Chapter 681 - Shameless Reynolds

Chapter 681 – Shameless Reynolds

Alice walked back to her seat after being announced as the winner of the battle. She looked up at the stone plaque and her name was written in the fourth place.

After her battle, the other battles on the platforms lasted for another five minutes before they ended. As soon as they ended, the man was about to call for the end of the event when they saw Reynolds getting up once again, walking in the direction of the platform.

“What’s he trying to do?”

Discussions broke out in the arena. This was the round for those in the Mid stages of the Overlord Plane. Reynolds had already defeated the person ranked first in the Early stages rankings, so they felt he was done with the competition. Who would’ve thought he would step up once again? And it was even for the Mid stages rankings.

On getting to the platform, Reynolds didn’t hide his intentions as he challenged the person ranked first. The man in charge of the platform was a little taken aback, he felt obligated to remind Reynolds that this was the Mid stages and not the Early stages.

He felt maybe Reynolds had forgotten he fought against the person ranked first and won already.

“I know, I’d like to see if I can at least put up a fight against the first person.” Reynolds replied with a humble smile.

When the crowd overheard him, they felt his pride had gotten to his head. Even the old men who held the group in high esteem felt annoyed by this.

The man looked back and after getting a nod from the old men in charge of the event, he finally called the person ranked first in the Mid stages rankings forward.

This person was a young man with a calm demeanor. When he stepped onto the stage, he didn’t show the usual proud air geniuses ranked first usually have, instead, he looked at his opponent with a confident, yet friendly smile.

“Hello.” Reynolds waved at him.

“Hello, I’m Kyle.” The young man introduced himself with a smile.

“It’s nice meeting you, Kyle. I’m Reynolds.” Reynolds approached Kyle and stretched out his hand.

After shaking hands, both fighters distanced themselves.

The man in charge of the platform looked at the duo, after getting confirmation from them, he gave the go-ahead for the battle to start.

As soon as the battle started, the young man standing opposite Reynolds was covered with blazing green flames.

Seeing this, Grey and his friends couldn’t help but exchange glances. They rarely saw people with special types of their elements, so seeing this young man, they were somewhat surprised.

Reynolds laughed out in delight before a figure made of lightning formed above him. The figure held onto a sword and shield, with a bow on its back. It was none other than his Elemental Warrior.

The crowd who were still marveling at the sight of green flames were once again astounded by the surprise of seeing an Elemental Warrior. Even in the Aurora Continent, high-level summoners were rare.

Reynolds, who most of the people felt was the weakest amongst the group and thought he was too proud when he stepped forward to challenge someone three stages ahead of him, seemed to be as special as his friends. As it stands, Grey and Klaus seem to be the only ones stronger than him in their group.

What was also worth mentioning was that if not for Klaus’ special water attack, they would rate him lower than Reynolds.

“Just where did these freaks come from?”

This was the only question running through the minds of everyone. Grey and Klaus were already special in their own rights, Alice was stronger than your regular genius, and other than her aggressive fighting style, there was nothing special about her. The rest, however, were freaks.

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Being in such a group of friends, one would feel intimidated.

If they were to find out that Grey and Void the seemingly useless cat had awakened their domains, it was unknown what their reactions would be like.

Even the old powerhouses here could only tell that Void was special other than that, they didn’t know anything about him. The only reason they even spared him a look was because he was on Grey’s shoulder most of the time.

Kyle, who was covered in green fire, was just as surprised as the crowd, but after his initial shock, he laughed out loud.

“Haha, you didn’t disappoint.” He charged at the Elemental Warrior and attacked wildly.

The previous calm demeanor was gone, now, he looked and acted like a warlord.

Reynolds fought alongside the Elemental Warrior, making the pressure on Kyle high.

Boom! Bang! Bam!

The battle didn’t start off slow like the other battles, it went straight to the peak. Kyle was known around for being a battle maniac and seeing how he was doing against Reynolds and the Elemental Warrior, showed his strength.

Most Seventh stage Overlord Plane Elementalists would not be able to cope under the combined assault of Reynolds and the Elemental Warrior. Even though Reynolds was weaker, it didn’t mean that he could neglect his attacks.

Kyle’s plan from the get-go was simple: take out Reynolds and he wins. This is what everyone thought of as well. Unfortunately, with the Elemental Warrior there, and Reynolds being a cunning individual, it was impossible to take him out.

He hid under the attack range of the Elemental Warrior. If Kyle tried to attack, he would be sneak attacked by the Elemental Warrior. At this pace, he risked losing the fight, or even ending it as a tie. There’s also the chance that he might not even get Reynolds and might just lose altogether.

Klaus and Void were laughing at Reynolds’ cunning nature. He was using the Elemental Warrior to full effect.

Kyle was unable to get close to him, and the Elemental Warrior even had the advantage in their battles.

Whenever he focused fully on the Elemental Warrior, Reynolds would attack from behind.

It got to the extent that even the calm Kyle was starting to get frustrated by what was happening.

Reynolds was out of his reach, while he was very much within Reynolds’ grasp. This meant that he couldn’t attack Reynolds, but Reynolds could attack him whenever he wanted. A cruel situation to be in, even a good person will go nuts whenever they are in such a position.

The crowd watched the battle a little taken aback. Reynolds was being shameless to the core, but they couldn’t complain since the Elemental Warrior was his and this was a viable battle strategy.

Many people here would do the same if they were in his place.

“Haha, yes, be shameless.” Klaus laughed loudly, attracting the gaze of those around.

Grey shook his head, while Alice glared at him. Their great reputation had been thrown in the mud by these two crazy guys.

One was acting shamelessly on the platform, while the other had a proud look. It was like he was a proud Teacher.

Reynolds continued irritating his opponent, making him make mistakes which gives the Elemental Warrior a chance to overwhelm him.

The man in charge had a weird smile on his face. It was evident that Reynolds had won this as well.

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