Chapter 739 - Two vs Three

Chapter 739 – Two vs Three

The method of the last round was soon announced, and the crowd were taken by surprise. This was the best method they felt would be implemented. However, thinking about it, they felt it was actually the most plausible choice.

It had its disadvantages, but it wasn’t without its advantages as well.

All five participants will be involved in a brawl. They would all be ranked by the first person eliminated to the last person standing.

The greatest disadvantage of this method was that two people could team up and take out the rest. In some cases, four people might team up to eliminate the strongest person.

No one objected to it anyway since there was nothing they could do. The only other method that was better than this would take too long, and the competition still had its last round where the Late stage Overlord Plane Elementalists started their fight.

The participants were given three hours to prepare for the final battle. As things stand, Alice and Reynolds had the advantage in it because they had been friends for some time now so their synergy was very high.

There’s also a very good chance the other three would try to team up and take the duo out. This was what everyone expected from the fight to be precise.

Alice and Reynolds returned to their seats after the rules of the round were announced.

“That’s not really nice. How do you guys plan to work things out?” Klaus asked. He glanced at the other participants and unsurprisingly, they were all speaking with each other.

This already showed their plan, first take out the two troublesome friends, then battle against each other.

“Fight together. Even if they team up, they won’t have our level of understanding. Although they would have the advantage with higher numbers, we still have Alice’s Seelie and my Elemental Warrior.” Reynolds voiced his thoughts.

“Yes, and besides. I’m not afraid of fighting two against one.” Alice said.

Grey and Klaus spoke with them during the three hours they got to rest. Klaus in particular was giving them ideas on how to fight against the three people. It wouldn’t be an easy battle, but with a good plan, they would be able to come out on top.

The time of the battle finally came and all five participants climbed on the platform.

Given the size of the platform, it wasn’t really an issue for them to fight there. But just to be on the safe side, the size of the platform was increased.

When the group of five walked onto the platform, they separated. Reynolds and Alice stood on one side, while the other three stood on one side. Two against three.

“No offense, but I’d really like you two to be eliminated first.” The young lady Grey beat up said to the duo.

The Light Elementalist was the weakest in the group, so she would naturally be the target of Reynolds or Alice. However, just from the positioning of the trio, it was easy to see that the young lady and the young man noticed this as well.

The Light Elementalist would act solely as support in this battle. Once they eliminate Alice and Reynolds, she would naturally follow, leaving only the young man and the young lady to fight for first and second place.

Reynolds and Alice glanced at each other and they understood each other’s intentions. Alice planned to hold back two of them while Reynolds quickly takes out the Light Elementalist.

Even though she wasn’t a threat alone, she couldn’t be neglected.

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When the man in charge called for the start of the battle.

Alice, Reynolds, the young lady, and the young man all attacked simultaneously. The Light Elementalist stood behind, waiting for an opportunity to attack.

Reynolds summoned his Elemental Warrior from the start, the same went for Alice whose Seelie was floating by her side.

The young man who was suppressing his cultivation stage was a Dual Elementalist, having both the wind and earth elements.

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The battle started fiercely.

Alice was fighting against the young man, while Reynolds was fighting against the young lady. Other than the Light Elementalist, the others were currently locked in a heated battle.

Swoosh! Boom! Bang!

An opportunity presented itself and the Light Elementalist attacked Alice who was stuck in a stalemate with the young man.

The young man used the chance to pressure Alice, forcing her back.

Reynolds seeing this let the Elemental Warrior deal with the young lady and he rushed over to help fight against the young man.

The Seelie helped block most of the attacks. Reynolds was forced back when the Light Elementalist joined the young lady and they started harassing the Elemental Warrior.

Reynolds started fighting against the duo, with the help of his Elemental Warrior, he didn’t feel too pressured by them.

Alice and the young man continued their fierce battle. The young man was one of the best earth users Alice had ever encountered. The wind element complemented his speed, so he had most of his weaknesses covered.

Boom! Bam! Crash! Buzz!

The fight was everything the crowd thought it would be.

Fierce, entertaining, and downright exciting.

They were all caught in a conversation. Some people felt Alice and Reynolds had a chance against the trio, while others felt they would be defeated.

“Who do you think would win this?” Kyle asked Grey.

“The battle is still in its early stages, it’s difficult to predict. But I naturally want my friends to come out victorious.” Grey replied.

For the first time, Grey didn’t have full confidence his friends would win. If. They were only fighting against two people, he would believe they had a chance, but the Light Elementalist who seemed meek was a very cunning figure.

She attacked ingeniously, making life hell for the duo. To the surprise of everyone, the figure who they felt wouldn’t make much of an impact became the standout performer on that platform.

She was using her opportunity well, and with her around, it was almost impossible for Alice and Reynolds to win the trio.

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