Chapter 728 - You Did Your Best

Chapter 728 – You Did Your Best

Boom! Bam! Bang!

Reynolds started his attack on the young lady.

The young lady blocked most of the attack as she countered as well.

Reynolds didn’t let the attacks disturb him, with a few movements, he dodged most of her attacks while blocking the few he couldn’t.

His current attack power seemed to be on the Eighth stage of the Overlord Plane.

The young lady stood no chance against the current him, and from the small interchange they had, she knew. But she didn’t want to give up so easily.

She has already missed her chance on getting into the Faction of her choice, so the best way she could get into the Faction of her choice was by getting into the top ten, losing now means she wouldn’t be able to get that.

“I can’t lose, I won’t lose.” She encouraged herself as she persisted through the attacks.

Reynolds didn’t hold back, after all, when the young lady was attacking a few minutes ago, she didn’t give him a chance.

Bam! Bang!

The young lady was pushed back by Reynolds’ attack, but she retaliated soon after she got her footing.

The audience shook their heads. They all thought the young lady would be victorious in this battle a few minutes ago, but presently, it was clear for all to see that Reynolds would defeat her.

She didn’t want to give up, however, she was only delaying the inevitable. Against the current Reynolds, she would undoubtedly lose.

“Do you think she might create a miracle as well?” Klaus asked.

“Not a chance. She knows she has lost, she just doesn’t want to accept it because it would mean losing the chance of getting into the Faction of her choice.” Alice replied.

Everyone could read the young lady’s intent. It was clear she had a specific Faction in mind, and the only way she could get in was by getting into the top ten.

However, there’s a chance that she might still get her wish. Forgetting the fact that she was about to lose to Reynolds, she was a powerful figure. If she didn’t encounter Reynolds, then she would have at least an eighty percent chance of getting into the top five.

There has been no participant that has been able to pull off such a performance other than Alice and Reynolds. The other two who did this refused to continue the competition.

Other than this young lady, there are a few others who might still be able to show such strength. But they hadn’t gotten an opponent that made them go all-out yet.

“This is the disadvantage of not taking the chance the first time. Had she challenged the Faction she wanted, she had a good chance of getting into it.” Kyle felt pity for the young lady who was giving her all on the platform.

Boom! Thud!

The young lady was sent flying once again by Reynolds, falling onto the platform with a loud sound. She struggled to get to her feet, unwilling to give up.

“You should give up, you can’t win.” Reynolds floated in the air as he looked down on his opponent.

The young lady raised her head to look at him defiantly, “I said these words to you previously, but you managed to turn it around.”

“We’re not the same.” Reynolds said in a straightforward manner.

If the young lady thought acting like him would give her the chance of turning the battle around, then she was a fool.

“I know.” The young lady gritted her teeth angrily and a hand made of black mass rushed toward Reynolds.

‘It’s time to end this.’ Reynolds thought to himself.

He looked at that hand coming his way, not a single fear in his eyes.

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Buzz! Swoosh!

He shot past the hand, creating a gaping hole in it. After going through the hand, his next target was the young lady.

Boom! Bam!

He attacked continuously, and after almost thirty seconds, he once again sent the young lady flying.

This time, he didn’t leave her alone like before, rather, he continued attacking.

The young lady didn’t get the chance to stabilize herself before Reynolds came rushing in once again.

She was sent flying once again, crashing into the ground.

Rumble! Crash!

A powerful thunderbolt fell from the sky, striking the young lady who was on the ground of the platform.

The crowd looked at Reynolds, not expecting such brutality from him. They felt he would’ve been lenient with the young lady, but after thinking of how the young lady attacked him, they decided she deserved it.

The sorry figure of the young lady came into view once again. She had blood on the side of her mouth, however, she still refused to admit defeat.

“Fine, I’ll send you out of the platform myself.” Reynolds said coldly.

Attacking the young lady once again.

The young lady managed to put up a fight for a few more minutes, but she was ultimately knocked out of the platform, falling unconscious in the end after straining herself too much.

After defeating his opponent, Reynolds left his current form, and the lightning armor around his body faded off. He slowly fell to the ground, exhausted.

Merging with the Elemental Warrior was taxing. If he stayed in this form for too long, he might fall unconscious as well. Luckily, he managed to defeat the young lady in the space of around five minutes.

The man in charge of the platform walked forward to announce the winner, while a middle-aged man flew from the special seating area and enveloped the young lady with a white light. It was the use of the light element, aiding the healing of the young lady.

The young lady opened her eyes a few seconds later, disappointment visible in her eyes.

“No need to feel disappointed, you did your best.” The middle-aged man smiled softly at her before going back to his seat.

His words were correct, the young lady indeed did her best, she was just unfortunate in encountering the likes of Reynolds who was a powerful opponent in his own right as well.

ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ

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