Chapter 710 Start Of The Competition III

Chapter 710 Start Of The Competition III

‘How come it’s safe in your spatial storage?’ Grey asked when he thought of the fact that the item was kept in Void’s spatial storage all this while and it hasn’t been sensed by others.

‘Simple, I cut off every access it has to elemental essence. Without it, it’s basically ordinary. Once it comes out the amount of essence it would absorb would alarm the entire city, and they would be able to easily track it here.’ Void explained.

‘Oh, that’s why. So what do we do about it now?’ Grey asked.

‘We’ll have to leave the city, at least a five kilometers distance away. That wouldn’t even guarantee our safety. Then, there’s also the possibility of an expert above the Sage Plane going past that place, putting us in even greater danger.’ Void said.

Grey felt a headache coming when he thought of this. If what Void said is true, which it most likely is, then he couldn’t afford to absorb the treasure now, which meant Void would have to seek other methods to break through.

‘I guess we’ll have to wait till we join a Faction, and even that wouldn’t guarantee our safety. All I need to do is try to get into one of those secret realms, no one below the Sage Plane can defeat me, so I wouldn’t have anything to fear there.’ Grey came to a decision in a short time.

He was already under the danger of being found by the necromancers after his head, if he were to take out such a treasure, then it would make others search for him as well.

‘This is like a ticking time bomb.’ Grey thought to himself.

It took two more days before the competition for those in the Origin Plane ended, now, it was time for those in the Overlord Plane to begin.

The next day.

Grey and his friends looked at each other confidently. They all registered at the same time, so according to their calculations, they would be able to enter the same platform. If they were grouped among fifty people, they wouldn’t have any problems with qualifying for the next round.

Only when the competition was about to start did they realize a piece of vital information, two of them were in the Mid stages, Alice and Reynolds, while the other two were in the Late stages.

Since it was done stage by stage, those in the Early stages of the Overlord Plane were the ones who started the brawl.

“Damn, and it thought we would’ve been able to run rampant here.” Klaus said with a disappointed look.

“I honestly forgot about this as well.” Grey said.

It took almost two days before those in the Early stages of the Overlord Plane completed their brawl. They also continued to the next round which was drawing lots.

Two more days went by and those in the Early stages finally completed their part of the competition. Surprisingly, two people managed to defeat members of the Factions they wished to join and didn’t participate any longer in that competition. Those who managed to enter the top ten picked the Factions they wished to join.

It was time for those in the Mid stages of the Overlord Plane. Alice and Reynolds stepped forward. Since they registered at the same time, they were placed in the same platform.

This didn’t come as a surprise to the group.

“You two shouldn’t embarrass me, remember I have people to impress. When they consider if I’m qualified, they would also look at the people I came with. It would be a shame if none of you manages to get into any Faction.” Klaus encouraged the duo.

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Well, it couldn’t really be called encouragement, it was more like him pleading with them to perform exceptionally well so the Faction he wanted to join would know he was friends with geniuses as well.

“Heh!” Reynolds smirked as they walked towards the platform.

Alice couldn’t even be bothered with Klaus and his words. All her attention was placed on a particular Faction, Asterope. This was one of the best lightning Factions in this Region. Reynolds wouldn’t be joining the same Faction as her, opting to join another one.

They made sure to look at the relationship between both, and only after confirming that both Factions weren’t enemies did they decide.

On the platform they were placed, there were multiple youths in the Sixth stage of the Overlord Plane. Reynolds was still in the Fourth stage of the Overlord Plane while Alice was in the Fifth stage, but Reynolds could be said to be the most powerful person if he brought out his Elemental Warrior.

He didn’t plan on bringing it out now though, his aim was to get into the top two hundred and challenge someone from the Faction he wanted to join. Once he defeats his opponent, he wouldn’t take any part in the competition any longer. This wasn’t Alice’s plan however, unlike Reynolds, she loved fighting, so after challenging a member of the Asterope Faction, she would still take part in the competition.

When everyone was on the platform, the competition began. With fifty people placed on one platform, they were a lot.

The battles were disorganized since the people were too much and only a few of them grouped up.

Alice and Reynolds stayed together, fighting off any person who came close to them. They eliminated any of the people who tried to attack them while also making sure they were on their guard.

As time went on, the number of people on the platform started to dwindle, and before long, there were only ten people left on their platform. With ten people left, the place was spacious and they could take their time fighting.

The remaining participants looked at each other, all wary of their strength. Reynolds was the only one in the Fourth stage of the Overlord Plane that was left on this platform. This naturally brought a lot of attention to him.

A few of the people here with a higher stage couldn’t afford to see someone in a lower stage advance when they couldn’t.

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