Chapter 724 - A Powerful Opponent II

Chapter 724 – A Powerful Opponent II

Alice was the first among the duo to step forward.

“It’s nice seeing you again.” She said to the young lady.

“Yeah, not really for me.” The young lady shook her head with a self-deprecating smile.

She knew she was no match for Alice, but it didn’t mean she would give up before the battle even started.

Alice didn’t reply since she knew what her opponent was thinking.

After getting confirmation from both participants, the man in charge gave them the go-ahead to start the battle.

“Use your full strength.” The young lady said after the man called for the start of the battle.

“I plan to.” Alice said as the Seelie came out of her, floating by her side.

“Thank you.” The young lady said before attacking.

The attack was met with Alice’s attack. While Alice blocked the attack, the Seelie attacked. The young lady instantly fell on the defensive, blocking the attacks of the Seelie, while making sure to be wary of Alice who was also attacking from the side.

They exchanged blows for some time with Alice being on top from the start of the battle.

Unlike her previous opponent, the young lady didn’t give up, even after being in a passive situation since the start of the battle, she still tried to come up with a way to block and counter Alice and the Seelie.

Things got worse for her when the Seelie made a defensive ice wall in front of Alice. All her attacks made the ice retaliate, while she also had to block off Alice and the Seelie’s attacks as well.

With a three-pronged attack, it was only a matter of time before she started to get hit by the attacks.

The young lady managed to hang on in this state for almost five minutes, but in the end, she was sent flying out of the platform after Alice saw an opening.

“Thank you for going all-out this time.” The young lady said to Alice before walking away.

Alice nodded at her before walking back to her seat after being declared the winner. She has made it to the top twenty-five, a few more battles and she’ll be in the top ten.

The group already expected her to win, but they still congratulated her when she came back to her seat. With her battle over, it was time for Reynolds to step into the platform. His opponent was a young lady who others felt had a great chance of making it to the top ten.

“Remember, don’t get dragged into a close range battle. Also, be mindful of the platform.” Grey advised.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. With my Elemental Warrior, I will be able to keep a good distance away from her, and I’ll observe the platform carefully.” Reynolds nodded.

“Alright.” Grey said before moving his gaze to the seat of the young lady, he saw her looking in their direction and their eyes clashed.

She moved her gaze away after only a second.

Reynolds walked up to the platform, waiting for his opponent. The young lady stepped in a few seconds after he entered.

“Hello.” Reynolds waved.

“Hey.” The young lady’s voice was cold, just like her expression.

Reynolds originally wanted to start a conversation to lighten up the mood since the young lady was acting as if they were in a life and death battle, but the man in charge of their platform didn’t have the time to wait. After confirming that the duo was ready, he called for the start of the battle.

The young lady was a Multi Elementalist, having the lightning, wind, and darkness elements. The element she seems to be proficient in was the darkness element.

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When the battle started, she raised her hands and a small black orb made of black mass floated into the air, when it got to around fifteen meters into the air, it exploded and spread out little particles of dark matter across the entire platform. There was no way anyone on the platform would be able to dodge it.

When Reynolds saw this, he covered his body with a lightning coat. He listened closely to Grey’s warnings, so he couldn’t afford to let these things touch him.

The young lady didn’t bother herself about this as she used another attack.

A large lightning bolt shot toward Reynolds, but it was blocked by a figure made of lightning. The Elemental Warrior attacked after it blocked the lightning bolt.

The young lady used the wind element to boost her speed as she moved to the left swiftly, dodging the attack of the Elemental Warrior.

Reynolds didn’t give her a chance to rest, attacking her the second she stopped moving.

The young lady blocked the attack with a windscreen, before sending out multiple wind blades.

After sending out the wind blades, she made a bird made entirely of the darkness element and used the wind element to quicken its speed as it shot at Reynolds.

Reynolds let the Elemental Warrior deal with the darkness bird while he blocked the wind blades.

Boom! Bang! Bam!

The battle was just as the audience expected, thrilling right from the start.

“Why did she do that?” Klaus asked curiously.

The darkness elemental particles in the platform were still too much.

“She’s making the place more conducive for the darkness element while trying to weaken the elemental essence of the other elements.” Void explained.

Of the group, he had the highest sensitivity, so he could sense what was happening around the platform better than the others.

“The longer the battle drags on, the greater her advantage.” Grey added.

“Wouldn’t that mean she might be able to defeat Rey?” Klaus asked.

“Not entirely, but her chances will be higher then. Reynolds will soon notice this and would try to end the battle quickly, if he gets close to her, then she would be able to do even more damage.” Grey replied.

“She’s powerful.” Alice’s gaze turned serious.

“And clever. If she had waited any longer before using the attack she first used, Reynolds would’ve been able to stop it.” Kyle said.

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