Chapter 732 - Two On One Battle

Chapter 732 – Two On One Battle


The Dual Elementalist’s fire attack was blocked easily by Grey who didn’t give her any other chance to attack him.

With a flicker, he disappeared from his current spot, appearing behind the Multi Elementalist who just finished completing her darkness orb attack.

“Are you done?” Grey’s indifferent voice came from behind her, and before she could turn around to see what was happening, Grey unleashed a fireball at her.

The Multi Elementalist managed to set up a windscreen in time, but she was sent flying by the impact of the attack.

“A Space Elementalist, and he also has a special fire. This will be difficult.” The Dual Elementalist rushed over and used her hand to support the Multi Elementalist from falling.

Her current expression was one of distrust. The space element was known for its tricky nature. Grey could fight against the duo with this since he could easily move his location.

Grey’s space element was not their only issue, the strength of his fire elemental attack was not something a regular Seventh stage Overlord Plane Elementalist should wield. For a second, she started to doubt their strength.

“It will only take a matter of time before he’s unable to use them. Don’t worry, victory is ours.” The Multi Elementalist said, confident in the skill she just used.

“Hmm.” The Dual Elementalist nodded, this wasn’t the time to feel disheartened.

‘How could I lose confidence so easily? He’s just one person.’ She motivated herself before attacking once again.

She created a large flaming bird that shot towards Grey. While the bird was going, the Multi Elementalist used the wind element to create whirlwinds, also using a powerful breeze to hasten the movement of the bird.

Grey didn’t panic when he saw this, he motioned with his hand and an earth wall appeared in front of him, blocking the attack that was shooting at him.


The wall shook, and cracks appeared on its body of it, but it didn’t fall apart.

“He’s also an Earth Elementalist.” The Dual Elementalist was shocked by this discovery.

As if the space element wasn’t enough, Grey was equipped with the earth element as well. This would make attacking him even more difficult.

The battle just started, but Grey showcased a dominant momentum that stumped the two ladies.

The crowd watching the battle was just as surprised. They never thought Grey would not only have more than one element, but he would wield three, also having the rare space element as well. His fire was also special which made him unique.

The crowd felt a little satisfied since they had been waiting to watch someone other than Reynolds and Alice battle in the group. If Grey was powerful, it meant the same could be said for Klaus and Kyle.

The geniuses from the top Factions all watched Grey with serious expressions. Those in the Seventh stage of the Overlord Plane were itching to get a chance to fight against him.

They knew that their chances of fighting against the two ladies alone were minimal, so they felt an urge to challenge Grey who seemed to be doing fine.

While the crowd was speaking animatedly about the battles, Grey was holding his own against the young ladies.

The Dual Elementalist was the main attacker while the Multi Elementalist acted as the support. The duo was surprisingly very good with their cooperation.

After the first time they panicked, they had slowly grown into the battle and since this was their first time fighting, they needed some time to get a bit of understanding about each other.

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Swoosh! Boom! Bang! Bam!

They exchanged blows. Grey was repeatedly going from one spot to another, dodging the attacks of his opponents while also countering.

The girls once again regained hope when they started to hold Grey down. The Multi Elementalist was quite sensitive to the space element, so after the initial surprise she got from the first time Grey used the space element, she had been able to predict where he would appear.

Even though she could do this, it didn’t mean she could stop or harm him when he did. The time needed was very short, and Grey seemed to be moving in a certain pattern. This made tracking him hard while getting to hold him down was difficult.

Bang! Bam!

Grey’s attacks collided with the attack of the Dual Elementalist. Behind him, a darkness orb exploded.

He raised a wall behind him to block the attack, but the wall was broken. Grey wasn’t shocked by this since he could also feel the darkness element in him slowly starting to get stronger than the first time he entered the platform.

‘Such an amazing technique, however, it’s not really beneficial to me.’ Grey thought when he sensed the change in him.

The Dual Elementalist felt her darkness element getting stronger and her confidence was over the roof. Now, she was certain they would win.

Grey blocked their attacks, disappearing to safety whenever he couldn’t block the attacks.

‘Meteor Descent.’ Grey’s figure went airborne and the combination skill of the earth and fire element took place.

Seeing the large boulders covered by fire, the ladies prepared themselves to block the attack.

Bam! Bang! Boom!

The platform shook vigorously from the multiple explosions.

The Multi Elementalist was opportuned to sneak up on him and attack.

Grey sensed this on time and spread both hands together. He was covered with a powerful fire dome that shot in different directions.

The Multi Elementalist was forced to block. While Grey was dealing with the Multi Elementalist, The Dual Elementalist had started attacking Grey once again.

Their current method was something Reynolds was very familiar with. They were using their advantage in numbers to divide Grey’s focus.

Even though Grey was powerful, there was no way he could defeat the duo so easily.

The only thing that the Multi Elementalist found odd was that Grey’s strength didn’t seem to be reducing.

Swoosh! Boom!

They continued fighting.

Grey was simultaneously blocking and countering their attacks.

To those watching the battle, Grey was doing something that he shouldn’t be able to do.

Only a few of the Seventh stage Overlord Plane Elementalists here had the confidence in being able to defeat the young ladies.

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