Chapter 705 - Link To Another World

Chapter 705 – Link To Another World

‘Teacher’s been requesting a meal for a while now.’ Grey chuckled when he sensed how hot the plaque was. It was evident that his Teacher had been signaling him for a long time now, and since he couldn’t really feel it, he was unaware.

‘I’ll make something once we get to the woods.’

They used the teleportation array and were transported to a small town close to the borders. Teleportation from one Region to another was prohibited, so they’ll naturally have to cross on foot.

Grey asked Kyle what he knew about those secret realms. He remembered Sylvia speaking about it, but he still didn’t have a clue about it. She told him some details, but not much thinking he already knew.

“Secret realms? Well, as the name implies, they’re a secret for a reason. But since I’ve been to one before, I know a thing or two about it. They are a link to another world.” Kyle’s reply stunned Grey and the group.

“Another world?” Grey and his friends’ looked at Kyle curiously.

Hearing the word ‘Another world’ piqued their interest.

“Yes, actually, only those who’ve been to it know about this. Most people think it’s just a place that will transport you to a secret pocket dimension created by a powerful expert from old times, but the truth is, it actually takes you to another world completely where you encounter another race.” Kyle explained.

“The only good thing is that these worlds seem to have restrictions, so it’s impossible for the race there to grow past the Sage Plane. If they want to grow past that stage, then they will have to leave their world and come to ours. Unfortunately, that’s unacceptable. The last time another race was allowed into our world, it caused a huge war after some years…” Kyle added.

Grey and the others exchanged glances. Void had a strange look when he recalled those small guys they fought back at the Azure Continent.

‘Those guys must have been the ‘other race’.’ He said to Grey.

‘Most likely.’ Grey replied.

Kyle told them what he knew. Of course he didn’t speak of everything since he wasn’t allowed to say everything he saw there. Most of what he was saying was general knowledge to powerful Families or Factions.

He could already guess that Grey and his friends seem to be either from a powerful family that was hidden away, or they were geniuses traveling to join a powerful Faction. He still couldn’t grasp how they weren’t from a powerful Family or Faction. They were talented, almost on the same stage as those from high-leveled Factions.

Grey in particular didn’t seem to lose out against those in the same stage from high-leveled Faction. If Reynolds were to fight against someone on the same stage as himself and brought out the Elemental Warrior, then he would almost certainly obtain the victory.

They were still traveling in the woods when Grey finally caught a wild boar that he used to prepare a meal for his Teacher who had been requesting it for some time now.

“How are things with your little companion?” He asked Alice as they started eating their part of the food.

“She’s good.” Alice responded as the little Seelie came out from her body and glanced at the meal, with drool almost coming out from its little mouth.

Alice cut a small piece for it and it started eating happily. Even though Alice had to rely on Grey’s cooking to get it, it couldn’t really be said to be the only reason it agreed to follow them, so it wasn’t really too bothered after not getting a piece of meat from Grey’s personal cooked meal. Apparently, it enjoyed every meal. While they were waiting for Grey, she bought food from multiple Inns, and the Seelie ate them with the same glee as when eating Grey’s meals.

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“That’s nice to know.” Grey nodded his head before sharply turning his head in another direction. He could sense a strange aura coming from that direction.

“We should get going.” He said to the group and stood up immediately.

“What’s the problem?” The others asked.

They knew that since Grey moved this quickly meant that whatever he sensed wasn’t good for them.

“Necromancers.” Grey’s eyes were focused on where he was sensing the necromancer from.

He didn’t know the strength of the person, but he knew it was a necromancer. What he found appalling was that this necromancer seemed to have been able to sense him from over a one kilometer meter radius.

When he tried to check himself, his expression changed drastically. It was only now that he realized that compared to before, the mark on his body had grown stronger. This meant that instead of the small range that it previously had, its distance had increased.

‘Could it be that what she did has worn out, or is this the work of someone else?’ He racked his brain as he tried to come up with an answer.

While thinking up to this point, he recalled those small black creatures. They were the only powerful necromancers he had encountered since being marked. This meant that they were the most likely culprit.

‘Damn it! Why must they choose to worry me?’ He complained internally as he increased his speed.

“Are you sure? Those people are very secretive and rarely come out to chase anyone.” Kyle tried to get confirmation from Grey.

He knew all about necromancers, and from how they were hunted down, they would prefer hiding in a cave to actively searching for someone.

“One hundred percent.” Grey replied. He didn’t tell him why he was able to sense them, or why he started to run the second he did, and honestly, he didn’t need to tell him.

“Alright. The best thing to do now is to head for the nearest city. They wouldn’t dare to go within the territories of these powerful cities.” Kyle advised.

With the group’s strength, their speed shot up when they focused fully on running. The journey which was originally supposed to take them at least two hours took them lesser than thirty minutes.

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