Chapter 706 - Are You A Real Necromancer?

Chapter 706 – Are You A Real Necromancer?

The visage of a large building soon came into view. When the group saw this place, they calmed down since it meant that they wouldn’t need to worry about the necromancers any longer.

“We’re saved.” Reynolds laughed in joy.

“For now.” Kyle looked at Grey suspiciously.

The only reason Grey would know about necromancers and be cautious of them is probably because he had encountered them before. The only way necromancers would be able to track him is if he were marked. This was common knowledge to most of the large Families and Factions in the Aurora Continent.

Grey’s gaze clashed with Kyle, and gave him an understanding nod. He knew Kyle understood what was happening. The only reason he didn’t want to tell his friends about it is because no good news has come out from anyone marked by necromancers from the past. If they research, they would be able to know what he would experience.

Kyle looked at Grey with a complicated look, he knew all that usually happens to geniuses marked by necromancers. Once the news of Grey being marked spreads across the necromancers organization, then he would be in danger.

But he felt things might be a little different with Grey. After all, he couldn’t classify Grey with other geniuses.

There’s a chance that Grey might be able to survive this ordeal. If he does, then he would be the first person who has been able to survive this. Even the genius who was protected by the strongest Faction in the Middle Continent was killed after a few years of being marked.

Necromancers were powerful figures in the Aurora Continent, even though they’re hiding, it doesn’t mean that they were weak.

The group entered the city, and walked straight for the teleportation array. The first thing they needed to do was to find if there were any competitions that they could participate in. This was their only way of easily joining a Faction. Either this, or maybe if any of them were recruiting.

On the way to the teleportation array, they asked if there were any competitions going on in the Region, but they didn’t get any good information.

After a few turns, they got to the teleportation array. Using it, they moved to the city closest to this city.

Three days went by and they had moved the entire Region, and were already at the end of this Region, preparing to move to the next Region. They heard that there was a competition taking place in the next Region, so they wanted to meet up before the competition started.

It would take them a few days or so before they got there. And the competition would start in a week’s time.

On the way, they encountered an obstacle. It was none other than a necromancer, who was in the Early stages of the Sage Plane.

“Hehe, to think that you would escape this far. You made me chase after you for so long.” The necromancer laughed as he stared at Grey and his group.

“Why are you following us?” Alice asked.

“Hehe, you don’t need to know. You’ll be a good specimen for my new experiment.” The necromancer laughed evilly.

Unlike most of the necromancers the group had met, this was actually chubby.

“Are you sure you’re a real necromancer?” Klaus asked when he saw his figure.

Although he hadn’t really seen other necromancers, he heard from Grey and Kyle that most of them were very thin.

“What are you saying?” The man asked angrily.

“Not to be rude, but I heard necromancers are usually, you know, life deprived.” Klaus explained with a shrug.

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“You… I’ll kill you.” The necromancer said angrily.

“Hehe, you can’t.” Klaus laughed.

The reason he was still this courageous was none other than the talismans Chris gave to him. This was why he wasn’t scared of speaking to the necromancer. If things got too hard, he would use them.

“Why are you so confident? Do you think you can survive?” The necromancer asked.

“Yes, yes I do.” Klaus replied before taking out a talisman.

When the necromancer sensed the power in the talisman, he froze and thought about his choices. If he were to engage with them, he wasn’t certain of being able to instantly kill them, which meant that they would have the opportunity to use these talismans which would place his life in danger.

“All I want is him, you all don’t need to endanger yourselves.” The necromancer decided to bargain with them.

“He’s with us, there’s no way we can leave him for you.” Klaus stood in front of Grey.

“One talisman will not be able to kill me, what would you do after using it?” The necromancer asked.

“Use more.” Klaus brought out another talisman.

He gave one to Grey, Reynolds, Alice, and even Kyle.

The necromancer almost tripped when he saw this. These things were very difficult to make, why did Klaus have so many?

‘They must be from one of those large Families. This is why I hate these geniuses.’ The necromancer thought while looking at the group hatefully.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” The necromancer asked Klaus.

“Of course, do I look like I’m joking? I can give you one if you want.” Klaus played with one of them, pretending as if he wanted to throw it in the necromancer’s direction.

The necromancer was scared, and retreated a few steps.

“Haha, to think you’re afraid.” Klaus laughed and held onto the talisman.

“Let’s go.” Klaus said to the others and started walking forward.

To the dismay of the necromancer, Grey and his friends walked past him without being able to do anything. He was even embarrassed by Klaus in the process.

“No matter how you run, we’ll find you.” The necromancer said to Grey as he walked past him.

“I’m not afraid of your kind.” Grey said coldly.

It was only a matter of time before he would be able to move freely in the Aurora Continent.

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