Chapter 719 Defeating A Member Of The Raiden Faction

Chapter 719 Defeating A Member Of The Raiden Faction

The appearance of Reynolds’ Elemental Warrior came as a shock to the young man he was fighting, as well as most of the people watching his battle. They never thought he was actually a high-grade summoner but pretended to be a low-grade summoner.

It was all for this moment, trick everyone into believing you’re weak before showing them your true strength. Although it might be regarded as an underhanded tactic by some people, it was actually a very well thought out plan for those at the top. It was common knowledge to never let your enemies know your full strength before a fight.

Discussions broke out in the camp of the Raiden Faction. There were a few students who thought Reynolds was a shameless individual because of this move, however, all the older students, as well as the Elders of the Faction knew that individuals like Reynolds would be able to live long in a world like this.

Presently, they even felt maybe this wasn’t his entire strength. It was easy to assume since he waited this long.

“Congratulations on acquiring a good candidate.” An Elder from the Asterope Faction said to one of the Elders of the Raiden Faction.

“The battle isn’t over yet, it’s undecided if he’ll be able to win or not.” The Elder replied.

“If he loses, can we have him?” An Elder from one of the other top lightning Factions said with a blank expression.

“It will be up to him.” The Elder from the Raiden Faction replied.

His voice didn’t have any changes. But the other Factions knew there was no way the Raiden Faction would let go of such a good budding talent. Reynolds also seemed to be very sensible and talented, so it was not a mistake to say he would grow by leaps and bounds once he joins a powerful Faction.

“Your camp also seems to have acquired a good talent as well.” The Elder from the Raiden Faction said as he looked at Alice’s platform.

“She’s not that bad.” The Elder from the Asterope Faction replied.

While their conversations were ongoing, the battles didn’t stop. The intensity increased.

With Reynolds bringing out his Elemental Warrior, it meant that he was finally going all out, to the joy of Klaus.

“Yes, Rey, show him what you got!” Klaus yelled from the side.

Kyle smiled when he saw this, Grey had zero change in his expression.

‘These Factions have a lot of powerful techniques, it wouldn’t be bad if I were able to learn a thing or two from them.’ He thought to himself.

“Pretending to be a sheep when you’re actually a wolf. Nice move.” The young man fighting against Reynolds complimented him with a thumbs up.

“Thank you, but this is just the beginning.” Reynolds said before rushing ahead with the Elemental Warrior.

There was no time to waste, he had to take out his opponent as soon as possible.

The young man’s expression turned serious as he attacked Reynolds. Multiple lightning lotuses came out from the ground. It was an attack he had been accumulating since he created the symbol of the lotus on the ground. It was made especially for the sake of Reynolds’ summon.

Buzz! Boom! Bang!

The lotuses exploded upon contact. Nevertheless, none of them were able to make contact with the Elemental Warrior due to its superior speed.

A streak of lightning moved quickly through the platform and attacks flew in all directions.

Reynolds also turned into a streak of lightning, charging at the young man. Seeing this, the young man didn’t shy away and also turned into a streak of lightning.

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Lightning Elementalists were all known for their speed and destructive power. This was a showdown of who was faster and who had better destructive power.

The battle excited a lot of people, especially Lightning Elementalists since a few of them were able to get a thing or two from the fight.

Boom! Bang! Bam!

They continued exchanging blows and lightning bolts would occasionally drop from the sky.

Reynolds had used the special technique lightning rain, while the young man used another special technique that created what seemed like an eye made entirely of lightning. This eye attacks at an extreme speed, even the Elemental Warrior found it difficult dodging them.

The young man showed brilliant skills that would dazzle any person fighting against him. But in the end, he came up short against Reynolds and his Elemental Warrior.

The difference in strength between the duo wasn’t much, what gave the young man the advantage from the start was his higher skill set. In a battle of equals, the quality of your techniques matters a lot.

Take for instance, Grey’s space technique, the Great Void technique. It was a skill that even those in the Aurora Continent found hard to counter due to its spontaneousness. It was almost impossible to defend against, and once you start to show a slight crack in your thoughts because of it, you’re as good as defeated.

This was one of the skills that have helped Grey in cases of fighting against multiple opponents. He would use this to make the others wary of him, before attacking freely.

Buzz! Crash!

Once Reynolds took the upper hand, he didn’t let it slip up. The young man was hard-pressed in dealing with the duo. And Reynolds was as before, shameless with his tactics. With the Elemental Warrior in his front, he made life a living hell for his opponent.

It took him over seven minutes before he was able to send the young man flying. Although the young man was beaten, he put up a great fight which showed the immense strength of the Raiden Faction. Losing didn’t make him weak, it only showed that his opponent was a notch ahead of him.

Boom! Bang!

He was finally sent out of the platform, and Reynolds and his Elemental Warrior stood victoriously on the platform, their opponent, defeated.

With this victory, Reynolds had officially become a member of the Raiden Faction, one of the top Lightning Factions in this Region. This was something to be proud of, and he truly did raise his head up high.

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