Chapter 726 - Rumbling Thunder

Chapter 726 – Rumbling Thunder

Crash! Bang!

Reynolds was sent flying by another attack from the young lady once again. This time, crashing into his Elemental Warrior.

The light the Elemental Warrior gave was weaker than usual, this showed it would disappear soon.

“Just give up, the longer you stay here, the more you’ll lose your strength. Unless you’re a Darkness Elementalist, you’re as good as defeated in here.” The young lady said calmly.

She wasn’t haughty, only speaking what she felt was the truth.

Reynolds raised his head to look at her, this wasn’t the first time he was getting in a situation like this, and time and time again, he had been able to come out victorious, all he had to do was persevere for now, his chance would come sooner or later.

“You’ve not won, not yet.” Reynolds replied as he stood up once again.

He could feel his strength slowly leaving his body. This wasn’t how he planned things to go, but he was also aware things don’t always go as planned. This was why there was a contingency plan.

‘I’ve never heard of anyone doing this before, but it should be possible.’ Reynolds thought to himself as he prepared himself for what was next.

The young lady snorted and attacked once again.

Reynolds sent the Elemental Warrior forward to fight against the young lady as he mapped out his plan in his head. If things work well, he would create a unique technique never before seen, if not, then he would lose without a doubt and might be harmed in that process as well.

Boom! Bam! Bang!

The Elemental Warrior was once again sent flying. This time, in Reynolds’ direction.

Reynolds, seeing the Elemental Warrior coming his way, dodged to the left. Given the speed it was coming at, it was unknown if it wouldn’t knock him out of the platform, so he couldn’t take any chances.

He knew this would present a chance for the young lady to attack him, but he had no other options.

Just as he predicted, after dodging the attack, he saw the young lady approaching him with a dark orb in her hands. She created a tornado which she used to keep Reynolds in place as she approached.

Reynolds used the lightning element to the maximum, but because of the decrease in the lightning elemental essence on the platform, he was unable to bring forth seventy percent of his original strength.

The reason the young lady preferred close-range battle was all because of the speed of the darkness element. It was just too slow. She could boost its speed with the wind or lightning element, but due to the specialty of her attacks, it wouldn’t be as powerful as when used alone. This was a strange method since getting a boost from other elements would usually increase the speed and even the attack power of the element.

Reynolds struggled as the young lady got within striking distance.

Buzz! Crash! Bang!

The young lady dodged to the right with a smirk on her face.

“I expected that.” She chuckled before throwing the dark orb into the tornado.

Reynolds watched on as the dark orb got into the tornado and exploded. The tornado soon turned completely black and Reynolds’ figure disappeared from view.

The young lady stood alone on the platform, looking at the black tornado rotating on the platform.

Everyone watched the tornado, waiting for her to stop it, or for Reynolds to somehow miraculously escape from it. They knew the chance of the latter was very minimal, but people enjoyed seeing the unexpected.

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Grey and his friends exchanged views, while Kyle shook his head. He already knew this would be the result from the second the young lady took the upper hand.

“Rey is not defeated yet.” Klaus clenched his fist.

“You should just for…” Kyle was in the middle of speaking when Grey interrupted him.

“He has not given up yet, we’ll only accept his defeat when he has accepted it.” Grey pointed at the black tornado, and signs of silver light were visible in the tornado. Although very faint, it was visible.

Grey wasn’t the only one who noticed the silver lights, people gradually started to notice them around the arena, and they started pointing at them while speaking animatedly.

Some felt it was a last-ditch effort from Reynolds, while others felt Reynolds was about to do the impossible.

The silver lights started to move faster and started getting brighter. In the dark tornado, the light started to shine brightly.

The young lady seeing this raised her hand and a second darkness orb appeared on it, she sent it into the tornado.

With a second orb entering, the strength of the tornado almost multiplied. The silver lights which were running rampant a few moments ago slowly started to lose their light. At this point, other than Grey and his friends, no one else felt Reynolds had a chance of making a comeback.

The young lady didn’t stop with one orb, she created two more and sent them into the tornado.

With the current boost the tornado got, its strength increased significantly. At this rate, it would even be able to trouble someone in the Ninth stage of the Overlord Plane.

The only reason this was possible was all because of the time the young lady was afforded. With her current strength, she naturally was no match for a Ninth stage Overlord Plane genius.

The man in charge of the platform was about to step in and announce the winner, but just as he was about to step into the platform…


The sound of heavy thunder reverberated across the entire arena.

Lightning clouds gathered above the platform, and the dark tornado once again had silver light shining in it. This time, it was brighter than the previous time.

“What?” The young lady, as well as the crowd, was shocked. They never thought Reynolds would not give up just yet, and from the sound of the thunder, they could all tell something was about to happen.

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