Chapter 727 - Rumbling Thunder II

Chapter 727 – Rumbling Thunder II


The sound of the thunder increased as the platform shook vigorously from the sound of the thunder.

Inside the tornado, the silver light was getting brighter with time. It was as if a lightning storm was taking place inside the tornado.

The young lady couldn’t let her victory slip away. Without caring for Reynolds’ safety, she created more orbs and sent them into the tornado. In five seconds, she sent in over ten darkness orbs.

At this rate, this tornado would kill an Elementalist in the Ninth stage of the Overlord Plane easily. And even a Peak Overlord Plane Elementalist would think twice before entangling themselves with it.

To the dismay of the young lady, the lightning storm that seemed to be brewing inside the tornado didn’t stop, instead, it increased, fighting against the darkness.

Everyone in the arena were off their seats as they watched the scene that was taking place. Reynolds was fighting back, against all odds, he was fighting back.

He would not take defeat so easily.

Grey and Klaus exchanged glances and a smile flashed across their faces. They knew Reynolds wouldn’t lose so easily.

But deep down, they could both sense their nervousness after the young lady started adding darkness orbs to the tornado.

“I told you, he has not been defeated yet.” Grey said to Kyle.

Now Kyle understood why the trio had so much confidence in him, even without seeing his figure, he could tell that the second Reynolds came out of the tornado, he would be a different person.

‘Looks like he benefited from this.’ Kyle thought to himself.

Rumble! Buzz! Crash!

The sound of the thunder reverberated one more time before a large bolt of lightning fell from the thundercloud above the platform, falling straight into the tornado.

Swoosh! Bang!

The tornado contracted before exploding out in all directions.

The force of the explosion sent the young lady flying, but she made sure to stay on the platform.

With the tornado gone, and the lightning bolt slowly fading away, a figure soon started to appear in the view of everyone.

“Where’s his Elemental Warrior?” Grey asked after noticing only Reynolds was barely visible.

“I haven’t seen it since it was sent flying.” Klaus replied.

Grey turned to Alice and Kyle, but their response was a shake of their heads. They too had no idea where the Elemental Warrior was located.

As time went on, the lightning faded off completely, and the figure before them came into full view. It was a humanoid figure with lightning formed around the body like armor.

“I can see the Elemental Warrior, but where’s Rey?” Klaus said.

“That is Rey.” Void replied.


Everyone around him, including Grey, turned to look at Void in shock.

“That is Rey. He seems to have merged with the Elemental Warrior.” Void replied.

Just as Void said, after getting a good view of the figure, they realized it was Reynolds clothed with lightning armor. His present appearance was the same as the Elemental Warrior. The only difference was that he had facial features. Then there were a few places that didn’t have lightning covering them, so the clothes he was previously wearing were visible.

“Is this even possible?” Alice asked, stunned.

“Shouldn’t be, but as you can see with a lot of your friends, nothing is impossible.” Void replied.

Alice looked at Grey and then at Klaus. Void was right, for her friends, nothing was impossible. Grey had a freakish ability to comprehend any element and even improve the elemental grade, while Klaus had virtually unreal luck.

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Klaus’ luck would make the entire continent envious. Even those sitting at the top would feel jealous of his luck. Now, Reynolds just did something that shouldn’t be possible.

At the moment, she felt like the only normal person among these freaks.

If people in the arena could hear her thoughts, they would riot. If she was normal, then what were they?

At least she had a Seelie, what did they have? Just being friends with these people already made her abnormal to begin with!

Reynolds was currently floating in the air, laughing like a maniac which almost ruined the impressive image he just created in the eyes of everyone.

The truth was, no matter what he did, it would be difficult for those in the arena to forget this scene. Even if Reynolds were to go on and lose this battle, they would still remember this scene.

“It worked! Hahaha!” Reynolds laughed in delight in the sky with both hands spread apart.

When he had the idea of merging with the Elemental Warrior some time ago, he never thought it would be possible. He had been experimenting with it a few times while also playing out a few scenarios in his head, but he was a bit skeptical about it. Now that he tried it, he got the surprise of his life.

He had officially made something unique only to him. There might be other high-grade summoners, but none of them would be able to merge their bodies with that of their Elemental Warriors.

The young lady looked at the figure above her, almost losing hope in the battle.

The darkness particles she created on the platform were gone with the explosion of the tornado. This meant that for her to win, she had to start all over again.

And compared to the first time, Reynolds seemed stronger.

She gritted her teeth and since Reynolds was still distracted by his success, she created another darkness orb like the beginning of the battle and sent it up.

Reynolds noticed this, and before the darkness orb got over ten meters into the air, he created a lightning sword and cut it in two.

“It will not work against me for a second time, don’t mistake me for a fool.” Reynolds said coolly after destroying the darkness orb.

The young lady wore an annoyed expression when she saw that her plan was thwarted. She still didn’t give up, after all, maybe all this was false bravado.

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