Chapter 714 Both Showing Their Hidden Cards

Chapter 714 Both Showing Their Hidden Cards

Swoosh! Boom! Bang!

The wind blades shot past the fire wall and landed on the spot Alice was previously standing.

A few meters away from where the attacks landed, Alice could be seen with lightning enveloping her legs.

The young lady knew this attack wouldn’t be able to deal with Alice, so she prepared a second wave of attack. Wind bows appeared in the air, with arrows notched on them. Each arrow accumulated energy before shooting straight at Alice.

There were at least twenty arrows, and all shot at her almost simultaneously.

Alice, who had lightning covering her legs, moved swiftly, dodging the attacks she could while using a large flaming sword to block some of the attacks she was unable to evade.

Boom! Bang!

The battle slowly started to pick up pace. With both Alice and the young lady attacking ferociously. Being a stage lower didn’t put Alice at a disadvantage. Her attack method made it impossible for her to allow her opponent to fully suppress her. Whenever she got an opportunity, she attacked fiercely.

The crowd watched the battle animatedly. With other battles ongoing on other platforms, a lot of neutral people were torn between which one they wanted to watch. Only those who had some sort of relationship with one of the participants would focus fully on a particular platform.

“Her opponent is quite fearsome.” Klaus commented on seeing the battle taking place.

“Yeah, but she’s below Alice. Alice’s ferocity makes it difficult for people to deal with her. Even when her opponent is a stage ahead of her, she wouldn’t be too pressured.” Kyle said.

“Don’t forget she’s also smart. Adding that to her list makes her a dangerous opponent.” Reynolds said.

Grey didn’t make any comments on the battle, watching intently. Although it didn’t look like it, if things continued in this fashion, Alice might lose.

Her opponent was slowly getting the upper hand on a larger scale, once it got to a particular point, then Alice wouldn’t even have the chance to counterattack any longer.

Grey wasn’t the only one who had noticed this. Most of the advanced people here had also taken note of this.

‘Hmm, if she uses one of the Seelie’s elements, then she should be able to salvage the situation to a certain extent.’ Void commented.

‘She would, I feel she’s waiting for the perfect time before using it. It would be wasteful to use it so early. What I’m more concerned about is her opponent’s hidden card.’ Grey replied.

Alice definitely isn’t the only one who had a trump card, her opponent would naturally have a hidden card that she would fall to once she was in a difficult position.

In the case of Reynolds’ situation, his opponent was unable to use his hidden card because Reynolds was just too shameless, harassing him without giving him the time to even use it.


A powerful bird made entirely of wind collided with the fireball Alice sent at her opponent. The impact of the explosion pushed her two steps back.

Her opponent didn’t let this chance go, attacking her once again with multiple birds made of the wind element shooting toward her.

Seeing that her situation was getting dire, Alice started brainstorming. She had two choices, bring out the Seelie and win, or use one or two more elements. The former would give her the ability to attack from two different locations, while the latter will give her an upgraded arsenal, but everything relied on her.

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Bringing out the Seelie was the best choice, but she decided against it.

Just as the wind birds were about three meters away from her, a thick ice wall appeared in front of her.

Bang! Bang!

The wind birds slammed into the ice wall. What happened next shocked most of the audience.

The ice, just like the one the group encountered in the mansion, retaliated. This was the special ability of this particular ice. Even after being with the Seelie for some time now, Grey and Klaus had been unable to understand how it worked.

Klaus was the most frustrated when he was unable to get it.

Ice shards shot toward the young lady.

“Did the ice just retaliate?” A shocked voice from the crowd asked.

“It seems so. But there’s a possibility that she’s the one doing this.” Someone said, doubt evident in his voice.

This was a strange situation, and most of the people here were either on the Origin Plane or above. They were able to sense it when the ice attacked.

The young lady dodged the ice shards. And when everyone thought the attacks would continue, they stopped.

The young lady didn’t think too much about what just happened and sent out a powerful wind blade, hoping to slice through this thick ice wall.


The wind blade crashed into the ice wall, it managed to cut deep into it. However, it was unable to break through it.

The ice wall attacked more aggressively since the attack power it received was stronger than the previous time.

Ice shards sprang out from the floor, rushing towards the young lady. She flew into the air with the aid of the wind element, dodging the attack.

This time, people were able to confirm that Alice wasn’t the one doing it.

Buzz! Crash!

A large lightning bolt struck from the sky, heading straight for the head of the young lady who was still afloat with the help of the wind element.

When she saw the lightning coming her way, she quickly moved to the side to evade the attack.

While she was dodging that attack, large fireballs appeared before her. The fireballs shot toward her.

The young lady dodged the attacks while also using the wind element to create a tornado that swept Alice into the air.

The second Alice realized she was airborne, she quickly covered herself with an ice sphere. After doing this, she started to attack with the lightning element.

The young lady tried to use the tornado to send Alice off the stage. Other than defeating your opponent, they could also send them off the stage.

Alice noticed this and made sure the young lady didn’t get the chance to. A piece of large ice came out from the ice sphere and shot towards the platform, it planted itself on the platform, making it impossible for the tornado to move the ice sphere.

The young lady tried to break the ice pillar, but there was no way Alice was going to let her do so.

Under her absolute ice defense, she could attack her opponent freely without fear of being attacked. Although the ice couldn’t block every attack, it would give her sufficient time to attack and at least gain an advantage over her opponent.

They continued fighting in a stalemate. As time went on, people started to notice something strange. Alice was using the ice ability of Water Elementalists, yet surprisingly, she still hasn’t used the water element, not even once. No matter how powerful her ice ability was, she should still be able to use the water element a few times.

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“I hate that ice.” Klaus said, his eyes green with envy.

Everyone knew the only reason he said this was because he still hadn’t been able to gain it. Once he manages to comprehend it, then he wouldn’t hate it any longer.

“It’s amazing, given its thickness and overall strength, it should be able to help fight against someone even two stages ahead of Alice.” Kyle said.

Since he wasn’t the one fighting against Alice, he had no issues with her special ice. They sparred a few times and Alice was very calculative on when to bring out this ice. From the small time he had spent with her, he was certain that this battle was already in the bag.

Five more minutes went by, and Alice’s attacks had not decreased, instead, it increased exponentially. The young lady was unable to break through her defense, and because of the self-healing and retaliation abilities of the ice, it was almost like a second opponent. Whenever the young lady attacked it, it would retaliate, adding Alice’s attack to this made defending hell.

She had almost been able to break through the ice sphere two times, but unfortunately, Alice has been able to foil her attempts both times. She almost lost in the last attempt.

As things stand, she couldn’t attack freely because of the special ability of the ice, however, Alice had all the freedom in the world to attack.

The young lady had been running around on the platform, trying to dodge Alice’s attacks.

“It’s now or never.” The young lady muttered as she clapped both hands together.

Her aura suddenly started to skyrocket. In the space of ten seconds, she went from the Sixth stage to the Seventh stage.

“I originally wanted to keep this hidden until my next battle, but it would be useless if I don’t manage to go to the next round.” She said to Alice.

The aura of the young lady wasn’t the only thing that increased, even her size increased as well.

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