Chapter 687 - Monsters Made From Miasma

Chapter 687 – Monsters Made From Miasma

The group cautiously stepped into the compound, staring at the large building. It had three parts, the main building which was located in the middle section, then the east and west wings.

Most of the people here picked the main building since naturally it was expected to have more treasures.

“Void.” Grey turned to Void, waiting for his decision on which part they would pick.

Void could almost accurately pinpoint where a treasure was located, so they mostly relied on him in instances like this.

“Wait, let me check.” Void closed his eyes and spread out his spiritual senses, a few seconds later, he looked around in confusion.

“It’s vague, I can’t pick it up. We’ll have to rely on luck.” He said.

“Well, my luck is pretty much shit when it comes to things like this.” Grey shook his head, before turning his attention to Klaus.

Of every single person he had met in his life, he had never seen anyone as lucky as Klaus. His massive growth wasn’t a fluke, it was mainly attributed to his insane luck.

Klaus could walk into an ordinary town and his chances of finding a treasure were very high. If there were tiers for luck, then Klaus definitely had at least god-tier luck. This was how highly Grey regarded his luck.

Grey wasn’t the only one, even Alice and Reynolds knew Klaus was the luckiest among them. Making a decision in such a place, he was the obvious person to ask.

“Why are you all staring at me?” Klaus asked when he saw his friends’ gaze.

“Come on, use your gut feeling.” Grey said straightforwardly.

“It doesn’t work that way. I can’t just pick a time to use it as if it’s something I can use whenever I want…” Klaus froze before turning to the left-wing, “Oh, I have a nice feeling about that part.”

When the group heard this, they turned to the east wing, and it was the one that had fewer people. The reason for this was understandable, they could still sense a bit of miasma in it. For some strange reason, it accumulated more miasma than the other parts. This meant it wasn’t ordinary.

Other people have noticed this as well, but many of them refrained from going there since it would be dangerous.

“Alright, then let’s get going.” Grey and the others started walking the moment Klaus picked a part.

Kyle was stunned, he literally froze in the same spot. Almost unsure of what he just witnessed.

Grey first asked Void to find the treasure, and Void said he was unable to locate it, then he turned to Klaus, asking him to use his ‘gut feeling’. Klaus first tried to refute them, then in the process, he said he felt something strange from the east wing.

Kyle almost wanted to yell, ‘Of course there’s something strange about it, there’s still miasma there! You think miasma would remain there if it wasn’t strange?!’. He, however, refrained from doing so. This was a group of strange people, and all he could do was to deal with it.

With no option, he followed them.

When they got close to the door leading to the east wing, they sensed the dangerous miasma around it. Without being told anything, they each used their respective elements to form a translucent coat around them to block out the miasma.

The miasma here was something they could still deal with, but if they didn’t protect themselves, it would accumulate and cause them harm later in the future.

Opening the door to the place, they heard the sounds of fighting. They were taken aback since they never thought people would fight so quickly, the only thing that could make them fight was a treasure.

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Only after they entered did they see what was happening, people were fighting, yes, but not themselves. This place was bigger than what it seemed. From the outside, it looked only to be around one hundred meters or so, but after going in, they realized it was around four hundred meters, or even higher.

“What are those?” Alice asked, alarmed.

What these people were fighting were like phantoms, made entirely from darkness. They had never seen anything like this before.

“It’s made from the darkness element. If I’m not mistaken, they are beasts, corrupted by the miasma here. Now, they look like spirits.” Kyle was the one who explained.

He had more knowledge of this world, so it was only natural that he had an idea of what these things were.

The group didn’t stay idle, well, they wanted to but were attacked. These things could move like smoke, forming in front of them.

Each of them was around the Fifth to the Ninth stage of the Overlord Plane.

They were five, adding Void, they were six in number, while the phantoms that appeared before them were eight. Grey and Void. Took on two each, leaving the rest for the others.

Reynolds didn’t immediately summon his Elemental Warrior, after all, their potential rivals were here. It would be bad if they knew all their trump cards.

Grey and Void used two elements each, the fire and lightning elements respectively. Kyle’s green flames and Grey’s blue flames were the stars of the show. They attracted too much attention from those here.

Grey stood out even more when he used his red lightning. The lightning element seemed to be effective against these miasmatic monsters. Alice used the fire and lightning element as well, while Klaus decided to outright freeze his opponent.

As soon as they took out one, another would form before them.

At first, they were fighting in the same place, but they finally realized that as long as they remained there, their opponents would not end.

They started to advance as they fought. They weren’t the only ones who had realized this, the other geniuses here had also figured it out as well. Some had done so even sooner.

Boom! Buzz! Bang!

Attacks rang out in the hall as they continued moving forward.

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