Chapter 723 - A Powerful Opponent

Chapter 723 – A Powerful Opponent

The top one hundred was decided later that day. With all the battles completed, it was time for them to draw lots once again in preparation for the next day.

Alice and Reynolds got opponents in the Sixth stage of the Overlord Plane. Their opponents wore long expressions when they found out who they had to fight in the next round.

From the start, the battle was as good as lost. They were not opponents who could fight against the two. Reynolds’ opponent even thought of giving up instantly. He had seen the method Reynolds used in fighting, and to be honest, he didn’t want to be subject to such torture. Yes, he felt it was torture.

Alice’s opponent was even more disheartened. Alice wasn’t someone who went easy on people, she gave them a complete trouncing even when they were weaker than her.

Alice and Reynolds were already favorites to grab the top spots.

Time went by and the next day came.

Getting to the arena, it was packed. Compared to the previous day, the number of people seemed to have increased. It was expected, qsince as the day goes by, more people flock to the city just because of this competition. There are a few who wanted to participate in it, but due to some unforeseen events, they didn’t make it in time. All they could do now was to watch those fighting.

“You two have become famous.” Klaus said as they walked into the arena.

The previous night, he went out with Reynolds, and he was shocked by the number of people that wanted to help them because of him. Reynolds was already part of a powerful Faction, so many people wouldn’t want to offend him. Although he hadn’t officially joined them, he was already regarded as one of them.

In the tavern they went to the previous night, they were given free drinks and food, which was kind of unexpected. But Klaus didn’t mind and gobbled down everything, he even took some back home for Grey, Alice, and Kyle who refused to go out with them.

Alice shrugged, not bothered with it. Reynolds on the other hand smiled sheepishly.

Klaus poured cold water on Reynolds’ mood with his next words, “Don’t let it get to your head, focus on getting a good position.”

Grey chuckled when he heard this.

“What do you plan to do once we’ve all successfully joined a Faction?” Klaus asked.

“I’ll travel to the next Region, maybe that would be the place for me.” Grey replied.

“And what if you don’t like that place as well?” Klaus asked, “You’ll keep traveling?”

“I didn’t think about it that way, but I don’t think so. There would definitely be a place for me there. If not, I’ll just come back and join a Faction here.” Grey replied after falling silent for a while.

“Alright, I believe you know what you’re doing.” Klaus said as they took their seats.

The group waited for the start of the battles. Alice and Reynolds’ battles were the shortest ones so far; in the space of thirty seconds, their opponents gave up.

It’s not that they didn’t want to show some effort, but they were outright beaten out of the platform. Even they had a baffled look on their face when they realized they had lost.

They knew they would lose from the start, but never did they think they wouldn’t be able to even put up a fight. This was a disgrace for them. Even though they were guaranteed a chance to join a Faction since they managed to get into the top one hundred, this battle would reduce their ratings in the eyes of the top Factions. Now, only the weaker ones would take them in, and it might be unwilling since they couldn’t let the duo not join a Faction after promising the top hundred a spot.

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“You two are just evil.” Kyle said as the duo came back.

“It’s not my fault. He had already given up before the battle started.” Alice sat down to look at the other battles taking place in the arena.

Just like Alice’s opponent, Reynolds’ opponent also gave up when he saw the lot the previous day, so defeating him was too easy.

After two hours, the top fifty spots were occupied. Now, it was time for the battle of the top twenty-five.

Of all the fighters left, one person had shocked the entire arena. It was none other than the best loser from the top one hundred battles. She was an Earth Elementalist in the Sixth stage of the Overlord Plane.

She lost by a small margin, and after careful deliberation by the hosts, they gave her the last spot. Her last battle was against a Dual Elementalist in the Sixth stage which she won convincingly.

From not being able to make it into the top hundred on her own, she fought her way into the top fifty. It was quite a remarkable thing.

Since there was still time, the battle for the top twenty-five would take place the next day. The participants were given two hours to recover their strength before they came out to draw lots once again.

Alice’s opponent was ironically the young lady she fought against during the brawl. Reynolds’ opponent is said to be one of the favorites to get into the top ten by a lot of people here.

From her previous battles, everyone could tell that she was well ahead of others at the same stage. If she were to challenge someone from the Faction she wished to join, her chances of winning were at least forty percent.

“Take care while fighting against her, her darkness element is not something you should take lightly.” Grey warned.

Unlike his friends, he had been watching most of the battles, carefully picking out the top participants. One of the reasons he was doing this was to learn a thing or two from them, while the other was to warn his friends in case they encountered them.

“Alright.” Reynolds nodded.

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