Chapter 685 - A Crazy Group Of Friends

Chapter 685 – A Crazy Group Of Friends

“A miasma?” Grey’s expression changed slightly.

He recalled the last time he heard about this was with Ellis’ father. Apparently, he was corroded by one, almost losing his life in the process. If he hadn’t gone by, then it might have been a different story.

“Yeah. Very dangerous.” Kyle nodded, before adding, “However, there are times where the miasma retracts, or should I say, lessen. This gives people the chance to go deeper into this place. This is one of those times, and the birth of this treasure couldn’t come at a better time.”

Hearing Kyle’s words, the others nodded in understanding. This place was probably a deadly place, but since people had explored it for many years, they had found out some secrets about it. Such places are usually filled with treasures since before people tend to go in it is long, giving it enough time to groom these treasures.

This wasn’t the first time Klaus and the other two were hearing of miasma, so they knew the dangers of it. There are places that are filled with excessive fire or even wind element, causing them to have a miasma, but as usual, the darkness element tends to be more dangerous thanks to its corroding ability.

“Are we just going to stand here? Come on, let’s go in.” Kyle was the first to take a step into the place.

Compared to before, the group could tell that he had improved. First of all, his aura was slightly different, and he had broken through to the Seventh stage of the Overlord Plane. But they could tell it hadn’t been long since he did it.

With Kyle taking the lead, Grey and his friends followed behind him. Void looked at Kyle curiously. He naturally sensed him when he was approaching the group, but since he found his aura familiar, he didn’t really feel too bothered.

As they went deeper into the place, the darkness element’s aura started to grow stronger. It was even to a stage that those in the Origin Plane would feel extremely uncomfortable when placed in this place. Every individual in the group was in the Overlord Plane, so it was nothing for them to worry about, for now.

They soon started to sense the presence of others in this place which was expected, after all, they heard of this place from the mouth of the public, so the birth of this treasure was pretty much made known to all.

“What do you think it would be?” Klaus asked curiously as they walked further in.

“A natural treasure, I guess.” Reynolds replied.

Klaus almost wanted to facepalm when he heard his reply, “I know it’s a natural treasure, I’m asking what type of treasure it would be? A rock, fruit, weapon, stuff like that. Moron.”

Grey and Alice initially thought Klaus wasn’t going to curse at Reynolds when they heard the starting part of his statement. Given his usual self, he would’ve started his statement with a curse. He, however, didn’t disappoint them in the end.

“You’re the one who asked a stupid question. Creep.” Reynolds naturally retorted.

And before long, the duo started a cursing session.

Grey and Alice were already used to it, this has been the highlight of their journey so far, so they were completely cool with it. Kyle on the other hand was experiencing this for the first and felt quite strange. From how seriously the duo were cursing at each other, he almost wanted to step in and play peacemaker, but seeing that Grey and Alice didn’t even try to step in, he sensibly stopped himself.

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“Hey, is it alright for them to be like this?” Kyle approached Grey and asked with a whisper.

“Yeah, it’s totally fine. I’ll be more worried about them if they haven’t quarreled in a day.” Grey replied nonchalantly.

His expression showed this was a normal occurrence.

“Oh, and a word of advice, don’t look at them too much, you’ll only draw their attention.” Grey wasn’t even finished before he noticed both Klaus and Reynolds were staring at them, “And… it’s too late.”

Kyle was about to ask why Grey said that, but he found out a few seconds later when the duo who seemed as if they could kill each other a few seconds ago started cursing at Grey, he was almost exempted, well, almost.

Grey was forced to join the two man cursing squad, which came as a huge shock to Kyle who had always taken him for a serious minded person who wouldn’t indulge in such things.

Grey didn’t speak much with people, so they rarely got to see this side of him.

Kyle was unfortunately the target of the trio, and after a few minutes, he was lost for words. Klaus and Reynolds were frightening opponents when it came to this. It was like they were experienced, well-seasoned fighters, but just at cursing. Grey was that bad as well. He, on the other hand, was woeful when compared to the trio.

“Don’t let it get to you, they’ve had years of training.” Alice comforted him when she saw his downcast expression.

Kyle nodded his head but still felt frightened by the trio. They weren’t the least bit reserved with their words. If not for the fact that he knew they didn’t mean it in that way, he would’ve fought them with his life on the line even though he knew he would lose.

The group continued in this manner, and before long, they got to where the rest of the people were waiting. As soon as they got close, Void started acting strange.

“I want it.” He said to the group.

Kyle looked around, trying to find the source of the voice. It was childlike, so he knew it wasn’t from any of them.

“You want whatever’s forming?” Grey asked curiously while staring at the people around.

Presently, there were at least two hundred people here, all in the Overlord Plane. They were in different stages of the Overlord Plane, however, none was in the Early stages. What was shocking was that none of them seemed to be over twenty-five years of age. This showed that most of the people here were geniuses.

If such a group went to the Azure Continent, then they might be able to sweep through the entire continent in a matter of days, as long as those in the Sage Plane didn’t show their faces. One other thing was worth mentioning, there are youngsters in the Sage Plane as well.

Ellis was an example. He was barely twenty-five years old, but he had already gotten to the Mid stages of the Overlord Plane. In the same stage, he would be more powerful than those old fogies from the Azure Continent.

In the entire continent, other than Grey’s Teacher, there was only one person known to be in the Mid stages, and he was only in the Fourth stage of the Sage Plane after hundreds of years.

The appearance of the group naturally attracted the attention of some of the people around, but after sensing the person with the highest cultivation stage was only in the Seventh stage, they retracted their gazes. They naturally couldn’t be too worried about such a group.

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