Chapter 698 - This Would Be Fun

Chapter 698 – This Would Be Fun

The group stayed their separate ways for almost three days, even when Grey accidentally encountered them, he pretended as if he didn’t see them and went the other way.

Klaus and Reynolds wanted to go after him, but since people were there, he attacked the duo which came as a surprise for them, before telling them via the communication device that they’ve made too many enemies and he was still too young to die.

Klaus and Reynolds naturally didn’t take it lying, but when they were ambushed by almost twenty people, they realized maybe they had gone too far.

They anonymously decided it was high time they left the mansion. Most people would be trying to recover what they’ve lost, and since there were possible treasures in some rooms, it was safe to assume that there would be people still inside the mansion.

Grey was surprised when he heard their decision since he didn’t expect this to happen. At most, he thought maybe they would hide inside the building for a while, who would’ve known they would outright leave.

‘This is for the better.’ He thought to himself.

He wanted to recall Void, but then he remembered that everyone who had been robbed knew about this mysterious black cat, so he decided against it.

However, leaving the mansion wouldn’t be enough, they would have to leave this Region as soon as possible. Most of the people they robbed were from this Region, so, it would be dangerous if they were caught by them after leaving this place.

Alice laughed when she heard Klaus and Reynolds’ decision.

“To think they still know when to use their brains.” She chuckled.

Kyle felt this was the best decision for the group as well. Most of the people they robbed will stay here for a few more days, so as long as they weren’t heard from for the next few days, it would at least help lessen their current fame.

The duo left the moment they agreed on the decision.

Grey continued exploring this place. There wasn’t really much he wanted here. All he found were strange fruits or elemental weapons that were too old. He still hadn’t found an elemental weapon on the same level as the multi-elemental weapon he got from that hidden underground in the trial land.

Even with his current cultivation stage, the consumption was still too high for him. There had been times when he tried using it, but the amount of essence it uses was too terrifying.

While walking in one of the hallways, Grey encountered a familiar face.

“You!” A spiteful voice came from ahead of him.

It was that of a young lady, and looking at the face, he tried recalling where he had seen her.

Camille who had hated the group since encountering them could never forget their faces. Well, Grey and Klaus were especially handsome, so it was quite difficult to forget about them so quickly.

When she saw Grey’s expression, she knew he didn’t recognize her, which irritated her even further.

“I’ll kill you!” She yelled and attacked.

“Oh, now I know you. You’re that girl who tried to rob us.” Grey smacked his lips as he finally recollected who Camille was.


Camille was a Lightning Elementalist, so her attacks were not something to joke with. Luckily for Grey, she was alone.

‘Let’s see how powerful those in high leveled Regions really are. Please don’t disappoint me.’ He thought to himself.

He had faced a few geniuses from high leveled Regions when he was traveling to the Southern Continent, but that was then. Besides, there was a difference in strength between most geniuses.

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Swoosh! Bang!

He gathered energy in his legs, and with the aid of the lightning and wind element, he exploded with frightening speed as he dodged the attack.

After dodging, he retaliated with an attack of his own.

Camille was two stages ahead of him, and to his surprise, fighting against her, he felt a slight pressure from her.

Boom! Bang! Bam!

They continued exchanging blows, and Camille was obviously on top when it came to strength level. She was on a different level when compared to the geniuses from those mid level Regions.

Grey couldn’t help but wonder just how different the strengths of geniuses from the high leveled Regions and those in the mid level Regions are. This was exactly why he refused the idea of them joining a Faction here, if not in the high leveled Region, then they wouldn’t join any Faction.

Boom! Bang!

Their battle was intense, but even with Camille’s advantage in strength, she still couldn’t defeat Grey. Now she understood how Grey played that trick on her.

‘He’s not only a Multi Elementalist, but he also has the space element, and two of his elements are special. Where did such a freak come from?’

She was internally shocked, but it didn’t mean she had a good impression of Grey. They were already enemies, so there was no use in thinking about his talent or not.


Grey was struck by one of her attacks, and it sent him crashing into one of the rooms, bursting through the door.

‘Wow!’ Grey was impressed by her strength.

If he could use all his elements, he naturally wouldn’t be at a disadvantage even with the stage difference, but presently, even with four elements, and one of them being the space element, he still couldn’t keep up with Camille.

He decided it was time he brought out his inscriptions, they would be beneficial in distracting her.

To his surprise, more inscriptions lit up, and he realized three of the five in the sky had silver colors. He only created two, one for his fire, and the other for his lightning. Both were blue and red respectively.

He was still wondering where the other three inscriptions came from until they attacked him.

‘An Inscriber. I never thought she was also like me.’ Grey was once again amazed by Camille.

“Oh, you’re also an Inscriber? This would be fun.” Camille’s eyes glittered.

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