Chapter 689 - You Gotta Be Kidding Me!

Chapter 689 – You Gotta Be Kidding Me!

They walked for around one more minute or so before reaching what seemed like the entrance to a cave. The front of this cave was sealed with ice.

Grey was a little confused, Void didn’t have the water element, so there was nothing he had to do with ice or anything related to water. But he decided to believe in him, after all, every time he had said there was something beneficial to him, he was always correct.

“Void, you and the others should keep whatever’s following us busy, Kyle and I will try to burn a hole in this ice for us to go through.” Grey said.

They’ve both tried to use the space element, but there seems to be a restriction inside, or maybe it was a special feature of the ice that stopped people from getting past it with the space element.

Kyle had a special flame just like him, and he had sensed the intensity of the flame, it was just below his own.

The group agreed with his plan and went forward to confront the beast. Void was the main attacker, the others were there to distract the beast.

Seeing the group leave, Grey turned to Kyle, “We should get to work as well. I don’t think they’ll have a good time with that thing.”

Grey snickered when said this which made Kyle chuckle.

They increased the heat of their flames to the highest, before unleashing it on the ice wall.

A few seconds after they started, they overheard the sound of battle. The others had intercepted the beast and had started a battle with it.

The duo used the fire element to its peak, however, they were unable to create a hole in the ice wall, even after over two minutes of constant burning.

Whenever the flame got close to the ice wall, it would seem as if it was about to be frozen by the ice wall. At first, the reaction was minimal, but as time went on, the ice wall actively started to attack the moment it sensed the flames.

“Our flames are too weak for it.” Grey said with a grim expression.

“I’ve heard of this ice before. It’s a rare treasure, it can counterattack on its own. If I’m not wrong, there’s a magical beast inside of the Ice attribute.” Kyle’s expression was the same as Grey’s.

At this rate, it would almost be impossible for them to break through this ice seal.

Grey looked at Kyle.

‘He seems to know a lot.’ He thought to himself.

He knew about magical beasts having only the ice attribute. It was just like the Ice Dragon they encountered in the trial land. Unlike humans, they couldn’t gain the ability of ice from the water element alone. If a Dragon or any other magical beast can use both ice and water, then it would be regarded as a Dual Elementalist.

“Is there a way to counter it?” Grey asked.

They were running low on time, he could hear from the battle that the beast the others were fighting was by no means an easy foe.

“The darkness element should do the trick.” Kyle replied.

“Oh, easy then. We’ll go over to the battle and switch places with Void.” Grey said.

He didn’t want Kyle to know he had more than the four elements he had shown. Even in the Aurora Continent, having four elements was already something rare, if he displayed five, then it would send waves throughout the continent.

“Alright.” Kyle nodded before heading in the direction the others were.

Grey took a look at the ice with an intrigued expression, but he didn’t stay for long.

When they got there, Klaus’ figure was sent flying by the beast.

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He crashed into the wall close to the duo.

“Ouch! That’s going to hurt.” Grey said with a mocking smile.

Klaus stood up, looking rattled from the attack. He soon caught sight of Grey, “Have you opened up a hole? Even if it’s small enough just to crawl through, I won’t mind.”

Grey laughed when he saw Klaus’ condition. The fact that Klaus didn’t even reply him when he mocked him showed how difficult the battle was.

“Nope, you’ll have to continue fighting that beast for now.” Grey said with a laugh.

“What are you doing here then?” Klaus almost wanted to punch Grey in the head.

They were fighting their butts off against a seemingly impossible opponent, and Grey came to laugh at them? He was incensed!

“Oh, I came to see how you guys were coping. From the look of things, you don’t seem to be doing fine.” Grey continued poking fun at Klaus.

Kyle stifled a laugh, he wanted to tell Klaus that they were unable to break it, but he didn’t want to spoil Grey’s fun.

“You… you’ll get it from us when we leave this place.” Klaus threatened.

“Why are you here bickering with me? You’re using this as an excuse not to go back, right?” Grey said with a cunning laugh, he made sure his voice was loud enough so the others who were fighting would hear him.

Klaus almost felt like crying, the truth was, he truly was using this as an excuse. The beast was too powerful, and for some reason, it seemed to hate ice. It started targeting him the second he used ice.

When he saw Grey, he thought he would use the chance to at least catch his breath. For the first time in his life, his ice ability he was so proud of almost wanted to kill him.

Kyle was unable to hold in his life when he saw Klaus’ wronged expression.

“Klaus, what are you doing?” Reynolds’ voice came from the other side.

Klaus glared at Grey before rushing back.

Grey laughed before following behind him. He was still laughing after getting the better of Klaus for the first time in a while, but on seeing the beast they were fighting against, he froze with his eyes twitching.

“You gotta be kidding me!”

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