Chapter 683 - Collective Growth

Chapter 683 – Collective Growth

Buzz! Bang! Boom!

The sound of lightning crashing into something strong resonated out.

“Wow! She’s definitely gotten more powerful.” Reynolds commented from the side.

Beside him were Grey and Klaus. They were watching Alice’s battle with the person ranked fourth in this Region’s Mid stages Overlord Plane geniuses rankings.

The person was a young man who was a Wind Elementalist. They’ve been fighting for almost ten minutes now, and even though Alice was two stages lower than him, she was able to go toe to toe with him.

Swoosh! Boom! Bang!

A large tornado sprang up from the ground, lifting Alice into the sky.

While in the sky, red and silver lights flashed in the tornado. Before long, the tornado was forcefully destroyed. Alice was seen standing mid-air, covered in lightning and flames.

She used the attack lightning rain while mid-air, before throwing multiple fireballs at her opponent. She almost tried to replicate Grey’s ‘Meteor Descent’, however, she was unable to get it accurately.

The young man created a storm to fight against the attacks coming his way.

The battle continued as they exchanged blows in a tight and heated battle.

In terms of power, this person was stronger than the one she fought against in the Dixon Region, so it was difficult for her to overwhelm him.

If she were still on the same power level as when she fought in Dixon Region, then she would’ve lost long ago. But thanks to her slight improvement, she managed to last long.

As the battle raged on, the young man slowly started to gain the upper hand. He had a higher cultivation stage than Alice, so it was understandable that he was stronger.

They fought for five more minutes.


Alice’s figure was sent flying, crashing into a rock by the side.

At the moment Alice crashed into the rock, another loud explosion was heard from the other side. Just like Alice, the young man was sent flying, his condition was slightly better than Alice’s, which showed he had the edge in their brawl.

Alice stood up before cleaning the dust off her body, “You win.”

She didn’t feel sad with this loss. From the start, she knew this person was much stronger than the person ranked fourth in Dixon Region. Not just that, but he was also a very experienced fighter. Unlike most youngsters, he didn’t make moves carelessly.

Alice and the others usually used their experiences to their advantage in battles. Compared to them, most of the geniuses here haven’t gone through deadly training. Their battle knowledge was low. They might be powerful, but they didn’t know when and how to attack properly.

“It was a close battle. If you were a stage higher, then I would’ve lost.” The young man replied sincerely.

He wasn’t trying to make her feel better or anything, it was the truth. Alice was only in the Fourth stage of the Overlord Plane, while he was in the Sixth stage, two stages higher, yet he fought her for this long.

With a small upgrade in her stage, she would be able to beat him.

“Thank you for agreeing to spar with me. I’ll be leaving now.” Alice showed her gratitude before turning to her friends.

The young man stared at the group, looking at them strangely. He guessed they were from one of those high leveled Regions, but he couldn’t ascertain it. A thought came to his head, but just as he was about to, he stopped himself.

‘If she’s already this powerful, how powerful would he be?’ He looked at Grey.

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Grey didn’t hide his cultivation stage, so he was able to find out that he was in the same stage as himself. Alice was already this powerful, and she was two stages below him, challenging Grey might come as a humiliation for him, so he stopped himself.

Grey and the others left while discussing the battle. They all saw how much Alice had improved. She was the only one who wanted to test out her strength, so they didn’t stay any longer.

Grey even suggested they used the teleportation array, so they could get to the other Regions quicker. According to the map they had, he still had to travel through at least five Regions before they would leave these mid level Regions. Their plan was to get to a high level Region and join a powerful Faction.

They all didn’t want to join the same Faction, only the ones beneficial to them. Of course all Factions could help with every element, but most Factions focused on improving a single element. This would make training faster and more efficient.

Two months went by in the blink of an eye.

The group had been in the Aurora Continent for a while now, and they were starting to get used to things here.

In these two months, Grey and Reynolds had made breakthroughs, getting to the Seventh and the Fourth stage respectively.

Reynolds’ Elemental Warrior was currently in the Seventh stage as well, which meant he couldn’t compete in the Mid stages geniuses rankings any longer.

They’ve gone through five Regions in this time and battled through all of them. Although they used the teleportation arrays on some occasions, they mostly traveled by foot.

They encountered more things this way, increasing their knowledge and experience.

On one occasion, Klaus found a strange treasure, while he was trying to claim it, they found out that it belonged to a tribe of Barbarians who were staying in the forest. The Barbarians chased them for days, and after a brutal battle, they finally let them go.

They were lucky the tribe leader was not around. According to what the Barbarians said, the tribe leader was in the Sage Plane. He would’ve beaten the hell out of the group if he caught them.

This was Grey’s first time battling with Barbarians, and he took advantage of it. They were the only people who trained their bodies, so he tried to see which was stronger, unfortunately for him, he lost in that regard.

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