Chapter 716 -Let Him Dream!

Chapter 716 -Let Him Dream!

“I see why she only used ice and not the water element. She wasn’t a Water Elementalist to begin with, it was from that little fellow.” A middle-aged lady from one of the top Factions said as she looked at Alice with a smile.

This was a surprise for her, nothing more.

“I never thought someone would actually be able to merge with a Seelie, especially one that is unknown.” Another figure spoke from the special area.

“It’s not the first time I’m seeing this or even hearing of it, so I’m not too shocked. Being able to convince a Seelie to merge with her is amazing, to say the least. And this Seelie seems to be on the Sage Plane.” A lady from the Faction Klaus was eyeing said.

If Klaus heard this, he would be kicking himself for being unable to get the Seelie. If he had managed to get it, then he would’ve gotten an increased chance of being able to convince them that he wanted to join them. After all, he had a cute Seelie with him.

“Isn’t she friends with that young summoner?” One of the men in another Faction pointed at Reynolds.

They didn’t see Reynolds as anything special since even though summoners were rare, only those high-grade summoners had a high appeal to them.

“I think so. I wonder if the other three plan on participating as well.” Someone else said.

Grey’s group was slowly garnering attention from the top Factions. This was exactly what Klaus hoped to happen. With this much attention placed on them, the Faction he wanted to join would surely take notice of him. Then once he puts in a mouth-watering performance, he would garner even more hopes of joining them.

While all the conversations were going on, the young lady fighting against Alice managed to free herself from the ice that was sealing her.

The Seelie attacked, sending out a blizzard. As the blizzard went closer to the young lady, she could feel a frightening sense of danger from it. If she was stuck in this blizzard, then she would undoubtedly fall into peril.

She hastily retreated, but to her dismay, she realized retreating any further would mean leaving the platform which counted as a sign of admitting defeat. Presently, in the few seconds the Seelie was out, only half of the ice sphere had been destroyed. At this pace, if she could manage to hold on for only thirty seconds or so, then she would be the winner.

Looking at the blizzard, she steeled her mind and covered herself with a tornado. However, the second the blizzard came in contact with the tornado, it destroyed it, before sending a bone-chilling cold into her body.

In a matter of five seconds, she had started to suffer from hypothermia. Then within the next five seconds, ice had started to form around her body. It was only a matter of a few seconds before she would be turned into a complete ice sculpture. At that time, even a god might not be able to rescue her.

“Stop the fight, the winner is already known.” An aged voice said to the man in charge of the platform.

The voice was calm and breezy as if it was moving with the wind. One moment it was there, the next it was gone.

The man in charge of the platform nodded before stepping into the platform. With his strength being above the Sage Plane, it was a piece of cake for him to stop these attacks.

The first person he helped was the young lady, this was obviously the best choice since she was in the most danger. The Seelie wanted to attack, but Alice communicated with it not to.

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After the man helped stop the blizzard, he turned to Alice. The tornado that was causing so much damage had already started to dwindle in strength. Clearly, the young lady wasn’t able to properly fuel it with her elemental essence any longer. The cold from the blizzard must’ve frozen her elemental essence.

Alice stepped out of her protective sphere as she looked at the almost unconscious lady. The Seelie flew back to her side, gazing around curiously. It could see its surroundings while inside Alice, but it wasn’t the same as when it was outside.

Alice caressed its cheeks while waiting for the man to announce the winner of the battle.

The man declared Alice the winner which came as no surprise to the audience. Alice smiled, she had finally made it to the top two hundred, and with another card hidden up her sleeves. Although she showed the Seelie, she warned it against using the wind element.

This meant that when her opponent would think that they were ready for all her attacks, she would be able to bring out another surprise. Just like Reynolds did, she showed only half of her trump card.

After getting back to her seat, the Seelie went back into her body.

“Congratulations.” The group celebrated her victory.

They were genuinely worried, even knowing that Alice wasn’t really in danger since if anything happened the man would step in at the last moment. What they were more concerned about was her chances of winning.

The second they saw the Seelie, their worries disappeared since they knew she was already victorious.

“You did a good job. Even though I can’t see them, I’m one thousand percent certain that you’ve drawn their attention.” Klaus laughed happily.

It was almost as if he could see the Faction taking him without even contemplating it.

“You really don’t need to have such high hopes for that specific Faction.” Kyle couldn’t help but warn.

“Let him dream, it’s not always you get to see him like this.” Grey said.

“All that’s needed now is for me to show them my amazing strength.” Klaus started plotting his battle in advance.

Kyle started to pity whoever would be matched against Klaus. This fellow seemed hellbent on getting into that Faction.

‘It would be funny if they actually gave him an opponent in the Ninth stage.’ Kyle thought with a laugh.

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