Chapter 693 - The Perfect Bait

Chapter 693 – The Perfect Bait

“A Seelie? I thought they were extinct?” Alice asked, surprised.

“Apparently not, there’s one right here.” Klaus replied while looking at the Seelie with interest.

This little guy was behind that troublesome ice.

Seelies form from a place of concentrated elemental essence. It usually takes years for them to form and gain intelligence, from the looks of it, it hasn’t been long since this one formed, hence its somewhat low intelligence.

A smarter Seelie would know not to come out in the presence of people. These magical creatures were highly coveted by people because if absorbed, they could help improve one’s elemental grade and mastery of their element.

This Seelie was special in the sense that it had two elements, a Dual Elemental Seelie was rare to see, even when they weren’t almost extinct.

The Seelie looked at the group with interest. It hadn’t left this place since it formed, so this was the first time it was encountering something different from magical beasts or phantoms.

It couldn’t speak, so other than staring at the group, it did nothing else.

Alice was drawn to it immediately, and she thought of capturing it as a partner.

“It’s extremely difficult to gain the trust of a Seelie.” Kyle saw through her intentions and said.

“Whoever manages to acquire its trust will be its partner, deal?” Klaus asked.

There was only one Seelie, and there were five people here. Void was excluded, since well, he was already a partner to Grey, and magical beasts don’t usually have other magical creatures as partners.

Grey nodded, having no issues with Klaus’ suggestion. The same goes for the others.

Kyle never thought they’d use such a method. This was Seelie, something that even relatives would fight over to get, yet these people said whoever could gain its trust would acquire it. What if the first person who stepped forward gained its trust immediately, what would happen to the others?

While Kyle was thinking of how carefree the group were, Klaus was the first to step forward.

The moment he approached the Seelie, it attacked instinctively. With the aid of the wind element, it pushed him back, while ice spikes sprang out from the ground, almost impaling Klaus.

Klaus reacted quickly and evaded the attack.

“What’s wrong with the world? Now cute things only have murderous intentions towards me?” He complained while cleaning the sweat off his forehead.

If he didn’t react fast, he would’ve been injured. In the space of thirty minutes, two cute creatures had threatened his life. This was unacceptable!

“Next.” He said grumpily.

He couldn’t try again for now.

Reynolds was the next to step forward. He raised his hand above his head as if to show he didn’t have any dangerous intentions toward the Seelie. He managed to get close to the Seelie unlike Klaus, but it attacked as well.

His Elemental Warrior blocked the attack, but its appearance frightened the Seelie and it continued attacking.

Reynolds was forced to retreat.

“Wanna try?” Grey looked at Kyle, who shook his head.

As tempting as this looked, it was also very dangerous. This Seelie hasn’t used its full strength yet. From what he could tell, it should be at the First stage of the Sage Plane. Once it’s frightened to a certain stage it would attack with its full strength, and the group would be in danger at that time.

Grey turned to Alice, and she was already walking toward the Seelie with a calm smile. She didn’t make any movements, after getting to within ten meters of the Seelie, a smile broke out on her face as she whipped out her secret weapon.

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It was none other than a piece of meat she kept from Grey’s last cooking. She used her fire element to warm it up, and its rich aroma wafted through the entire place.

The Seelie wanted to attack, but the second it perceived the aroma of the meat, it froze. Its previous noseless face saw a change, and a nose magically appeared on it as it took in a deep breath.

The others saw it drooling as it stared at the piece of meat in Alice’s hand.

Grey and the others were stumped. They never thought Alice would use a method like this. She was obviously baiting the Seelie.

Once the Seelie got a taste of this, it would definitely want more, and the only way to get it is by following the person who gave the food to it first.

‘My chance is gone. A shame. I would’ve liked to have one of these. I read that they form a bond with their partners, and once it’s formed, even if people tried to steal the Seelie, it would be useless. And they can also merge with their partners during battles, aiding their partners with their elements.’ Grey communicated with Void telepathically.

Once a Seelie creates this bond with their partners, they transfer their essence to them. This would have no effect whatsoever on the Seelie, but if people were to steal it later in the future for its essence, it would be worthless. Then the aspect of merging would give the Elementalist an added element. Unfortunately, this can only be possible when merged.

Alice for instance already has two elements, if she manages to form a bond with this Seelie, she would gain two more if they merge. Unfortunately, it was extremely difficult for people to create these bonds since only the Seelie can initiate them.

‘You don’t need this thing, I’m more than enough.’ Void replied proudly.

‘Hehe.’ Grey laughed without making any comments.

Void was annoyed by the laugh, but let him be and focused his attention on the Seelie.

Alice had been able to get within three meters of the Seelie, and the closer she got to it, the more it drooled, fixing its gaze on the piece of meat throughout.

Before long, Alice was standing in front of it. She still had her amiable smile, squatting down, she took the meat closer to the Seelie.

At first, the Seelie didn’t make any movements, but after a while it was unable to hold itself back anymore and pounced on the meat, devouring it.

Alice didn’t let go of the meat throughout the time, only when it got to the last part of it did she give it to the Seelie.

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