Chapter 700 - I’ve Been Scammed!

Chapter 700 – I’ve Been Scammed!

“I knew I’d see you again, hand it over.” The young man said while blocking Grey’s path.

Grey, who was still thinking of ways to avoid the beast chasing after him, was a little taken aback when he saw the young man.

“Oh, sure. Here.” He didn’t even think about it twice before tossing the orb in his hand to the young man.

At first, he originally didn’t want to give up the item since it was difficult to obtain, but he wasn’t going to get himself killed because of it. Since this young man showed up, it was best to hand it over to him.

He had already stayed here for too long and it was time to leave.

The young man was stunned, but he still took the item. When he tried to keep it in his storage ring, he was astounded when he realized he couldn’t.

“Bye.” Grey said as he ran past him.

The young man was still thinking about why the orb didn’t enter his storage ring when he sensed a powerful aura rushing toward him. He raised his head only to see a large beast that stood around two and a half meters galloping at him.

‘Could this thing be chasing that guy?’ This was his initial thought, so he tried to move to the side to give the beast a chance to chase Grey.

However, he realized the beast moved as well, aiming at him.

“F*ck off!” He unleashed a powerful attack on the beast.

His eyes nearly bulged out when the beast didn’t even flinch.

“What’s this?” He couldn’t sit still any longer.

The beast roared and attacked when it got close.


Its large claws slashed at the young man who dodged hastily. The attack hit the wall, creating a large claw mark on the wall.

“What the? Damn it, I’ve been scammed!” The young man looked in the direction Grey went with hatred.

Whatever Grey gave to him was obviously the reason this beast was attacking him, however, for the beast to attack meant that it was something special.

He gritted his teeth and contemplated if he should use his trump cards or not. Just like Klaus, he had a talisman that had the attack power of a Sage Plane expert, even an Elemental Sovereign talisman as well. He was from a powerful family, so it was natural for him to have these for protection.

Bang! Boom!

The beast didn’t think unlike the young man, it attacked continuously without rest.

The young man evaded and blocked the attacks. But as time went on, the pressure started to increase.

“Damn it! I’ll take the risk. It better be worth it.” He said with gritted teeth while taking out a red talisman.

Crushing it, he tossed it at the beast.


A powerful energy exploded out of it, followed by a raging fire. The strength of the attack was on a different level. Even this powerful beast was left almost helpless against the attack of a Sage Plane Elementalist.

From the second it felt the strength of the attack, it quickly started to prepare its defenses. Unfortunately, it still wasn’t enough to protect it.

With a painful roar, the beast was sent flying, slamming into the wall before being hit by the leftover attack.

Its previously impenetrable body was filled with wounds and its blood was flowing from them.

The young man took advantage of the opportunity and attacked.

Bang! Boom!

With the beast’s injuries, it was only a matter of time before it gave up.

When the beast realized that staying here would be its end, it gave up on the orb and ran away.

The young man tried to stop it from running, but unless he used one of his talismans, there was no way he could keep it here.

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“What is that beast?” The young man looked in the direction the beast ran towards. He couldn’t help but think about it. Its defense was on another level completely.

He looked at the orb and his expression softened a little, this was the reason he sacrificed one of his precious talismans. Making them wasn’t easy, so naturally they couldn’t use them wantonly, unless absolutely necessary.

‘Heh, better be worth it.’ He thought to himself.

He tossed it up, however, to his greatest surprise, the orb didn’t come down.

“Hello again, thanks for helping me hold on to this, I’ll take it now if you don’t mind.” Grey’s voice came from behind the young man, before he could even react, Grey’s had bolted out of the place.

“Wait, what?!” The young man exclaimed.

He was too shocked to react immediately, only after Grey’s figure disappeared into the hallway did he finally react.

Without wasting any time, he rushed after him. How could he let Grey go with the orb like that?

He had expended a lot of effort just to ward off the beast, now Grey appeared again and took it so casually. He even had the guts to say thanks!

“I’ll kill you!” The young man’s enraged voice could be heard across the hallway. Unfortunately, no matter how much he screamed, Grey was not going to stop and wait for him.

If the space element was left out, Grey still had a large array of elements to help with his speed. If he added his physical speed as well, then it was basically impossible for anyone in the Overlord Plane to catch up with him if he wanted to escape.

On hearing the young man’s scream, Grey chuckled as he ran away.

When he passed the item to the young man, he originally ran away, but after hearing the sounds of fighting, he came back.

He was about to give up on it when the young man brought out the talisman. Only after seeing it did he start to plan on how to recollect the orb. Taking it from the hands of the young man would’ve been difficult, but it wasn’t impossible.

Who knew the young man would throw the orb into the air, presenting him with a heavenly opportunity. He didn’t think twice before swiping the orb away.

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