Chapter 696 - What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

Chapter 696 – What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

Grey looked at Klaus with an odd expression, while Reynolds held in his laugh. Alice on the other hand looked like she wanted to beat him up.

Kyle looked at the group, terrified of their evil ways. He knew Grey had the space element, and the treasure was not with him to start with, so whatever he threw at the young lady was crap. He took it back with the space element, but most people would think it was the young lady hiding it in her spatial ring.

An ingenious plan, with Klaus there to escalate things, it was nothing short of brilliant. The fact that they didn’t even need to speak to each other to understand their plans made them even more frightening.

He crossed his heart never to offend them. If he knew anyone that tried to offend them, he would caution the person against it while apologizing in their stead.

Klaus was an evil maniac, Grey was silent and deadly.

Camille flew into rage and attacked Klaus when she heard his statement.

“More evidence!” Klaus yelled as he dodged the attack.

Even though Camille was in the Ninth stage, and was stronger, it didn’t mean that she could beat him up with him being unable to retaliate. He was in the Seventh stage of the Overlord Plane, after all.

However, when they felt the power of her attack, they knew the difference in strength between geniuses in the mid and high leveled Regions.

Grey could fight against a genius in mid level Regions that were in the Ninth stage of the Overlord Plane without much difficulty, but those in high leveled Regions were a different story.

Although they didn’t know she was from a high leveled Region, they were able to guess when they noticed her cultivation stage. Most of the people her age in mid level Regions were still in the Early or Mid stages of the Overlord Plane, but she was already very close to the Peak of the Overlord Plane.


Her attack slammed into the wall, destroying it.

Klaus breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the state of the wall.

‘I can’t believe I irritated such a demon.’ He thought internally.

The young man stopped Camille from attacking. They were here for this treasure, and if he had to cross blows with Camille to get it, he would. They were from the same Region, and both families didn’t take each other as allies, so they could fight against each other.

“Hand it over.” He motioned to the rest of his companions and four of them came forward to surround Camille and her group.

The other three went to block off the escape route of Grey and his friends.

The people who came were in the Seventh stage, all three of them.

Grey knew this young man wouldn’t believe them completely, but this was all they needed. Once he shifts all his focus to Camille, they could easily deal with these guys.

With him, Klaus, and Reynolds’ Elemental Warrior, they would be able to deal with these guys. Then there’s also Void and Kyle as well. This meant that before the young man and Camille could figure out what was happening, they would be able to escape with ease.

All they had to do was to wait till the battle between Camille and the young man became heated.

“Just wait here, once he’s confirmed that the treasure is with her, then you can leave. Since we’re here, why don’t you people hand over your treasures, you can’t tell me that was the only treasure you’ve found.” One of the three young men who surrounded the group said with a smirk.

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“Oh, doesn’t that mean you guys have also gotten treasures along the way as well?” Grey asked curiously.

“Why are you asking, you want to take them from us?” One of the young men mocked.

They felt Grey and his group wouldn’t fare to attack since they had a Ninth stage Overlord Plane genius with them, and not only one for that matter.

“You know what, that’s exactly what we want to do.” Grey looked at his friends before flashing a bright smile at the three young men.

Camille had already started to fight with the young man and his group. She was irritated by Klaus, so she could barely keep herself in check.

Their fight was already getting to a heated state. This was enough time for Grey and his friends to take out these three. They didn’t plan on killing them, robbing them was enough.

With Void with him, he didn’t need to be scared of not being able to access the storage rings since their owners are still alive.

Void could easily go in and out of his storage ring, these ones would be no different.

When the others heard Grey’s words, they smiled and attacked simultaneously. The trio never expected that Grey and his friends would truly attack them, hence they were caught off guard even after Grey told them they wanted to rob them.

Kyle was once again dumbfounded by how the head of these four worked. He wasn’t sure there would be anyone who would have the guts to attack in a situation like this, but Grey and his friends obviously didn’t care about being hunted down by Camille and the young man.

‘What have I gotten myself into?’ He asked himself.

But there was one thing he couldn’t deny, moving around with them was exciting. He hadn’t felt this agitated in a long time. His blood was pumping and he joined the group in their attack.

Before Camille and the young man’s groups figured out what was wrong, Grey and his friends were gone. The three young men who were supposed to block them were on the floor, with only their underwear, the rest of their clothes were stripped from their bodies.

Without even asking, everyone knew who the culprit behind that particular act was. If not Klaus, who else?

In another hallway.

Klaus was laughing like a psychopath as he threw the clothes of the young men outside the building.

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