Chapter 697 - Powerful People Have The Right To Rob People!

Chapter 697 – Powerful People Have The Right To Rob People!

Kyle looked at the laughing Klaus, he couldn’t help but feel a chill run down his spine. The speed at which Klaus was able to strip the men was shocking.

From how he did it so quickly, he knew this was not Klaus’ first rodeo.

‘Why would someone derive joy in something like this?’ He thought to himself.

The group rushed out of the hallway and entered another one. This place was massive, so as long as they ran, it would be impossible for these people to find them. Well, unless they were unlucky and met them again.

“You’re a psycho.” Alice looked at Klaus with disgust.

“Hehe, they deserved it.” Klaus laughed menacingly.

Reynolds laughed as well, Grey shook his head when he saw their proud expressions. They obviously had no shame in what they did.

Alice scoffed and continued walking down the hallway. Even though they had gotten the main treasure they came here for, and even got a bonus in the Seelie, they couldn’t leave the place without searching for any other thing.

They didn’t stay in that section of the mansion, opting to head to the main building. Even though it was populated, they would be able to find some things there.

Thirty minutes later.

Grey and the group appeared in the one of the rooms, and there were people there fighting for something.

Klaus suggested that they waited till they finished fighting, if the treasure was something valuable, then they would snatch it.

Unfortunately, the people who were fighting there didn’t let them. Seeing them entering the place, the two groups stopped fighting and looked at them. No one wanted to be taken advantage of.

“Leave.” The two groups said simultaneously.

“What are you fighting for?” Klaus asked with a playful smile.

“It’s none of your business, leave.” A young man in the Eighth stage of the Overlord Plane stepped forward. He was the one with the highest cultivation stage in the room, so he felt he had the right to speak to the group.

“Sorry? What did you say?” Klaus made a face.

“I sai…”

“I can’t hear you, because I don’t listen to bullshit. In fact, leave now and you’ll keep the things you’ve already acquired.” Klaus interrupted the young man when he was about to speak again.

Klaus’ words annoyed him and he attacked. Since he was stronger, so he thought, he felt Klaus had no right to speak to him as he wanted.

Unfortunately for him, this was the worse decision he could make.

Klaus didn’t even think twice and retaliated, with a wave of his hand, a stream of water appeared and rushed towards the young man’s attack.

He also made his special heavy water, hiding it inside the attack. Due to the effect of the water, his attack easily destroyed the attack of the young man and rushed toward him.

The young man was taken aback, but he prepared himself to defend against the attack.

He was in for the surprise of his life. The Seventh stage Overlord Plane Elementalist he was looking down on trounced him brutally.

Klaus didn’t even hold his hand, attacking viciously. After his first attack caught the young man off guard, he continued his assault. The rest of the people in the young man’s group were in the Seventh and Sixth stage.

When they tried to join in on the battle, Reynolds summoned his Elemental Warrior, while Grey stepped in as well. Kyle couldn’t stay still as well and attacked.

Alice tried her new strength. She broke through to the Fifth stage of the Overlord Plane recently and she hadn’t tested her strength yet.

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She picked the person in the Seventh stage and attacked. The other group that was previously fighting against the young man’s group decided to watch from the side. Now, instead of Grey’s group to be the spectators, they were now the ones fighting.

“They might be strong, after their battle with these people, they would be tired. We can get them then.” One of the Seventh stage Overlord Plane Elementalist in the group said.

Of the two groups, the one with an Overlord Plane in the Eighth stage had six people, while the other group had seven people.

Their battle was in a stalemate, hence the reason they couldn’t afford to allow Grey’s group to watch from the side.

Even though Grey and his friends were five, they had no issues with fighting against these six people. Void didn’t even join in, he was waiting till these people were defeated before he snatched their spatial rings. That was his task. He would only fight when the opponent is in the Ninth stage or at the Peak of the Overlord Plane.

Boom! Bang! Bam!

After almost five minutes, Grey and his friends defeated their opponents.

“I’m still raring to go.” Klaus cracked his knuckles and turned to the other group.

They’ve already robbed this group and chased them out, now, it was the turn of the other group.

“We’ll leave on our own.” The leader of this group said.

He already knew they were no match from these psychos, and they not only beat their opponents, but they robbed them as well.

“Hand over your spatial rings and get lost.” Klaus demanded.

“What?” One of the ladies in the group asked with an annoyed face.

“Why are you looking at me? If you were stronger, wouldn’t you do the same?” Klaus mocked.

This was the truth though. It was just like the time they encountered Camille, had she not felt she was stronger than them, she wouldn’t have tried to force them to hand over the treasure. It was the rule of the world, the powerful had the right to rob others!

With an annoyed expression, the group handed over their storage rings and left. All their savings were in there, and even the treasures they were given by their families were taken as well.

“What a bargain. We should do this often.” Klaus laughed.

“You do know this will bring in a lot of enemies your way, right?” Kyle couldn’t help but ask.

“Of course, but how can your life be fun without enemies? Who would feel sad when they see you make it?” Klaus said.

“Learn to create enemies, they spice up your life.” Klaus went on to advise.

Grey shook his head before looking at what the group were originally fighting for. It was surprisingly a small orb, but he could feel a powerful force residing in it.

“If this thing is destroyed, it would definitely cause a large explosion. Good stuff.” Klaus nodded while caressing his chin.

When they left the room, they started to move from room to room. The next few rooms didn’t produce anything, but they met a few people.

Klaus was disappointed when they didn’t try to engage them. He didn’t want to be the one who initiates the battles, all he wanted was for someone to make an error and he’ll use it as an excuse to fight and rob them.

Robbing people was fun!

Void certainly agreed with him.

They soon got to an intersection and they decided to split up to maximize the treasures they would find. Reynolds and Klaus took one path, and to Grey’s surprise, Void voted to go with them.

Grey couldn’t stop him, so he let him go with them. Alice and Kyle took another path while Grey picked the last path.

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He wanted to be alone. Moving this way would be more efficient for him.

Within a day, news of two people and a cat robbing people started to circulate in the mansion. They managed to attract so many haters in the place in the space of a day.

If these people had the chance, they would’ve killed them already.

Grey heard of it, and knew who it was. If not Klaus, Reynolds, and Void, who else could it be?

‘These people will attract so many enemies that I would have to avoid them when leaving this place. If not, they might kill me.’ Grey thought.

Kyle and Alice also had this thought. If they grouped up with Klaus and Reynolds now, they would be in trouble.

“What is wrong with those friends of yours?” Kyle asked.

“I honestly think you’re abnormal, but this is why I enjoy staying with them. They make life interesting.” Alice said with a smile.

She honestly didn’t feel strange after hearing the news. She had heard far worse. When they were in the trial land, Klaus and Reynolds robbed people of their pants! What the hell were they going to do with it?

She told Kyle of this and he finally didn’t bother with this issue.

Klaus and Reynolds were crazy from the get-go, so trying to comprehend what they did or why they did whatever they did is impossible.

“I’ll just take them as they are. The truth is, they’re not bad company. Other than causing too much trouble, they’re fun to be with.” Kyle remarked.

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