Chapter 692 - Encountering A Near Extinct Magical Creature

Chapter 692 – Encountering A Near Extinct Magical Creature

Void examined the place a little longer, only after he was sure there was no danger did he finally step forward.

Klaus on the other hand went towards the water. There might be something special in it, after all, a treasure formed here. He wasn’t too optimistic about finding any though.

When he got close to the water, he, unfortunately, found nothing good. With no choice, he went to the side to watch the others. He didn’t have the energy to explore the place.

The beating he received from the Bunny made him depressed. His face was back to normal thanks to Grey’s light element, but the light element couldn’t heal his emotions which were almost destroyed by the Bunny.

‘Hateful creature.’ He thought spitefully.

Unknown to Grey, he was gaining a new Bunny hater. Well, it can’t really be called hate, more like fear.

This encounter made Grey’s fear of bunnies increase to a new height. Presently, he felt all bunnies were psychotic things that should be avoided at all costs!

Void was about to cross the small lake before hastily retreating.


The water exploded out from below, causing a large amount of water to spray in all directions.

Seeing the water, Klaus’ expression changed drastically.

“Don’t allow the water to touch you.” He yelled while covering himself within an ice dome.

Grey teleported out of the range of the attack, same as Void. Kyle and Alice used the fire element to create a fire wall to protect themselves. Reynolds’ Elemental Warrior was still by his side, so he didn’t have any problems with blocking the water.

When the water landed on the ground, it gave off a black gas before fading.

“It’s contaminated.” Klaus said with a grim expression.

“The darkness element truly is something else.” Reynolds commented.

“I’m afraid this isn’t a result of the darkness element alone. Look at the lake, and you’ll know it’s either set to attack once someone wants to pass over it or, there’s something inside or around controlling it.” Kyle stated.

Void looked at the lake, and with a snort, he blinked and appeared beside the object floating in the air.

The moment he appeared close to it, a powerful repulsion force pushed him away, and when he got to the top of the lake, the force stopped and the water below him shot up.

This time it was different from the first time. It shot at only Void, minimizing the area to increase speed.

Klaus was the closest to the lake, and he reacted accordingly. With Void caught off guard, it was up to him to protect him.

He created a thin ice veil that stopped the water from touching Void.

Void hurriedly left the place, appearing beside Grey. He was clearly shaken from his close encounter.

“There’s something here.” Grey said with squinted eyes.

What Void just experienced was caused by the wind element. This place must have been created a long time ago to train people, but now it was no longer what it was. Different types of creatures have occupied the place, and with the aid of the trials set here, they were incredibly dangerous.

The attack from the lake seemed natural, but the repulsion Void felt when he appeared close to the treasure wasn’t natural.

Even though it was faint, Grey sensed elemental particles. This could only be possible when someone or something was using elemental attacks.

“What now?” Klaus asked.

They couldn’t advance since there was an unknown enemy, but they couldn’t stay here either. His greatest worry was leaving this place altogether.

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There was no way to return the way they came, which meant there was another way to leave this place, and it should be connected to this place.

“We should find our opponent first. Then we’ll think of what action to take next.” Grey said while looking around.

He still hadn’t been able to sense what was attacking, but whatever it is was protecting the treasure.

‘Void, try approaching it again. You already know of its attack, so you wouldn’t be caught off guard again.’ Grey said to Void.

This was the quickest way to find what was attacking. All he had to do was track where the elemental particles were coming from.

Only extremely sensitive Elementalists could attempt what he wanted to do. This is the reason the others didn’t know it was an elemental attack but he did.

Having multiple elements gave him extra sensitivity to elemental particles.

He concentrated fully on the area where the treasure was floating. After Void disappeared, he appeared there within a second.

Like the first time, a powerful repulsion force pushed him to the top of the lake. Void wouldn’t fall for this the second time, so he vanished before his figure got to the lake.

Grey traced the elemental particles and realized it was coming from the ground, around a place that had flowers around.

After tracking it, he went over to where it was coming from, and without warning, he sliced a large lump from the ground.

Taking out at least a meter worth of soil. Looking at the ground, he found nothing.

“Huh? Strange, I could’ve sworn it was coming from here.” He muttered to himself.

While he was looking at the ground, the lump of soil he sliced out started to move. Something small was wiggling around in it.

The others who were standing around Grey noticed this and retreated back subconsciously.

A few seconds later, a creature popped out of the lump of soil. It was around six inches tall and had a face of a child, with eyes, and a mouth but no nose or ears. It was translucent with a mixture of blue and green colors.

It had arms but no legs.

The group stared at the somewhat cute yet strange creature with interest. Grey had been alerted to this, so he saw the creature when it was leaving the lump of soil.

His gaze was fixated on the creature, before looking at Kyle who looked like someone who had seen a ghost.

“A Seelie, but how?” He muttered in shock.

Grey had read about a Seelie before, so hearing Kyle say the name, he was a little taken aback. From what he knew, they were almost extinct in the world. He never thought they’d encounter one here.

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