Chapter 733 - Playing Around

Chapter 733 – Playing Around


The Dual Elementalist was pushed back by Grey, but before Grey could capitalize on the situation, the Multi Elementalist moved in to block him.

Swoosh! Boom!

A powerful thunderbolt shot towards Grey.

Grey dodged it by a hair’s breadth before using a large earth hammer to slam the Multi Elementalist from the side, sending her flying.

The Multi Elementalist managed to ensure she wasn’t hurt by the attack, but the force of the attack still rocked her internal organs.

Grey never went easy on ladies, to him, every opponent is an enemy, whether male or female. He does not discriminate!

The Dual Elementalist stepped forward to block Grey while the Multi Elementalist tried to recover from the shake she got from the previous attack.

Grey didn’t give them the chance to combine their strength. The small time they combined their strength, he felt a little pressured. It wasn’t really something he couldn’t deal with, but it was better he had them separated.

Boom! Bam! Bang!

Grey and the Dual Elementalist exchanged blows, but it was evident who was the stronger person. With every attack, Grey was able to push her back.

The Multi Elementalist rushed in a few seconds later, attacking Grey from behind.

Caught in a pincer attack, Grey didn’t panic, with a flicker, he switched places with the Dual Elementalist, sending out his own attack as well.

The Dual Elementalist appeared in the middle of three attacks, she was able to change the direction of her attack, using it to block the attack of the Multi Elementalist, but Grey’s attack had the freedom it needed to strike her cleanly.

The Multi Elementalist reacted quickly, sending out a gust of wind which pushed the Dual Elementalist away from the position.


Grey’s attack missed the Dual Elementalist. He was surprised by the quick reaction of the Dual Elementalist. Most people he had switched places with usually tend to be confused since their position was changed. This showed the high battle sense of the young lady.

The main reason he didn’t switch places with the Multi Elementalist was because she had a high sensitivity to the space element.

The crowd on the other hand were going nuts when they witnessed Grey’s switch skill. It was a unique technique that they had not seen before.

It was a tricky skill to defend against, and experiencing this once would make one wary of attacking.

The fact that Grey could easily switch places with his opponent made him almost undefeatable.

Most of the Space Elementalists in the place were thinking deeply about how Grey managed to do the switch. They were also Space Elementalists like him, but they’ve never been able to think of this, much less try it.

Now they finally knew that this group of friends were not to be joked with. They previously thought Reynolds and Alice were freaks, Grey had only shown a sliver of his strength, but they already rated him higher than the other two. The reason for this was very simple, the strength he was displaying was uncommon. Not just that, but his battle strategy as well as his techniques made it an opponent no one wanted to fight.

A few of the Late stage Overlord Plane Elementalists who registered for the competition had looks of wariness. Encountering Grey early on in the competition would be a nightmare, especially for those in the Seventh and Eighth stages.

As things stand, they all knew that only those in the Ninth stage could keep up with him. From Alice and Reynolds’ previous battles, they knew Grey hadn’t shown his real strength yet he was still able to not only fight the ladies but was completely suppressing them as well.

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What they were all wondering was why he wasn’t having any reactions to the darkness particles on the platform.

The battle had been ongoing for over three minutes now, but Grey’s strength didn’t seem to reduce the slightest.

“How long do you think he’ll keep playing?” Klaus asked Reynolds.

“One or two more minutes. He must be trying something out.” Reynolds replied.

“Hmm, I think the same as well.” Klaus nodded.

Alice joined in on the conversation as they spoke about the battle. They weren’t the least bit bothered about Grey, he was clearly capable of taking care of himself against the young ladies.

Some of the people from the top Factions who were close to them were dumbstruck by their conversation. How could they say Grey was playing? He was obviously having an intense battle with the young ladies, yet his friends said he was playing?

Could this mean that he’s even stronger than we think?

This was the question on their minds.

Everyone watching the battle were dumbfounded by how things were going. They originally thought Grey would no doubt lose, or even if he would win, it wouldn’t be by a large margin. But the reality of things is a little different. Grey seemed to be strolling to victory, comfortably.

Bang! Boom! Bam!

Grey’s figure flashed through the platform as he attacked repeatedly.

An earth pillar rose from the ground where the Multi Elementalist was standing, and before she could react to it, she was already over ten meters in the air, looking at her side, she saw Grey looking at her with a smile.

Her heart sank, and she tried to attack, but Grey’s figure flickered and he was nowhere to be seen.

The Dual Elementalist, as well as the crowd, witnessed a jaw-dropping scene soon after.

Grey’s figure flashed and it was as if he was five people, attacking at the same time from different positions. This was only an illusion due to how fast he was changing positions.

The Multi Elementalist was sandwiched by the attack, unable to block any attack.


Her screams of pain reverberated across the place.

The Dual Elementalist wanted to retreat, she knew since the Multi Elementalist had been taken out, she stood no chance against Grey on her own.

“You… you tried to kill her.” She said, trying to distract Grey.

“Heh! She’s sleeping over there, you’ll join her soon.” Grey used his eyes to show the Dual Elementalist where the Multi Elementalist was located.

To her surprise, she didn’t have any injuries on her body, and just as Grey said, she was only unconscious.

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