Chapter 680 - Alice’s Battle

Chapter 680 – Alice’s Battle

The person ranked fourth was a young lady like Alice, only slightly taller than her, and chubbier. She walked onto the platform, staring at Alice vigilantly.

She has already seen the others in the group fight, so she knew she was up for a tough fight. Winning was her aim, and she wouldn’t let herself be distracted.

‘They might be talented, but so am I.’ She reassured herself.

Saying this however did not change her mindset. Stepping into a battle with this mindset has already shown a weakness in her character, so even if she were stronger than Alice, her chances of winning have reduced drastically.

Alice nodded to her opponent, who did the same. After getting confirmation from both fighters, the man in charge of the platform declared the start of the battle.

Alice attacked immediately, using the lightning element to boost her speed as she sent out multiple lightning orbs that exploded around her opponent.

Her opponent used the water element to fight against the lightning arcs that were rushing toward her. She created an ice wall that sufficiently blocked them. Alice didn’t feel bothered by this as she continued her assault.

She was known for her relentless attacks, and she displayed it in full here. After her first lightning attack didn’t work out, she used the fire element to send a flaming bird at the young lady.

The bird spat out bits of flaming balls that exploded as they came in contact with the ice wall.

Seeing Alice use a second element, everyone in the arena couldn’t help but sigh. Of the four friends, two had more than one element, while the other two had a single element. From the current looks of things, Reynolds was the only one who didn’t seem special.

Klaus defeated someone of a higher stage, which meant he could fight across stages. Alice’s current opponent was in the Sixth stage of the Overlord Plane, and she was currently having a great battle with her. Grey was even more freakish.

Reynolds’ opponent however was in the same stage as he was. Even though he won convincingly, it still didn’t show his dominance like that of his friends.

While they were thinking of the group of friends, Alice’s battle was slowly heating up. Just like her, her opponent was also a Dual Elementalist, having the water and darkness element.

She attacked with the darkness element, creating a large shadow beneath Alice that seemed to slow her down. Not only that, but the darkness element started to eat away the essence around her, disrupting her ability to control the elements.

The darkness element has multiple uses, but its best ability is none other than corrosiveness. It could corrode anything, even as far as the air they breathe.

If a Darkness Elementalist is fighting someone stronger, the darkness element can come as a trump card. Using it at the best time will give them an advantage.

Alice shook her body before lightning started to dance around her. A ten meters radius around her was covered with lightning. She used it to fight against the corrosive ability of the darkness element.

After gaining her proper control of the elements, she started attacking once again. Her opponent was no pushover, so she knew she had to dig deep.

Boom! Bang!

Attacks flew left and right, with the young lady using the water element to both defend and attack. She used the darkness element for sneak attacks, but the lightning surrounding Alice made her sense them and dodge them before they touched her.

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Alice was using the lightning as a type of sensory ability, making it almost impossible to sneak attack her.

A large streak of water was sent towards her, but she used the fire element to counter it, before using the lightning element to send out a large bolt which cut through the streak of water and headed towards her opponent.

The young lady she was fighting against blocked the attack with an ice wall, but the wall cracked after successfully blocking it.

Crash! Bang!

Before the young lady could reinforce the wall, another lightning bolt struck it, blasting it apart and rushing towards her.

With no time to think, she threw a dark orb the size of a human head at the lightning bolt. When the lightning came in contact with the orb, it caused a large explosion.

The young lady was able to escape before the explosion, surviving a potentially dangerous situation.

Alice didn’t let her have any time to rest as she flew into the air, and just like Reynolds, a lightning rain was summoned by her.

The young lady had already seen Reynolds use this skill before, so when she saw that Alice was also a Lightning Elementalist, she prepared for it.

With a wave of her hand, she formed a water sphere around her. Due to the wide range of the attack, each lightning wasn’t powerful enough to breach her defense.

Alice didn’t feel down when she saw this, instead, she smiled before reducing the range of the lightning rain, taking it to only a small area. From covering over half of the platform, it covered only about half a meter or so.

This increased the strength of the attack dramatically.

While doing this, she created walls made of fire around the young lady and they slowly started to close in. They were sending out attacks at the same time.

Her barrage of attacks was on another level and even Grey and the others couldn’t help but shake their heads. Once Alice was given the initiative in a battle, then it was decided. Unless her opponent could overpower her, they would be nothing but sitting ducks.

Alice’s assault continued, and the young lady knew she messed up when she gave her the chance to attack freely.

With a yell, she forced the water sphere wide, trying to use it to push the approaching fire walls. Doing this, however, gave the lightning rain the chance to penetrate it.

When she saw this, she covered her skin with ice, forming something like an ice armor to defend against it.

Alice had an intrigued look, before attacking with a lightning spear.

The spear shot past the fire wall before slamming into the body of the young lady. It made a ringing sound as it managed to defend against the attack. The young lady was pushed back by the impact of the attack.

Seeing this, Alice smiled and her attacks continued. The lightning rain had stopped, instead, large lightning bolts started crashing down from the sky.

The young lady who was on the defensive found it hard to regain any sort of advantage since Alice didn’t give her that opportunity.

Everyone watching the battle knew that the victor had already been decided, it was only a matter of time before the young lady gave up on her own, or she was hurt from the constant attacks.

“She’s ferocious!”

This was the appraisal they had of Alice. Unlike the boys, she had a more aggressive battle style, and once she took the initiative in a battle, her victory was within sight.

Even with all the plans the young lady made, Alice was able to counter them.

Five minutes later, the young lady finally gave up.

She managed to hold out against the previous attack and even managed to counterattack at one time, unfortunately, Alice didn’t give her too many chances after that.

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