Chapter 686 - Advancing Deeper

Chapter 686 – Advancing Deeper

“Yes. This thing will be very good for me.” Void nodded his head vigorously, “And you as well.”

Kyle finally managed to confirm that Void was the one speaking, and was a little lost for words. He originally thought this was a normal cat and had almost asked why Grey kept such a cat on his shoulder, now he understood that it was his wishful thinking. How could such a group of freaks be accompanied by something ordinary?

“Then we’ll get it.” Grey said with confidence. He didn’t care who was here, so long as there was no one in the Sage Plane, then he was certain that with him using the Fusion State and Void’s help, they could overwhelm anyone here.

They still had a trump card hidden under their sleeves, their domains. From the time they had spent here, they’ve found out that it was quite abnormal for someone to awaken their domains this early. The earliest was usually in the Sage Plane, but these two freaks awakened theirs in the Overlord Plane.

Klaus, Reynolds, and Alice looked at the duo as if they weren’t normal when they realized this. Originally, they also had the thought of awakening theirs this early as well, but it seems as if that might not be possible anytime soon. Maybe after breaking through to the Sage Plane will they be able to do so.

Kyle was once again shocked by Grey. The confidence with which he said he would obtain the treasure was not something someone on his stage should have. After all, there were people at the Peak of the Overlord Plane here. Grey might be powerful, and since he had advanced by a stage, he would be even stronger than the last time he saw him, but he didn’t think he would be able to overpower all the Peak Overlord Plane geniuses here alone.

Even though he knew Void was special, he didn’t really know how powerful he was, so he couldn’t add him to the equation, for now.

‘I’ll see how things go first. Maybe traveling with them might be fun, and dangerous.’ Kyle thought as he looked at the group.

The miasma was slowly receding deeper, but everyone here knew not to rush in now. They had to give the atmosphere time to get rid of most of the corrosiveness in the air.

Grey and his group decided to stay put while watching the other groups. Some of the people here were acquainted with each other, so they were speaking as they waited.

Fights broke out here and there, but it was nothing serious.

They still haven’t found the person they came here searching for. This has become their priority while they wait.

They also spoke with Kyle and found out that he was from one of the high leveled Regions, which was expected given his strength. If not for Reynolds’ Elemental Warrior, it would’ve been impossible for even Alice who was two stages lower than him to fight him.

Even at that time, if Reynolds hadn’t been shameless with his tactic, Kyle might have gotten a chance against the Elemental Warrior.

He was from one of the big families and came out only to grow stronger. Unlike the young lady who was accompanied by someone, he didn’t like such things, opting to move alone.

This would make him grow stronger faster. With someone to always protect him, he wouldn’t feel any sense of pressure.

The others also agreed with this reasoning, pressure was the only thing that could make them grow stronger at a faster rate. If one was always under protection, one wouldn’t feel the need to grow stronger. They might advance in cultivation stage, but they wouldn’t really grow strong. In time to come, they would become one of those people who only had high cultivation stages but insufficient strength.

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Time went on in the blink of an eye and a day went by quickly. The miasma had disappeared from their view, and the shape of a building was starting to appear. Void confirmed to them that the treasure was inside this building, and it was not the only treasure inside.

He was also able to get a vague feeling of danger inside the place. This sense of danger threatened him, and he warned the others about it.

When the group saw how serious his expression was, they knew it was not a matter to joke about, and they might encounter life-threatening dangers inside. Their expressions became solemn.

Two more days went by before the building came into view for everyone to see. It was a large mansion, well, it was in a large compound to be precise. Only around half of the compound was accessible to them now, but they all knew that this building in front of them held treasures, and this was what they came here for.

Without even delaying, most of the groups rushed into the compound. They knew treasures came with danger, but no one wanted to be the last to step into a potential treasure hoard like this building. Grey and his friends were among the few people who weren’t making any moves.

Void’s warning was still sounding in their heads. Rushing in would only mean putting themselves in the face of danger.

They waited to see if there were any traps outside the building. Seeing that a considerable number of people had gone in, Grey told the group to advance.

In a place like this, it wasn’t wise to go in first, and neither was it wise to go in last. It was best to be among the group, in the middle to be precise.

They followed the crowd, giving those in front and behind them a considerable distance to ensure safety. In a place like this, except for the people you came with, no one else should and could be trusted.

This was a dog eat dog world, where the strongest reigned supreme.

They soon passed through the gates of the compound, and just like most of this place, it looked like it would be broken with nothing but a touch. But they knew it was very sturdy, and touching it might be dangerous for them. It has accumulated so much miasma that it has become deadly.

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