of the people at the Peak of the Overlord Plane noticed it. Void told Grey about it when he sensed it.

The sneak attack happened too fast hence they were unable to alert Klaus of Reynolds’ hidden attack.

Alice calmed down when she saw Reynolds dodging the attack and nodded her head when his lightning bolt rained on the young lady, she felt the young lady deserved it.

Not just her, but almost every single person here felt she deserved it as well. If Reynolds didn’t have a countermeasure prepared, then he would’ve ultimately lost because he tried to show care for his opponent.

The man in charge of the platform rushed to where the young lady was and covered her with a white light. He was unexpectedly a Light Elementalist.

Grey watched the scene intently, anything related to the light element was all he focused on. When his Teacher was using the light element to heal Klaus’ father the last time, he was unable to witness it, but now, he was seeing it for the first time.

As he watched it, he felt something in him resonate with what was happening and his eyes glowed with a white light. His body was about to do the same before he noticed and he quickly suppressed the feeling.

In his mind, however, he felt like running out of this place. He was on the verge of comprehending the light element, but because of the possible commotion he would cause in the process, he had to forcibly suppress the feeling.

It felt like he was pushing himself into a well. If he missed this chance, it would take him some time to comprehend the light element. But if he went with the flow, then he would be able to instantly comprehend the light element and create a light space in the Chaos Space.

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This was the only thing he was missing in the light element, seeing how it was used to heal. Once he creates the light space in the Chaos Space, then he could be said to have comprehended the light element.

Reynolds’ win was a win for him also, so he was extremely happy when Reynolds walked back to where they were seated, he even gave him a high-five.

This was the last element he was missing, according to his knowledge, so he naturally felt excited after getting a glimpse of it.

If he focused on it for now, in at most a week he would be able to create a light space. Then everything would be set.

“Good job, you see, sparring with me has its advantages.” Klaus commented when Reynolds took his seat.

“Haha, of course. I knew from the start that she was pretending, but I had to make her lower her guard.” Reynolds laughed as he looked at the stone plaque in the sky that currently had his name written as the number one genius in the Early stages of the Overlord Plane.

“You did good. But if you sparred with me more, you wouldn’t have needed trickery to win.” Alice said.

Reynolds’ smiling face froze when he thought about the hellish sparring session with Alice and he couldn’t help but shiver.

Grey laughed before looking at the other platforms. All he wanted right now was for this round of battles to end so Alice could step forward and challenge whoever she wanted to.

Since she was in the Fourth stage of the Overlord Plane, they all knew she wouldn’t challenge the person ranked first, but she would definitely aim for the top ten.

Reynolds was the one who had the first rank in sight thanks to his Elemental Warrior. He was about to become the first person to be ranked first in both the Early and Mid stages of the geniuses rankings. The thought of it was exhilarating.

Ten minutes later the battles ended and Alice stood up. It was finally time for the last person in this group of freakish friends to show her strength.

If Alice was on the same level as the others, then it meant this set of friends were insanely talented.

She walked to the platform calmly. If one looked at it properly, one would realize that all four of them had fought on the same platform. All the times Klaus and Reynolds fought, they did it on this particular platform.

Those in the stands watched on in excitement as they watched Alice step onto the platform. The man in charge of the platform was already waiting for her, when she stepped forward, he asked her who she would like to battle when hearing her say the person ranked Fifth, he felt a little disappointed for some reason.

The truth was, he wanted her to challenge the person ranked first, defeat him and solidify her group’s status as freakish.

Alice smiled when she saw this, looking at Reynolds, she shook her head before challenging the person ranked fourth.

The reason for this was simple. Once Reynolds stepped forward, then the first position was his. She didn’t want to overdo it, after all, these people were also geniuses as well. Getting into a tough battle with the person ranked first would be difficult for her, and her chances of winning weren’t over fifty percent.

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