Chapter 713 Making It To The Top Two Hundred

Chapter 713 Making It To The Top Two Hundred

“You’re a summoner?” The Earth Elementalist was a little surprised.

Summoners were also rare, even in the Aurora Continent.

Reynolds stared at him without replying, without any delays, he ordered the summon to attack the Earth Elementalist. Unlike his Elemental Warrior, this summon looked crude. It was like a monster made entirely of clumps of lightning.


The summon continued its assault on the Earth Elementalist. The Earth Elementalist scurried to defend against the summon.

Buzz! Crash!

A lightning bolt shot from the sky, aiming at the head of the Earth Elementalist.

The Earth Elementalist retreated back to dodge the strike, while creating a large earth hammer that he used to slam the summon.

Boom! Bam! Bang!

They exchanged blows in a heated fight.

“Wait, since when did it look like that?” Klaus asked, shocked.

“I don’t think it has ever looked like that since he acquired it.” Grey replied, confused.

They didn’t understand why the Elemental Warrior didn’t have its previous appearance.

They turned to Kyle, hoping to get an explanation. However, Kyle still had a perplexed expression which showed that he had no idea what was going on.

“Looks like high grade summoners have a secret ability we have no idea of.” Alice commented.

“So it seems.” The others agreed with her.

“But you have to admit, this is a terrific plan.” Klaus said after a moment of silence.

“Yes, even when showing his trump card, he still kept most of it. The strength of this summon is only at the Fifth stage of the Overlord Plane, while the Elemental Warrior is at the Seventh stage.” Kyle stated.

Thinking about it, the difference in strength between both summons was shocking.

Bringing out this summon will deceive his future opponent, giving them the feeling that he couldn’t fight against them. Then when he calls out the Elemental Warrior, his opponent would be too shocked to even fight back properly.

While the group were discussing this, the crowd were excited when they saw Reynolds’ summon. Most of the people here rarely see summons, so they found it worthwhile just being able to see it in this competition.

Discussions broke out in different places, and even a few of the lower ranked Factions had their eyes on Reynolds. A summoner was a good asset if well groomed. The higher ranked Factions couldn’t really see Reynolds as someone special since the summon was this type. Only a high grade summoner could interest them.

The Earth Elementalist Reynolds was fighting against was being pushed back as the battle continued. He had lost the advantage he had, and fighting against two fighters was not something he could do, especially given how Reynolds was shamelessly taking advantage of this fact and putting more pressure on the Earth Elementalist.

“Stop attacking me from behind!” The Earth Elementalist complained when he was unable to take it any longer.

“What do you mean? Whenever I attack, you’re the one who foolishly turns your back to me, how’s that my fault?” Reynolds said, irritating the Earth Elementalist even more.

At this rate, it was only a matter of time before Reynolds would defeat him.

“He’s getting better at this.” Kyle said with a wry smile. Seeing Reynolds’ current fighting tactic, he recalled the first time they fought against each other.

Reynolds shamelessly used this particular strategy on him. Even someone as coolheaded as him lost his cool. He gave up since he couldn’t continue taking the assault.

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The Earth Elementalist seemed to be going down the same road as well. Reynolds was continuously assaulting him, almost driving him crazy. He couldn’t attack Reynolds because of the summon, but once he faced the summon, Reynolds would attack from his blind side.

“Of course, I taught him all he knows.” Klaus declared proudly.

“I don’t think you’re on his level.” Kyle said.

“You have no idea what he’s capable of.” Grey said.

“Hehehe.” Klaus laughed mischievously, sending chills down the spine of Kyle.

Kyle knew Klaus was shameless and loved to cause trouble from the small time they’ve been together, but when he battled Reynolds, he was frustrated to the extreme by him, so he concluded that there was no one who would be as shameless as Reynolds.

“You’re just pure evil.” Alice said when she heard his laughter.

“It’s a gift. The world is a boring place without me, I can assure you that.” Klaus laughed before placing his focus back to the fight.

