Chapter 690 - Can We Crawl Through It?

Chapter 690 – Can We Crawl Through It?

“You gotta be kidding me!” Grey’s eyelids twitched as he looked at the magical beast.

It was a gigantic bunny, with blue fluffy fur, cute big round eyes, and long ears. However, all Grey saw was a sadistic bunny, and it creeped him out.

He hated to admit it, but he had a fear of bunnies. The bunny he saw in the trial land made him have an inbuilt fear for them, he felt like behind all those cuteness and fluffiness, there was a sadistic maniac waiting to haunt someone.

If people were to find out he thought this way about bunnies, it would be strange how they would react.

“What are you doing here?” Alice asked when she saw Grey.

“We were unable to break through the ice seal.” Grey told them what Kyle told him.

After hearing his explanation, they initially wanted to question him why he didn’t break it, but they quickly figured out that he probably didn’t want Kyle to know he had other elements.

“Void, I’ll take it from here. We’ll leave the opening to you.” Grey switched places with Void the second he finished speaking.

Kyle was shocked when he saw this. He had seen other Space Elementalists before, but none has been able to do what Grey just did.

‘It must be a secret technique from his Faction or Family.’ Kyle thought to himself.

After switching places with Void, Grey didn’t dally, he might be scared of bunnies, but it didn’t mean he couldn’t attack.

With a wave of his hand, two inscriptions lit up in the air, unleashing powerful attacks at the bunny.

The bunny shook its body and its fur stood straight. To the surprise of Grey, his attacks were easily absorbed by the bunny.

The bunny attacked while doing this. Grey was caught by surprise since he thought the bunny would at least take some time to defend against his attack.

“F*ck!” He exclaimed.

Before he could escape with the space element, the paw of the bunny slammed into his body, sending him flying like a kite.

He was previously standing mid-air with the help of the wind element. This made the attack of the bunny even more effective.

Bang! Boom!

Grey slammed into the wall, causing a large and deep crater to form. The force almost created a hole in the wall. Had that happened, they would’ve been in trouble since they were underwater.

They didn’t know how deep it was, so they couldn’t take any chances. It was common knowledge that the pressure at the depth of the ocean was terrifying.

Klaus laughed at Grey when he saw his situation. But he soon ran for his life when the bunny tried to attack him again.

Kyle attacked as well.

With Void gone, none of them could possibly keep the Bunny in check. Unless Grey used the Fusion State, he was no match from Void, much less this bunny.

Grey managed to crawl out of the crater, cursing his bad luck for encountering a bunny before he rushed over.

Boom! Bang!

They attacked ferociously, but cautiously as well. They couldn’t afford to break the walls. Luckily, they were all in the Overlord Plane, so they had control over the attacks even though they’ve already unleashed them.

Most of the attacks that missed the bunny were dissolved by the person who used it.

Grey and Klaus were the main people who suffered at the hands of the Bunny, Klaus especially. Now Grey understood why Klaus said the Bunny hated ice. It couldn’t use its fur to absorb it like the other elemental attacks, so they deal a good amount of damage to it.

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Grey was stuck between using his water element or not. In the end, he decided against it. Since he didn’t use his darkness element to unseal the ice wall, there was no use showing Kyle any other element.

They fought with the Bunny, trying to defend Klaus as he used his ice to harm the Bunny.

Grey was the main person distracting the Bunny. With his space element, it was difficult for the Bunny to catch him, although there have been quite a few times he was unlucky, he mostly escapes from its attacks.

Kyle and Reynolds’ Elemental Warrior were behind Grey, then lastly was Alice. She was sensible with her positioning, so she rarely got in the attack range of the Bunny.

Reynolds was also trying to attack, but he mostly ran whenever targeted by the Bunny.

After almost five minutes.

“Haven’t Void opened it yet?” Klaus asked. His face was slightly swollen from the attacks, same as Grey.

The others were in the same state as when they started the battle.

For some reason, the Bunny placed its focus on Grey and Klaus. It targeted Klaus because of his ice, and Grey because it felt his space element was a pain to deal with.

‘Void.’ Grey communicated with Void telepathically.

After a few seconds, Void replied.

‘Almost done. The hole isn’t big enough for you guys. I’ll still need a little more time.’ replied Void.

“He said the hole isn’t big enough for us, and he’ll need more time.” Grey reported the news to the others.


Klaus was once again sent flying. This time, he didn’t even get the chance to step into the battle before the Bunny sent him flying.

“Can we crawl through it?” Klaus asked, almost on the verge of tears.

“Just wait till it’s big enough.” Alice said.

Boom! Bang!

Grey was sent flying, crashing next to Klaus.

‘Can we crawl through it?’ He asked Void the moment he regained himself.

He hated the Bunny, it was almost as if it was impenetrable. No matter how he attacked, it would shake its body and its fur would stand straight, absorbing the attacks.

‘Well, yeah. But I can get it to the size you guys can walk through in a few minutes.’ Void replied strangely. He never expected Grey to ask such a question.

The only reason Grey didn’t use this option was that if they wanted to crawl through it, it would take some time before each person entered, making the Bunny take advantage of that to beat up the others, the last person would suffer the most, and he was certain that he would be the last person if they went with this choice.

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