Chapter 703 - A Strange Person

Chapter 703 – A Strange Person

“Don’t tell me there’s nothing here.” Grey said as he walked through the somewhat empty place.

He had been searching for almost a week now, but even after leaving the compound where the mansion was located, he was still unable to locate any item.

When he woke up, he realized that the orb in his hand was nowhere to be seen. He guessed that he had absorbed the entire orb, but since he wasn’t sure of what happened, he didn’t think too much about it. Besides, he already benefited from it.

Even though he was still in the miasma, he knew that presently, he could make a sort of miasma. It wasn’t as strong as this one, but it was enough to incapacitate an Origin Plane Elementalist. This was a start for him, he knew that as time went on, the strength of his miasma would improve.

At that time, with a simple puff of smoke, he would be able to corrode the essence of those around him, making it difficult for them to use their elements.

Two days later, he got to the center of the place. The miasma here was so strong that even he had a problem with dealing with it. The longer he stayed in the place, the more his body became corroded. Staying an hour here was the same as spending an entire week in the mansion.

‘The darkness essence here is well above that of other places. I should be able to improve my darkness elemental grade if I stay for a few days.’ He thought as he looked around.

The appeal of increasing his elemental grade was high, but thinking of the risk, he decided against it.

His body had already dried up, and if stayed here for a day longer, then his bones would be corroded as well, and his body would start to fall apart.

Grey turned around, since he had come to a decision, there was no use in staying here any longer. Leaving was the best choice.

It took him almost two days before he managed to leave the area infected by the darkness element.

When he left the place, his body was already all dried up, and only his bones were visible. If his friends saw him, they wouldn’t believe it was him since he was completely different.

When he saw his appearance, he knew that he had to at least try to recover some of his body before going in search of his friends. He could already sense that Void was not far away, so he found a safe cave before trying to heal up.

The moment he came out of the miasma, Void who was with Klaus sensed it.

“He’s out of that place.” Void said.

“Is he coming?” Klaus asked excitedly.

“No, he seems to be staying close to the miasma.” Void replied after trying to sense Grey’s location.

“Alright, that’s enough for us.” Klaus replied.

He went back to inform the group of what Void said, and they were visibly excited when they heard this. They went straight towards the place the moment they heard Grey was no longer there.

With Void directing them, they managed to locate Grey in a matter of a few hours. When they saw Grey, Klaus’ eyes nearly bulged out.

This was the same reaction for the others. Although Grey wasn’t fat or chubby, he couldn’t be said to be thin as well. Presently, even after recovering, his bones were still visible. This showed just how much his body dried up when he was stuck in the miasma.

“Damn! This place really isn’t a nice place.” Klaus commented when he saw his condition.

“Well, I’m alive, that’s good enough, right?” Grey replied as he looked at his condition.

He knew they were coming toward him, but even after using the light element, this was the best he could heal himself to. It would still take him at least a week or so before he completely recovers.

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“You look like crap.” Reynolds said.

“The skeleton of a dead person.” Klaus added.

“You know how those corpses look like, they are better than your current appearance.” Reynolds added.

“Oh, and when you’re…” Klaus was in the middle of saying something when Grey interrupted him.

“Enough, I already know I look shitty, no need to rub it in. I’ll be fine in a few days at most.” Grey said.

“Well, since I’m better looking now, why don’t we go out and ask people who’s better looking?” Klaus asked with a grin.


Klaus’ figure was sent flying. It was unknown when Grey attacked, but everyone knew he was the one who did it.

Klaus’ figure shot out of the cave, crashing a few inches away from the miasma. When he saw the miasma so close to him, Klaus freaked out and hastily retreated even though he was crawling. He already saw how Grey looked, if he allowed this thing to touch him, then he was done, his handsome face he was so proud of would be gone for a while.

‘Such a petty person. If I didn’t land a few inches away from this thing, my pretty face would’ve been destroyed.’ Klaus thought as he looked at the cave Grey was located in.

Of course he didn’t dare to say this in Grey’s present. He naturally knew that Grey purposely made him land a few inches away from the miasma when he could easily send him into the miasma. If he were to annoy Grey, then he would land in the miasma the next time.

Kyle looked at Grey, a little taken aback that he was still alive after being stuck in the miasma for so long. Even Elementalists above the Elemental Sovereign Plane can’t stay alive after being infected for so long, yet, all that happened to Grey was that his body dried up.

This was insane!

“You’re a strange person.” Kyle commented.

“I’m just a normal person.” Grey replied.

He didn’t really feel strange.

“That’s unacceptable, I don’t think even you believe that.” Kyle replied.

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