Chapter 682 - The Light Element

Chapter 682 – The Light Element

Swoosh! Bang!

The Elemental Warrior sent Kyle flying.

“I admit defeat.” Kyle didn’t fight any longer before giving up. Fighting against Reynolds and his Elemental Warrior was a pain to fight against.

Reynolds made things worse, almost making it impossible for him to concentrate.

“Haha, thank you for letting me win.” Reynolds laughed as he approached Kyle.

Kyle didn’t feel too downcast after his loss, shaking hands with Reynolds. He even went back with him to where Grey and the others were seated. His easy-going nature made it easy for him and the group to become friends.

Making friends with a group like theirs was a bonus to anybody, so he naturally took advantage of it. He was surprisingly not from Dixon Region. Just like the group, he was traveling, trying to gain experience.

While the group was speaking, the man on the platform called for the end of the competition.

The young lady who was ranked first in the Late stages Overlord Plane rankings and the middle-aged man approached them. Introducing herself, her name was Avril Cassidy.

The group introduced themselves to her and Kyle, when Grey introduced himself, a look of realization dawned on the middle-aged man accompanying Avril.

‘So, he’s from that Dawson family. To think they’ve produced another genius of this caliber.’ He thought to himself.

If Grey knew of his thoughts, he would’ve refuted them since he didn’t know any Dawson Family from the Aurora Continent. Honestly, other than his parents, he knew no other person from the Dawson Family. He didn’t even know if he had any Uncles or Aunties.

They spoke for a while before Grey and his group decided to leave. Grey in particular was in a hurry since he wanted to try to create the light space as soon as possible.

The group left alongside Kyle and Avril. Before they left, a few youngsters approached them, trying to create some ties with them. The group welcomed them, making more friends was better than making enemies.

These friends might be useful later in the future. There was nothing left for the group to do in Dixon Region, so they left the city immediately.

Grey went straight to the woods, finding a cave, he immediately sat down cross-legged before trying to comprehend what he got from the light element today.

The others didn’t know what was up with him, but they knew it must be important, so they let him be.

They stayed outside the cave, talking about the competition and how the battles were. Each reflected on their battles and where they could improve.

In the blink of an eye, two days went by in a flash.

Grey was still cooked up in the cave, not showing any signs of coming out. The group were bored, even as far as going to the city to get some things, leaving Void to protect Grey. He was the strongest, and anyone he couldn’t fight against, they couldn’t either.

They met a few people who approached them to join their Factions, however, rejected it. Grey told them not to let others know they were not in any Faction since it might put them in danger. Geniuses were coveted everywhere, so it was best to be cautious.

People might be scared of their background and not attack them. This is their best protection right now, so they had to use it properly.

Five more days went by before Grey finally made some movements.

Opening his eyes, it was covered entirely with a bright white light.

“Haha, things were better than expected.” He laughed lightly to himself.

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He not only used this opportunity to create the light space, but he also entered the Chaos Space and started comprehending the light element immediately. Due to his past efforts, things were a little easier for him.

He couldn’t help but breathe out a sigh of relief. It was like he had finally achieved the first step in becoming the strongest. He presently had every element he knew.

Eight elements, that was something that would send the world into chaos if they found out.

‘It’s a shame I still wasn’t able to break through to the Seventh stage of the Overlord Plane.’ He shook his head.

He originally thought comprehending a new element would’ve made him advance to the next stage, but unfortunately, it seems that things were starting to become difficult for him. Now he understood why it was difficult to advance as Elementalists grew stronger. His own was even worse due to his multiple elements. This made his requirements even higher.

He had been advancing quite quickly before, but now, it seems as if things will be a little slow for now. He threw everything to the back of his mind and stood up.

When Grey stepped out, he saw the tired looks from his friends.

“What’s with the faces?” He asked with a smile.

“You better have a good reason for keeping us waiting.” Klaus said.

“Of course.” Grey smiled before opening his hand as a white ball of light appeared.

“You’ve comprehended the light element?!” Reynolds exclaimed.

“Yes. Why did you think I came here straight away? I gained some insights at the competition when I saw people using it, this helped me a lot.” Grey grinned as he explained.

“Haha, nice. Now you can heal us.” Klaus laughed.

“Hehe, no. My mastery is still too low. And like usual, the elemental grade is extremely low. Pink to be precise. It will take a while before I can increase it.” Grey shook his head, killing Klaus’ wishful thinking.

“A shame. That means for now it’s useless?” Reynolds asked with a sad smile.

“Not exactly. It can heal minor injuries, and it will boost my speed. I’m happy with my gains.” Grey replied.

“Congratulations.” Alice congratulated him, unlike the two boys.

“Thank you.” Grey smiled in response.

“Can we get going now?” Void finally spoke up.

Staying in one place was not in accordance with his style. He had to be on the move constantly so that he could see new things.

Grey looked at the others, and seeing their expressions, he knew they were tired of this place as well. He had no objections with leaving since there was nothing he had to do here.

With that, the group finally continued their journey. Other than when Grey and Klaus were trying to understand that heavy water, this was the longest they have stayed in a place.

While they were walking, they spoke about their experiences so far when Grey was still in closed doors training. About eight Factions approached them, but they refused all of them.

They were even invited to meet an old lady who was quite powerful. She spoke with them in a kind manner, in the end, she also wanted them to join her Faction, which they also refused.

Some days later, they were getting close to leaving Dixon Region. On the way, Grey trained with his light element. He was also very close to breaking through. Even though he didn’t break through immediately, it helped him get very close to his target. So he didn’t feel too down about it.

They opted to travel by foot instead of using the teleportation arrays. This made their journey longer, but they gained considerable experience from it. Encountering new things on the way, while also facing some life-threatening moments.

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The strength of the group continued improving as they traveled. Klaus was getting better at his new water, Grey had too many focuses, so his progress with it was a little slower than Klaus’.

Alice was fighting more, honing her skills with every battle.

Reynolds was also pushing to advance to the Fourth stage of the Overlord Plane. He was very close to it. Doing this would undoubtedly push the stage of his Elemental Warrior to the Seventh stage, making it stronger.

Void was the only one who was carefree. He didn’t think too much, he didn’t train the way the others did.

Some days went by and they finally left the Dixon Region, entering the next region. Just like the Dixon Region, this was also a mid-level region. So the geniuses here were around the same level as those in Dixon Region.

They fell into contemplation. Fighting against the geniuses here would be beneficial, but would also take time if they were on the same level as those in Dixon Region.

“Should we skip this place, or…” Grey looked at the others.

“I want to see how far I’ve improved.” Alice said.

She enjoyed fighting, so it was natural that she would agree to them staying and challenging the geniuses here.

Klaus and Reynolds had no issues with them staying for a few days, and neither did Grey.

They started searching for those in the geniuses rankings. They weren’t as lucky as the last time when they encountered the geniuses rankings competition, so they had to search for each individual personally. It took them a while, but they managed to locate the person ranked fourth in this Region’s Mid stages Overlord Plane rankings.

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