Chapter 722 - Top One Hundred

Chapter 722 – Top One Hundred

Some minutes later, Reynolds won his battle as well, becoming a member of the Faction he picked.

Surprisingly, Grey was the first to come here, however, from how things were progressing, his friends would join a Faction before he did.

“Nice performance!” Klaus gave the duo a thumbs up before they sat down.

“We only wanted to ensure that we became members of a Faction, we didn’t do it for you.” Reynolds said.

“It doesn’t matter, at least now we have all the attention in this place. What’s next is for you two to go out there and claim the first and second place. This would make us even more dominant!” Klaus urged.

“I plan to.” Alice said with confidence.

“You’ll have to go through me, Hehehe.” Reynolds chuckled cheekily.

“I’ve always wanted to see the strength of your Elemental Warrior, it seems the time has finally come.” Alice replied.

Kyle looked at the duo speaking confident, and if not for something, he would’ve thought there were no other participants here. These two were speaking like they already had the first and second place in the bag, all they had to do was to battle it out and see who would come out on top.

While the group was discussing, a young lady, accompanied by a young man walked up to them. The young lady was dressed in a purple dress, and on her back was a golden lightning insignia, it was none other than the symbol of the Asterope Faction. The young man was dressed in blue, and on his back was a purple lightning insignia shaped like a human wearing a hat. This was the symbol of the Raiden Faction.

“Welcome to the Asterope Faction, I was told to come and invite you over to your new seat.” The young lady said to Alice with a friendly smile.

The young man on the side did the same to Reynolds, the only difference was the change in name of the Faction.

“Can we stay here a little longer, we plan to continue the contest.” Alice said calmly.

The young lady was quite friendly, so she spoke to her in a friendly manner as well.

These Factions are very smart, they know the people they send out to receive people. Sending out a haughty person will ruin the image of the Faction, but sending out a person who was too friendly would make them seem desperate.

“I see, but a word of reminder, you’re now part of the Asterope Faction, don’t disappoint our name.” The young lady replied.

The meaning of her words was simple, if you know you’re going to continue the competition, then you better come out with an exceptional rank. In fact, they expected her to win the competition.

The same thing went for Reynolds, since he was staying, then he had to make sure he won it as well, or at the very least, is part of the top three.

“Don’t worry, I wouldn’t give others the chance to look down on us.” Alice reassured the young lady before she went back to her seat.

Reynolds also reassured the young man from the Raiden Faction as well. They didn’t plan to go for the top ten anyway, their objective was to get first and second.

“You two are now part of a big Faction. All that’s left now is for me to join the Moonlight Faction, and we’ll be alright.” Klaus said.

“What about Grey?” Reynolds asked.

“What about him?” Klaus asked in confusion.

“He still hasn’t thought of joining any of them?” Reynolds asked.

“He has other plans.” Klaus shook his head in pity. It would’ve been nice if they were all in the same Region.

While the duo was having this conversation, Grey, Alice, and Kyle were looking at the duo, all taken aback. The reason for this was because Grey was sitting right in front of the duo, yet they were speaking as if he wasn’t.

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Grey’s eyelids twitched as he looked at them, he couldn’t even bring himself to ask if they were normal, because the answer was easy for all of them, they weren’t.

Thirty minutes later, the other battles stopped. Of all eight people that challenged members of a Faction, four people won. This was the highest number since the start of the competition. Half of the people who challenged a member of their desired Faction, won.

Alice and Reynolds used the time the other battles were still ongoing to try to recover some strength.

The other two people who qualified didn’t continue the competition since their aim had been achieved. This removed two people from the list of participants, leaving a total of a hundred and ninety-eight people.

If they battled with the usual method, they would be short of one participant. The hosts decided to make the strongest loser the last person who would make up the top hundred. This meant that of the other ninety-nine people who would lose, one of them would be given the chance to advance as long as they showed sufficient strength.

When the crowd saw Alice and Reynolds were part of the participants fighting, they were excited.

How would the new members of these powerful lightning Factions fare?

There are a few people who might be able to give them some trouble, but the duo had the highest chance of grabbing the number one and two spots since their victory over the members of the Factions was very convincing.

Just like before, they would draw lots for their battles.

Alice’s opponent was a Fire Elementalist in the Fifth stage, while Reynolds’ opponent was a Dual Elementalist in the Sixth stage.

It was the duo’s turn to fight, they didn’t hide their strength like they had been doing all this while. Showcasing their full strength, they crushed their opponents in a swift battle.

Their opponents were quite unfortunate since they couldn’t grab the last spot. They weren’t even able to put up much of a fight against the duo.

The young lady who fought against Alice during the first round of the competition was dumbfounded. She didn’t think this was the same person who could barely keep up with her.

If they were to have a rematch now, Alice would most definitely defeat her.

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