Chapter 715 - Shocking The Arena

Chapter 715 – Shocking The Arena

“A secret technique to boost her strength.” Grey muttered as he looked at the young lady whose cultivation went up by a stage.

“Not just her strength, but I feel like there’s a difference in the elemental particles revolving around her, it seems like her cultivation stage isn’t the only thing that saw an increase.” Kyle said.

“Isn’t it obvious, just take a look at her size, she’s massive!” Klaus said animatedly.

The battle that they previously thought Alice had won seems to be uncertain all of a sudden. The young lady showing her hidden card meant that she was ready to risk it all.

Alice looked at the current appearance of her opponent. Her gaze unwavering, it was as if she couldn’t feel the difference in size and aura. Just the size of the young lady would intimidate most people, but not her.

“You finally showed your true strength, I thought you were going to hide forever.” Alice said, fierce fighting intent showing in her eyes.

“You forced my hand, I hope you’re not disappointed after I defeat you.” The young lady said.

“I wanted to say the same thing.” Alice attacked the second she finished speaking.

Her ice was still active, and the best time to extinguish the young lady’s momentum is now. Since she just used her trump card, she would be extremely confident.

Boom! Buzz!

Lightning bolts and fireballs were sent toward the young lady.

Seeing the attacks coming her way, the young lady created a windscreen that blocked the attacks. After being hit by all the attacks simultaneously, it only received a slight crack.

After blocking Alice’s attacks, she attacked as well. She formed two tornadoes that merged before covering the ice sphere Alice was hiding in.

Of the two tornadoes, one was spinning clockwise, while the other was spinning anti-clockwise. Merging the two tornadoes together created something like a grater. With both spinning in different directions, the force would shred anything in its path apart.

From the moment the merged tornado covered the ice sphere, cracks started to form across it.

Alice was stunned, she couldn’t believe this was the same ice sphere that had blocked every single attack that the young lady had sent her way. If the ice sphere fell apart, then she would undoubtedly die from the shredding force of the tornado.

Her friends were worried when they saw this. The sudden change was unexpected.

‘This technique is powerful. Using the spinning force of the wind element to create something this terrifying, looks like I have another technique to learn.’ Grey thought internally.

The strength of this technique was something none of the people here could deny. This was Grey’s first time seeing something like this done with the wind element, and he couldn’t deny the fact that he was impressed by it. This showed that the number of techniques owned by these people was massive. The young lady wasn’t even in a Faction, yet she had access to such techniques.

Grey was sure that not all Wind Elementalists would be able to achieve this control over the tornado given both are going in different directions. It would take immaculate control as well as full focus before they would be able to pull off something like this. Then there’s also the aspect of elemental grades.

Over time, he had come to know that there are some powerful techniques they can’t use without getting to an appropriate level.

The young lady used her most powerful skill right off the bat, planning to crush Alice immediately.

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The question on everybody’s heads now for Alice was, ‘What would you do now?’.

Alice had a slightly panicked expression, the ice sphere was breaking faster than it was recovering, this meant that in due time, it would surely fall apart.

‘I guess I have no choice.’ She thought to herself. It was time to use the full extent of her abilities.

“Come on out.” Alice muttered.

A bright light shone on her forehead and a small figure covered in light rushed out. It passed through the tornado and charged at the young lady.

When everyone saw this, they thought it was Alice’s last attempt in putting the young lady off. Only a few people above the Sage Plane looked at the light with an unreal expression.

The young lady waved her hand and a powerful wind blade slashed at the light rushing towards her. To her surprise, the light seemed to phase through the wind blade as it continued rushing toward her.

She was stunned, and without delay, retreated back. On no account could she afford to let this thing close to her.


Her back slammed into an ice wall that was behind her. To her greatest surprise.

She didn’t even know when this ice wall appeared there. The moment this happened, an intense cold spread out from the ice wall, trying to engulf her.

One had to remember that at the time the group saw the Seelie, it was already on the Sage Plane. It only didn’t show its full strength when fighting against the group because it was still very young. Even at this moment, it wasn’t able to use its full strength due to some restrictions.

After merging with Alice, its strength was restricted to a certain level so that the merging process would go on without a hitch. If it didn’t do so, then Alice would’ve been in danger.

But even with its restricted strength, it didn’t mean that it would have any problems when dealing with someone in the Seventh stage or the Overlord Plane.

With the appearance of the ice wall, the Seelie stopped moving and everyone in the arena was able to get a good view of it.

The second they saw it, gasps of shock spread out. Even the young lady fighting against Alice had a dumbfounded look as she struggled to move away from the ice.

“A Seelie!” A dumbstruck voice came from the audience.

This was a shocking revelation by Alice. Never did any of the people who came for the competition think that they would see a Seelie in this event. Even the host Factions looked at Alice with shock.

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