Chapter 704 - A New Ability

Chapter 704 – A New Ability

Grey didn’t continue his conversation with Kyle since there was no use in doing so. He asked how long he had been stuck there, his facial expression changed slightly when he realized how long it was.

‘Hmm, I never thought it took so long. Well, my gains aren’t that bad.’ He thought to himself as he stared inside his body.

His body was slowly creating miasma. Unlike other things, he couldn’t just create it, rather, it would slowly form. This means that it was expendable. Once he uses up his reserves, then he would have to wait for some time before his body made more miasma. It was quite a strange situation.

“What happened?” Alice asked. She was a little curious as to why Grey stayed in the miasma, even risking his life because of it.

She wasn’t the only one who was curious, the others were as well, especially Kyle. He wanted to know what made Grey stay.

“A long story, and it was completely accidental.” Grey dodged the question, but he also told them he had no plans of staying there for so long, and that it was an accident.

“Okay.” The group nodded. They all knew that the only reason Grey wasn’t going into details was because of Kyle. He still didn’t trust him enough to speak out his secrets. It took him years before he told his friends about it, much less Kyle who they’ve known for less than a few months.

Kyle knew Grey didn’t speak because of him, but he didn’t try to pry any longer. All he knew was that whatever kept Grey in that place must’ve been special.

“Oh, that guy is searching for you.” Klaus recalled something and said.

“What guy?” A look of confusion appeared on Grey’s face.

“The one you tricked into fighting a beast.” Klaus told him of the young man’s intentions after he came out.

“Haha, he was stupid. Did he think I’ll give him something I got that easily?” Grey laughed when he heard how incensed the young man was when he left the mansion. The fact that he brought the issue out meant that he was infuriated.

Grey didn’t really care how the young man felt, as long as he didn’t try to cause any trouble for him, then he wouldn’t be bothered with him.

“Can we get going now?” Klaus asked.

“You really want to see how bad the miasma will affect you, don’t you?” Grey looked at him, his words were clearly a threat.

Klaus gulped in fear before retreating out of the cave, “Why don’t you recover first, I’ll keep guard outside.”

Alice and Reynolds burst into laughter when they saw this. Klaus loved his face too much to let something like this happen to him. He couldn’t even fathom the possibility of it happening.

Kyle watched the friends, and for a split second, he actually felt envious of their relationship. They bicker with each other, help each other, understand each other, and of course, fight against each other.

They each had personalities that helped the others. For instance, Grey was kind of antisocial, Klaus, Alice, and Reynolds on the other hand were very friendly. The only issue with Klaus and Reynolds was that they were troublemakers. Alice has helped resolve most of the issues they caused while they were staying in the city waiting for Grey to come out.

The group stayed with Grey as he recovered.

‘Have you been able to use it?’ Grey asked Void telepathically.

Void got the item they came here for, so he wanted to know if Void had used it yet.

‘No, I’m waiting for you. We’ll have to use it simultaneously, or else if it’s separated, it would lose more than half of its essence which would make the effects decrease substantially.’ Void explained.

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‘Hmm, okay. We’ll use it when I’m done healing. It should be able to improve your Rank, right?’ Grey asked.

Void had been at the Peak of Rank Five for a while now, and it was around time he improved his Rank. It wasn’t as easy as it sounded, but Void shouldn’t really have any problems with the help of this treasure.

‘I’ll break through once I absorb this thing. The only thing is that I’ll not be able to help you for some time.’ Void replied.

‘Oh, why’s that?’ Grey asked.

‘I’ll be sleeping.’ Void’s reply almost made Grey choke on his saliva.

He finally remembered that most of the times that Void has advanced a Rank, he was asleep.

‘What sort of training method is that?’ Grey complained internally as his eyes twitched.

He stopped speaking with Void about it since it would only make him depressed. People trained hard just to advance a stage, while there are the likes of Void that slept and advanced their Ranks. Things like this make people question the fairness of life.

Yes, we know life’s not fair, but can you stop favoring people so much? You’re making it seem as if living is so easy when it’s not!

‘What did you get in that place?’ Void asked when Grey stopped speaking about the treasure.

Just like the others, he also wanted to know what Grey got from the place.

‘Hehe, miasma.’ Grey replied with an evil chuckle.

‘Miasma? I don’t understand.’ Void wore a confused look.

‘My body can create and store miasma for some reason now. It’s strange, but it’s not a bad ability to have. I can easily corrode the surrounding elemental particles, making it difficult for others to use their elemental powers.’ Grey explained in glee.

Gaining new abilities like these naturally made him excited. He hated how it happened, but it didn’t mean that he’ll not cherish his new strength.

This could be used as a trump card, even against those more powerful than he is. As long as he’s able to store a large amount, then he should be able to use it to at least scare off these people.

The effect wouldn’t be as powerful as these natural miasmas, but it should still be enough to cause them some worry.

‘That’s insane! Is it even possible?’ Void asked.

‘Apparently, it is. I think it has something to do with the orb I obtained in the mansion.’ Grey said, he didn’t add the fact that he also had another orb in his body which reacted to it to make this strange ability possible.

‘You’re one mysterious person. I don’t think people will believe this was possible.’ Void commented.

He was genuinely surprised by Grey’s new ability. It wasn’t something that was supposed to be possible.

Grey started his healing once he was done speaking with Void. The others were waiting for him to recover before they left. Their current target was the high leveled Regions. They’ve already spent so much time and still haven’t been able to get into any Faction since they didn’t feel like they would be enough for them.

Even if they weren’t on the same level as those in those high leveled Regions, they wouldn’t have a problem with getting into a Faction with their strength and talent.

Two days went by in the blink of an eye.

Grey had almost completely recovered from his previous state. Although he wasn’t back to his normal state, he wasn’t far from it. Walking around wouldn’t be embarrassing any longer since there were tons of people thinner than he was.

“I liked how you previously looked.” Klaus remarked as they stepped into the city.

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Grey threw a glance his way, and Klaus laughed mischievously. They were already out of where the miasma was located, so he didn’t have any reasons to be afraid that Grey would send him into it.

“What are your plans?” Grey turned his attention to Kyle.

They only accidentally met when they went after the treasure. Since they’ve already left the place, and were already planning to leave this Region entirely, he felt it was right to ask Kyle what he wanted.

If he still wanted to accompany them, he had no issues with it. But if he wanted to go his separate way, then it was best.

“I think I’ll hang around with you guys for a while, if it’s okay with you all.” Kyle looked at the group.

“You’re more than welcome. We rarely get to meet new people, and you seem to know a lot.” Reynolds replied.

Alice and Klaus nodded and Kyle turned his attention back to Grey. He was the one left to agree to his request.

“I have no issues with you traveling with us.” Grey nodded as well.

Since they’ve already come to an agreement, it was time to leave. Alice didn’t even challenge who she wanted any more since they had already spent so much time waiting for Grey.

They headed straight for the teleportation array and prepared to leave this Region. With an added figure to their group, the spirit stone expenses increased exponentially.

On the way to the teleportation array, Grey felt something heating up in his storage ring.

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