Chapter 730 - A Gamble

Chapter 730 – A Gamble

Later that day.

Tallinn City’s Mayor manor.

Joyner got permission from his father to host Grey and his friends, and since they were already here, the geniuses from all the Factions present were invited as well.

The participants who managed to get into the top one hundred were also invited. Given the current number of people present, the party was held on an open field.

Grey and his friends sat at the front, alongside members of the top Factions, while Joyner, being the host of the party, sat facing the crowd.

There was music, drinks, food, and other forms of entertainment and the place was lively as expected. This party was held with the sole purpose of creating ties with each other.

Everyone present were all well dressed. Grey wore a light blue overcoat with black trousers, Reynolds and Klaus both wore red and green overcoats respectively with black trousers as well. Alice wore white trousers with a peach long-sleeved shirt.

Kyle was dressed in a simple short-sleeved shirt and blue trousers.

The group was part of the focus of the show. A few geniuses came over to toast with them, while Klaus was very active, one minute he was here, the next he was somewhere else.

People didn’t take it as him trying to bootlick them since all he did was share a glass of wine with them before leaving.

Unknown to them, the only reason Klaus even went to other tables was that he didn’t want the girls from the Moonlight Faction to think they were his aim. That was the only table he wanted to go to, and following his plan, that was the last table he went to. He stayed there longer and managed to build some sort of relationship with the girls.

Not all the girls were welcoming, nor did he try to befriend all of them.

Going back to his seat, he realized a young lady was staring at Reynolds and Alice angrily.

“What’s going on here?” He asked as he took his seat.

“Tell them to step down from the competition. They are already part of a Faction, doing this will only reduce the chances of others.” The young lady said.

“Don’t you think your request is a bit, I don’t know, odd. It’s none of your business if we decide to continue fighting or not.” Alice replied coldly.

“Odd? You two are hoarding all the spots even after achieving your aim and you call my request odd?” The young lady said angrily.

She knew her battle the next day would be difficult, now she was looking for a way to vent her current anger. If she lost tomorrow, she would be incensed.

“Strength is all that matters, nothing else. Let your strength speak. If you’re worth it, then the Faction you want will surely seek you. Doing this only shows that you’re unsure of yourself.l” Grey spoke up.

“Say whatever you want, but what they are doing is pathetic.” The young lady said.

The exchange between the young lady and Grey’s group naturally caught the attention of those around. Some of the participants felt her claim was right. Alice and Reynolds had already gotten into a Faction of their choice, what was the use in taking part in the competition any longer.

One of the people who felt even more irritated with the duo was the young lady Reynolds eliminated. She walked over as well and joined the young lady to stir up trouble for the group.

The others watched on with interest, there was nothing as entertaining as watching two parties fight, especially when the battle had nothing to do with you nor would it affect you in any way.

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“You said strength was all that matters, right?” The young lady Reynolds eliminated asked Grey.

“Correct.” Grey didn’t back away. It wasn’t like they could beat him.

“Fine, then I have an offer for you, since you’re friends with them, I believe you would be able to take the gamble.” The young lady who was eliminated pointed at Grey.

“I’m not interested in gambling with desperate people.” Grey didn’t mince his words, and the young ladies were irritated even further.

“I thought you said strength was all that matters?” The young lady asked.

“It is.” Grey nodded. ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ

“Then if you’re not afraid, take the gamble.” The young lady said.

“If I may ask, what’s the gamble?” Klaus asked.

“He would fight against the two of us, if he manages to win, we won’t speak of this issue again. But if we win, they would have to step down from the competition.” The young lady said.

“Hahaha, you must be joking, right?” Klaus laughed in amusement.

“No, I’m not.” The young lady said.

The young lady who was still in the competition thought about it and felt this was an achievable thing, so she supported the young lady Reynolds eliminated.

“You must be stupid if you think we would agree to your words.” Klaus said.

The facial expression of the young ladies turned distorted, clearly infuriated with Klaus’ words.

“You’re placing a gamble that you will only gain and not lose, where have you seen something like that happening before?” Klaus asked with a mocking smile, before adding, “If you so much as dare to take a gamble, then you must be ready to lose as well.”

Everyone listening to the conversation nodded in agreement with Klaus’ words. There was no way they would gamble and not risk losing anything important.

The two young ladies exchanged glances, and the issue ultimately fell on the shoulders of the young lady who was still part of the competition. They all knew what Klaus wanted, since you want them to step down if you win, then you would step down as well. If you lose.

The young lady looked at Grey, thinking of her strength, then recalling how powerful the young lady Reynolds defeated was, she was over a hundred percent confident they would defeat Grey.

Reynolds and Alice might be powerful, but they couldn’t fight the two ladies. They didn’t want it to look like they were bullying them, this was why they picked Grey who had a higher cultivation stage.

“I’ll step down from the competition if we lose.” The young lady said decisively.

“Hahaha, they’re two, only you can’t match up to our offer.” Klaus laughed, annoying the young ladies even more, “This is what will happen, she’ll step down. Then since you’ve already been eliminated, you’ll drop five hundred thousand high-grade essence stones as compensation.”

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