Chapter 717 - Reappearance Of Klaus’ Book

Chapter 717 – Reappearance Of Klaus’ Book

Both Alice and Reynolds had qualified for the top two hundred. This meant they could challenge someone from the Faction they wanted to join, or they could attempt to go for the top ten, thereby joining the Faction they wished.

They both agreed on challenging those in the Factions they wanted to join. First off, this would make things easier for them. Fighting too many battles wasn’t something they wanted. Alice planned on continuing even after successfully joining a Faction.

Reynolds was against that idea. Even if he had a good chance of becoming number one with his Elemental Warrior, he didn’t want to waste his time.

“Come on Rey, it would be fun.” Klaus advised.

If Alice and Reynolds managed to get into the top ten even after joining a Faction, it would make things even more interesting. This would make them more eye-catching.

“Don’t you think it would be a waste? I mean, once we manage to get into a Faction, we’ll be opening two spots for others.” Reynolds voiced his thoughts.

“Look, if they’re powerful, then they would definitely draw the attention of those top Factions. Besides, it’s stated that becoming part of the top one hundred would guarantee a participant a chance of joining a Faction.” Klaus advised.

“He’s right. The more battles you fight, the stronger you get. You’ll naturally learn a thing or two from it.” Grey commented.

He planned to fight to the very end. If he could get the number one spot, then he didn’t mind.

After the others urged him, he finally agreed. Klaus was very persistent, and he even went as far as threatening him.

In Kyle’s entire life, this was the first time he was seeing something like this, and to be honest, he found it very funny. Alice and Grey laughed when they saw how Klaus was persuading Reynolds to fight.

All Klaus wanted was for their group to shine in this competition, this way, he wouldn’t have any issues with joining the Faction he wanted.

The day soon came to an end, and the top two hundred had been verified, now, it was time for the next round. Fighting for a spot in the top one hundred, or challenging someone from a Faction. Only battle maniacs like Alice would want to do all.

The next day. [ Updated from F r e e w e b n o v e l. c o m ]

“Remember, don’t disappoint me.” Klaus encouraged the duo, before promising to give them a treat once they returned victorious.

Alice didn’t take it to heart, Reynolds on the other hand took interest in it. The reason for this was because Klaus promised to give him a copy of his book, ‘How to get and keep a woman’.

When Kyle heard of the book, he looked at Klaus, a little surprised that he actually wrote a book. Given Klaus’ nature, he didn’t think he would be able to do something like this.

“How come you’re single since you know how to get a woman?” Kyle asked cheekily.

“Hanging with him is bad luck. Believe me, once you stay with him for too long, his bad luck will start to rub off on you.” Klaus shook his head and started reminiscing about his glorious days.

Since he became friends with Grey, it was as if he wasn’t able to get a woman, much less keep one. Well, it’s not as if he didn’t want to, but either he was busy training, or traveling. There was no chance to stay in one place, so he had no option but to be alone. But once he gets into the Faction he wanted, he would search for a pretty damsel to make his wife!

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Kyle looked at Grey. The truth was, given Grey’s facial appearance, he thought women would be flocking around him. The few days they’ve been here, he had seen how many ladies had been trying to get Grey’s attention. Some even went as far as going straight to the point with him.

Klaus had also gotten a few interests, but compared to Grey, he was miles behind.

Kyle was relatively handsome, but looking at the faces of Grey and Klaus, he felt a tinge of envy.

“He hates women?” Kyle asked as he moved closer to Klaus.

“People in general.” Klaus replied.

His response prompted a chuckle from Kyle. Saying Grey hated people in general seemed a bit too extreme, but from the time he had been with them, he could tell that Grey didn’t like socializing with people. Klaus and Reynolds were very social, making tons of friends in the few days they were here.

“Is there any reason for this?” Kyle asked with a whisper.

“Yes, well, you see, unlike normal people, he wasn’t able to awaken his elements when he was twelve…” Klaus recounted how Grey couldn’t awaken any element at twelve, then managed to become a Multi Elementalist when he finally did.

He couldn’t tell Kyle that Grey awakened only two, so he lied that he awakened multiple elements.

Hearing the story, Kyle was a little shocked. Although he had heard of a few stories, these type of people were very rare. They tend to be very determined and focused on training. He could already tell from Grey’s demeanor that he was that type of person.

Being mocked by everyone because he was unable to awaken an element at a young age will naturally make one withdraw from associating with others.

‘No wonder.’ Kyle said as he looked at Grey.

Alice and Reynolds were presently standing on the platform, along with the other participants in the top two hundred. Grey had his full focus on them.

An old man flew down from the special seating area. His hair and beards were completely white, and his face was filled with wrinkles, but from his eyes, one could sense a certain power hiding in wait, seemingly waiting to explode out.

“Congratulations on making it to the top two hundred. You all already know the rules, but just in case, if anyone uses any forbidden technique, then they would be eliminated. Is that clear?” The old man asked as he looked at the group.

They all nodded.

After saying a few more words of encouragement, he flew back to his seat so the competition can continue.

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