The others also turned their attention to the fight.

Boom! Bam!

The Earth Elementalist was pushed back by the summon, and just as he was about to retaliate, Reynolds attacked as well, sending a lightning orb that exploded when it got close to him.


Reynolds’ attack connected with the Earth Elementalist, sending him flying.

Seeing this chance, Reynolds sent the summon after him while also preparing for another attack.

The Earth Elementalist managed to set up a good defense before crashing to the ground. So Reynolds was unable to eliminate him with the advantage. But the pressure on the Earth Elementalist increased greatly since the slip up.

After a few more minutes, the Earth Elementalist finally gave up.

“I admit defeat.” He said after blocking an attack coming his way.

Reynolds stopped attacking the second he heard this, and the man in charge of the platform stepped forward to declare the winner.

From the second Reynolds brought out his summon and seeing his ingenious way of fighting, everyone knew without any other changes, it was certain that Reynolds would win. The only reason the Earth Elementalist tried to hang on for this long was because losing now meant he wouldn’t be able to qualify for the next round.

He was in the Sixth stage of the Overlord Plane, so he had a chance at advancing to the top one hundred. Unfortunately for him he met a opponent who he thought he would defeat from the start, only to get the shocked, literally. Reynolds’ lightning electrocuted him a few times.

“Thank you for letting me win.” Reynolds smiled to the Earth Elementalist as he was leaving the stage.

The Earth Elementalist on the other hand frowned but nodded at him. He had no grudges against him, after all, Reynolds won fair and square.

On getting back to his seat, the group congratulated him on advancing to the next round.

“A piece of cake.” Reynolds replied with a smile.

“How did you do that?” Alice asked.

“Do what?” Reynolds asked a little confused.

“Stop playing dumb. The summon. Since when could you do that?” Klaus smacked him on the shoulder.

“Oh that, I forgot to tell you guys. I can lower the grade of my summon at will.” Reynolds said, after seeing the looks he was getting from his friends, he added, “I originally didn’t think I’ll use it, so it was basically worthless information.”

“This is my first time hearing this.” Kyle said.

“Like I said, it wasn’t really any useful information. Which summoner would send out a low grade summon when they have an Elemental Warrior?” Reynolds asked.

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Hearing his question, it finally dawned on them. Bringing out your summon means you’re in a battle. No one would want to reduce their strength in battle. Even if your opponent was weaker, they would still fight at full strength.

“What else can you do?” Klaus moved closer to him and asked, before adding, “In case I fight against high grade summoners I wouldn’t be too surprised.”

“Nothing special.” Reynolds replied.

“Come on Rey, you can tell me.” Klaus started to pester him.

In the end, Reynolds still had nothing to tell him. Other than this recent discovery, the group knew everything else. If there was something else they were unaware of, then he also wasn’t aware of it as well.

The group continued watching the next battles, and after almost two hours, it got to Alice’s turn.

“Wish me luck.” Alice said as she walked towards the platform.

“Good luck.” All the boys raised their fists to show support to her.

She laughed lightly and stepped on the arena.

Her opponent was also in the Sixth stage of the Overlord Plane, just like Reynolds’ opponent. But she was in the Fifth stage, which meant she wouldn’t be suppressed by her opponent.

When her opponent stepped into the platform, it was a young lady.

“Hello.” They waved at each other.

The man in charge of the platform confirmed from both participants if they were prepared, after getting confirmation, he called for the start of the battle.

Alice attacked the second the battle started.

Buzz! Bam!

A lightning bolt shot towards her opponent.

The young lady didn’t panic, with a wave of her hand, a tornado sprang up, blocking the lightning attack.

After blocking the attack, she sent wind blades towards Alice.

A wall of fire rose in front of Alice, trying to block the wind blades. The strength of the wind blades was stronger than Alice’s fire wall, so they shot past it, heading straight for Alice.

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