Chapter 695 - Strip Her If She Disagrees!

Chapter 695 – Strip Her If She Disagrees!

In the west wing.

At one of the halls, a portal opened and five humans and a cat rushed out of it.

When they stepped out, there were four people in that hall, and all of them were either in the Eighth stage of the Overlord Plane or the Ninth stage.

After Void took the treasure, everyone in the place sensed it. It was what brought people here, so the second it was acquired, its aura disappeared completely. There are a few people who have ways of searching for these sorts of things.

These four were part of those people. Seeing Grey and his friends come out from a portal meant that they got something powerful, and the aura of the treasure disappeared almost at the same time the portal appeared.

“Hand it over.” A young lady who looked to be around twenty years old asked coldly. She was wearing purple clothes, with long gold hair.

“Hand what over?” Klaus asked haughtily.

He had always hated people like this. They didn’t even know them yet they were asking them to hand something over.

“The treasure. If you still enjoy living, I’d suggest you do so quietly.” The young lady spoke again.

“What treasure?” Klaus decided the best choice of action was to feign ignorance. No matter what, he would deny this till the end.

The young lady was starting to lose her patience when they heard the footsteps of others.

Hearing the footsteps, a grin formed on Grey’s face and he threw something in their direction. He waited for the time the new arrivals would step in, that way, they would see the item being given to them, but they wouldn’t know what it was.

The most annoying part was that he was going to use the space element to keep the item back in his storage ring. Besides, the treasure wasn’t with him, he only threw a shabby black plaque at the group.

The young lady stretched out her hand, trying to catch the item, but it disappeared soon after.

However, to the group that just arrived, she hid it in her storage ring the second it touched her hand.

“We’ve given it to you, and let us pass.” Klaus quickly caught what Grey was trying to do and said, making sure the people who came in just now heard of it.

“What are you talking about?” The young lady asked, annoyed.

Grey threw something in her direction, and just as she was about to catch it, it vanished. She was still trying to understand the reason behind that before Klaus spoke.

The group that just arrived had eight people in it, and three of them were in the Ninth stage of the Overlord Plane.

“Please, let us pass, we’ve already given the treasure to you.” Reynolds joined in on the act as well.

The leader of the new group walked over, standing behind the group of four.

“What are you people talking about?” He asked with a raised brow.

“Hmph! This is none of your business.” The young lady snorted coldly.

From how she responded, it was obvious that she was acquainted with this young man, and their relationship was by no means good.

“Care to explain?” The young man didn’t bother with her and turned to Grey’s group.

Klaus told them what happened. According to him, they accidentally entered a room that took them to another space. They saw an item lying on the ground, after picking it up, they were transported here. These people saw them when they came out and took it from them.

The young lady looked at Klaus with bulging eyes.

“Shut up you liar!” She scolded angrily.

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“You see, she’s trying to silence us so she could take the treasure for herself.” Klaus pointed out.

Even the three people with the young lady had confused expressions. They didn’t know what Grey threw at her, but they knew she caught something and hid it immediately.

There was no way they were going to know if Grey’s group was lying or not. And the young lady had no way to justify herself since they saw her catching the item.

‘Is she trying to trick us as well?’

This was the only question in the heads of the young lady’s companions. A treasure of this caliber was something that would make friends betray each other, so it was not unexpected that they started to doubt the young lady.

When she saw the looks from the others, she felt irritated.

“Can’t you see they’re trying to frame me?” She questioned in anger.

“Bullshit! You’re obviously trying to keep the treasure for yourself.” Klaus retorted before anyone could even speak up.

“I’ll kill you!” The young lady was finding it difficult to keep her cool.

“Search her and you’ll know that we’re not lying.” Klaus suggested, irritating the young lady even further.

She was from a major family in a high leveled Region. She was traveling when she heard about this treasure, hence she came. She would obviously have some rare treasures with her, so it was unwise for her to allow others to search her storage ring.

“Come on, just let us have a look at the treasure.” The young man from the new group said with a smile.

“What treasure? I don’t have any treasure.” The young lady said angrily.

“That’s exactly what we said, but what happened when you threatened us? We handed what we saw over to you. Threaten her, I’m sure she’ll confess if you do so.” Klaus interjected.

The young lady looked at Klaus with hateful eyes. But for some reason, the person she hated the most was Grey. If he hadn’t thrown that strange item at her, no one would’ve been able to pressure her.

“Camille, just hand it over and move on. There are other treasures here. With your strength, you’ll get something good.” The young man said.

“I don’t have any treasure.” The young lady referred to as Camille replied.

She was still trying to calm herself down when she heard Klaus’ next statement, she almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Strip her if she doesn’t agree.” Klaus said with a menacing smile.

Camille looked at Klaus, and she was sure she would never hate anyone as much as she presently hated him.

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