Chapter 699 - Stuck In The Mansion

Chapter 699 – Stuck In The Mansion

Boom! Bang! Bam!

Both Inscribers attacked continuously without giving the other party any chance to breathe.

Grey had only two inscriptions up, but he was able to keep up with Camille who had three inscriptions set up thanks to his added advantage of having multiple elements.

Camille was stronger, and being born in the Aurora Continent meant that she was used to fighting against Space Elementalists. She could defend against them.

Space Elementalists were troublesome to deal with, but they were not omnipotent. With sufficient experience, people could deal with them.

Boom! Bang!

Camille attacked with a lightning bolt which Grey was able to deflect easily.

Grey countered her attack with the fire element.

They continued exchanging blows for a few more minutes with no one being able to gain the upper hand. Camille was shocked by Grey’s strength. She was two stages ahead of him, yet he was able to fight against her on equal footing.

If this was a life and death battle, it was unknown who would win. Well, she still had confidence since she had a few trump cards that she didn’t want to show against someone weaker.

“It’s a shame you’re in a lower stage, else I would’ve loved beating you up. Playtime is over, hand over the treasure and I’ll consider letting you go peacefully.” Camille said.

“What treasure? We don’t have anything, the only reason I did what I did was to put you in trouble for annoying us, nothing else.” Grey replied nonchalantly.

When Camille heard Grey saying that he purposely did what he did, her facial expression turned distorted. She knew that he purposely did it, but the fact that he was saying it in front of her meant that he didn’t fear her.

It was like a kid playing a prank against their elder and laughing about it to their face.

“I don’t believe you. Hand it over peacefully.” Camille said.

The duo had stopped fighting, just watching each other.

“I can’t continue explaining myself. This is something that I don’t have. Do you expect me to give you something I don’t have?” Grey asked.

Camille looked at Grey for a few seconds, contemplating about the possibility of using any of her trump cards, after thinking thoroughly, she decided against it. It was a waste of time.

“We’ll meet again, hopefully you’ll be more entertaining.” Camille said.

With that she left Grey alone.

Grey didn’t try to stop her. Fighting against another Inscriber was fun, but he had other things to do. With no one to block him, he continued his journey.

There was one thing he was sure of, he would encounter Camille or her companions here again. They still had a few days left to stay in the mansion, so he had to make the best of it.

Klaus and Reynolds were already outside waiting for the others. Kyle and Alice were still inside, hoping to find another fortuitous encounter. Alice didn’t really have too many expectations, the Seelie she managed to get was enough for her. It not only increased her fighting power, but it also gave her two added options in fighting. It was like a double bonus.

Three days went by in a flash, and everyone in the mansion started to rush out of the building. Grey’s friends included.

The miasma would be returning in a few days’ time, and only a few people who still wanted to risk it were inside the mansion. There are a few people who were unable to get anything good while the place was open, so now they felt that with lesser people, they would have a better chance of getting something amazing.

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“Where’s Grey?” Alice asked Klaus and Reynolds when they came out.

“He’s still inside.” Klaus replied.

Void was standing on his shoulder, looking at the mansion with interest. They could already see the miasma slowly returning to the mansion.

“Don’t tell me he got greedy?” Kyle asked.

Although he hadn’t been with the group for long, he knew they weren’t greedy people, well, other than Klaus, Reynolds, and the surprisingly talking cat. He was at least fifty percent sure that Grey wasn’t the greedy type.

“He’s not that type. For one thing, he’s the most cautious person among us. If he’s still in there, either he found something really good, or he’s trapped.” Alice explained.

When they were in the trial land, Grey was the one who urged them to start heading back to the portal even before the time was up.

“Hopefully, he found something good.” Reynolds commented.

Alice was still worried so she tried contacting him. However, he did not respond.

“Let’s wait for a while.” Klaus suggested.

It wasn’t like there was anything they could do anyway.

The group nodded and went to a hidden place. Klaus and Reynolds had too many enemies, so staying here where people could see them was too dangerous.

Inside the mansion.

Grey was rushing through one hallway, behind him was a large beast. The beast was at the Peak of the Overlord Plane, and no matter how he tried to attack it, it seemed almost insurmountable.

He even tried using the chaos orb, but it was inefficient. That was his strongest attack, even when in the Fusion State. If even that was not effective, then he didn’t know what to do.

While he was running, he recalled he could still use his fire domain. Without wasting any time, he tried using his domain.

In a split second, the hallway was shrouded with hot blazing flames. However, the beast continued chasing him, it was as if it was oblivious to it.

‘What the hell is this?’ Grey looked at the orb in his hand.

This was the reason this beast had been chasing him relentlessly. He had tried everything in his power to lose it, even pushing his space element to the limit, but it was still not enough.

On the way, he saw a figure rushing in his direction. It was none other than the young man who fought with Camille.

“I knew I’d see you again, hand it over.” The young man said.

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